ITALY: Constitutional Court says PM has power to oblige citizens to be DeathVaxxed

Summary and Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a decision which was expected and feared, after the Council of State appointed one of Mario Draghi’s personal lawyers as a member of the Constitutional Court, the Court decreed the end of all semblance of order, right, democracy and justice in the Italian Republic.

For in a case which sought to overturn the decrees of the last two governments which by a dictate of the President of the Council of Ministers (that is the name for the Italian Prime Minister) imposed the outrage of an obligation to receive the DeathVaxx upon all sanitary workers, police and teachers, the Constitutional Court judged yesterday that it was not unconstitutional for him to decree an obligation to be DeathVaxxed for any specific class of Italian residents.

The 5 legal experts who brought the case in defense of their clients rights to bodily autonomy, emphasized all the glaringly constitutionally contrary aspects of these decrees of the past governments.

Alas, to no avail.

Even at their request that judges appointed by the past two governments be recused, the president of the Court defiantly refused all discussion.

The sentence regarded the decrees of the Conte and Draghi governments, but it has set a diabolic monstrous precedent.

So now the Italian Republic is no longer even a state or legal convention. One party, the political elite, has arrogated to itself the right to murder, maim and genetically transform everyone in Italian territory.

What does this mean for Italians?

It means that they now have the natural and Christian RIGHT and DUTY, to no longer obey the government in anything, to not pay any taxes whatsoever, to report nothing to the government, to bear any kind of arms, whatsoever, and to undertake any moral means to overthrow the Italian Republic, even with the use of violent force.

I advise everyone who cannot stomach what is about to come to get out of Italy. And I have myself resolved to flee at the soonest possibility: as it is pure insanity to risk living in a territory where you can be lawfully murdered at any moment.

Italians are universally shocked to the core about this sentence. They now literally have no legal recourse to any other action than flight or violent revolution. And it is not me, who is saying it, it’s being said from the heights of the Alps to the shores of Sicily.

There is talk of reforming the Constitutional Court, since, as I hear, one cannot impeach its justices. But I think it is unrealistic to think the political class, given such power, will ever give it back. Those politicians who embrace this ruling may, however, be signing their death-warrant if a revolution breaks out.

The only way to avoid civil order, as far as I can see, is if the present government of Giorgia Meloni announces immediately that they will introduce a bill to change the rules of the Constitutional Court, effectively reforming in one manner or another.

TRANSLATION of Tweet below: If the Constitutional court passes the Vaccine Obligation, civil war will break out: let everyone descend into the piazza in every city of Italy every Saturday, until they undo such a verdict authorizing the State to commit genocide.

On Cue, Alex Jones and Ye normalize Hitler admiration

LANGUAGE ALERT — Remember, there are a lot of religious fakers out there. First of all Bergoglio, who pretends to be Catholic, then Klaus Schwab, who also so pretends. So don’t be taken in by Ye or Alex Jones. If you admire Hitler, you are morally debased. The shell game being played here, is “say you admire the things a mass murderer has done, to justify you admire the man who did them”.

Youtube will not allow any videos which show the face of Ye on camera. Which is probably the reason he is now covering his face.

The comments on Hitler are not the only thing here: Ye is praising the device which is the chief instrument of Globalist influence, control and surveillance: the cellphone.

Nick Fuentes actually claims that Trump’s agenda is to put Christ first! Jones said that it was America’s intention to defeat Hitler. But Hitler was created by Skull and Bones, and protected by the US govt. to a large part with their influence.

Everyone on this show is a globalist controlled opposition influencer, though it is clear that they are not of the same lodge as the Rothschilds. Though, Ye does admit that he is part of a team which works with influences like Nick Fuentes.

Ye’s role here is to cut off any possible growth of a Christian party in the USA, and to head that off by proposing himself as the founder of a Christian political movement, but on which admires Hitler.

The “Clots” caused by the DeathVaxx are bio-synthetic structures intentionally added

This video refers to this report:

Take-Aways — Vaccines have been engineered to kill to prepare for the Scamdemic for long before 2020. — The DeathVaxxes cause the recently vaccinated to shed droplets of carcinogenic peptides in the air, which can cause cancer in the lungs of all who breathe them in. — 50 Million Americans might die from the Covid “Vaccine” roll-out. — Dr. Mikovitis says her daughter-in-law was murdered two weeks after she spoke against the DeathVaxxes in August of 2021, implying that it was retribution. — The DeathVaxxes are causing still-births by attacking the protein which causes children to cling to the wombs of their mothers.

VAERS data shows 20-25 increase in death rate within first months after being DeathVaxxed

Editor’s Note: Here at, I get cheap trolling which attempts to discredit criticism of the DeathVaxxes on the basis of the expected mortality resulting from them according their critics. Here we have a medical expert who also got it wrong before hand. As in every investigation, the truth becomes more clear as more evidence comes in. It is insane to criticize the investigators, so as to defend the perpetrators, unless you are a lawyer defending the perps.

VATICAN removes Code of Canon Law from website to protect Bergoglio from claims he is Anti-Pope

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The demonstration in the Italian social media world, that Benedict XVI is the pope has reached such a level of universal agreement, that the Vatican has resorted to one of the most vile tricks on the internet: it has removed from its official website the entire text, in all languages, of the Code of Canon Law! (see here: )

The text as it heretofore existed was a constant reference to canonists and scholars the world over, considered as it was the most reliable and readily available edition.

It was especially important to demonstrate that Benedict XVI is still the pope. Thousands of articles on the web linked to it. Now those links go no where.

Its various vernacular translations were no less important, for showing the devious conspiracy and gross ignorance which has prevailed for nearly 40 years in twisting the understanding of the canons.

But now every part of the Code has disappeared. An act which will surely spark even greater controversies and speculations in Italy and throughout the Church.

And the removal was done in a very indecorous manner, as all one gets is a 404 error.

You think that on a budget of 50 Million euro they could hire a middle school student to code a page to receive 404 errors!

There is some speculation that the Vatican website has been hacked, but from my 25+ years of work on running websites in several countries and environments, I do not think that has happened.

Rather, this is all part of the messaging of an Ecclesiastical Mafia which has just sent a big message — equivalent to the middle finger — to everyone in the Church who wants a church of laws.

It also sends a strong message to anyone who wants a discussion based on the laws of the Church.

Thankfully, there are many like myself with an actual hard copy of the 1983 Code as John Paul II published it. It also can still be found online at other websites such as here, in the standard worthless English translation.

If you know of online editions in Latin or other languages, please list them in the comments below.


The Fight over the Arizona Election is about prepping for the Next “Pandemic”

Editor’s Note: Who can be sure what the Globalists are going to spring upon us next? but this program offers a prudent proactive viewpoint about how to prepare to resist and survive it. For those who are financially capable, this advice should be heard. Most Catholics are doing nothing, even though among the opposition. If the next Scamdemic is launched on us in the next 3 months, I dare say none of us will survive it, except the handful of my readers who have already gone off grid and become preppers.

In the second half of this report, there is a commentary on the desocialization of a population, based on a 1960’s study of mice. The analysis is a very sound one, and sends an alarm to all of today and offers a good prospective on what kinds of associates to chose and avoid. Because in the coming apocalypse, socialism will be the downfall of the human race, and only a return to traditional family and societal organization will save us.

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