1979 Book predicts the Death of Pope Francis before December 31, 2023!

Page 44 … reads:

Editor’s Note: Pope Benedict XVI, who never renounced the petrine munus, and thus was the true pope until his death, passed away on Dec. 31, 2022. Now while the above book is only a novel, which does not pretend to be prophecy, if we have learned one thing in the last 4 years, it is this: that the Lodges of the Illuminati which rule the world have the long demonstrated habit of telling of their plans and scripts long before executing them, according to their satanic doctrine, that they must reveal to the world their plots before they put them into act.

This does not mean that Pope Francis will die before the end of the year. But if he does, we can wonder openly, I think, if he was murdered to keep a timetable of these Lodges, long-ago planned-out.

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VATICAN cancels Pope’s Dec. 1 trip to Dubai, due to severe Lung inflammation

Editor’s Note: This is very serious. Pope Francis’ climate agenda is at the top of his list of personal religious views, and the Globalists demanded he attend. So to cancel out means that he is in a precarious state. FromRome.Info has been characterizing the news about his health correctly and before all other commentary sites since October. If this trend continues, I think we can officially put Pope Francis on the “death watch” category. — Rome suffers from endemic respiratory problems in late November and December, as the nitric oxide from the  automobile smog mixes with the fog of late fall. And under this chemical burden a weak immune system often falls apart.

VATICAN: Pope Francis calls Cardinal Burke, “my enemy”

Editor’s Note: It is the habit of reprobate souls, to lash out in the weeks before their death. King Herod the Great was the most famous biblical figure to evince this behavior. He died from an excruciating illness of unknown cause and even ordered the execution of numerous important mourners at the time of his death, though his brother-in-law, Alexis and his sister did not carry it through. However, weeks before his death he ordered the murder of the Holy Innocents in Bethlehem and its environs.

Cardinal Burke moving to La Cross, Wisconsin to care for elderly mother

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Cardinal Raymond Burke will be transferring his permanent residence to La Cross, Wisconsin, so as to be near his mother, during her final years.

This means that all correspondence to him will probably reach him faster at Our Lady of Guadalupe National Shrine.

Address: Cardinal Raymond Burke, 5250 Justin Rd, La Crosse, WI 54601, USA.

A lot of clergy have the duty to care for elderly parents, but rarely do we have the occasion to note the excellent example given by those sons of the Church toward their moms.

A round of applause for him.

In related news …

Cardinal Burke does not live at the Vatican. He lives on a property owned by the Vatican on the Via Conciliazione. As the Vatican is nearly fiscal collapse, cutting off salaries is not a surprise move from the Argentine pope, but it is highly irregular for a voting member in the next Conclave to suffer.

John Allen, Crux Magazine push the World Jewish Congress Narrative for the Vatican

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

If you ever wanted to know for whom the ex-priest, John Allen, and Crux Magazine shill for, now you know. See our previous reports, on the Rothschilds here, and on the Rothschild influence at the Vatican here, on this topic.

The Economic and Political Goal of the 3 Recent Rothschild Wars

The last 3 wars, which were all started by Rothschild controlled regimes: Russian Federation, Azerbaijan and Israel all have a purpose, and it is in part financial and in part political. Russia wants the Donbas, one of the richest concentrations of iron and coal in the Eurasian Continent; Azerbaijan wants a pipeline route along the Iranian-Syrian border to the Mediterranean; Israel wants the newly discovered vast natural gas fields off the coast of Gaza, recently awarded to Gaza by an international court. All three of these goals profit the Rothschilds and their companies directly.

You can learn more about the Rothschild Wars against Christendom since 1793 A. D., here.

But the political goals of these 3 wars are further Rothschild control of Ukraine (through the Bank of International Settlements); extermination of the Armenian race, which according to the Talmud must be accomplished before the Jewish Messiah (AntiChrist, Rothschild Monarch) comes to power; and extension of Jewish control of political institutions in the West “in support of Israel”. This last includes the Vatican, where the World Jewish Congress recently opened an office.

To think that during the next Conclave, no Catholic organization of the laity will be allowed to lobby the Cardinals, but the World Jewish Congress will have an office at the Vatican open to bribe, cajole, threaten and manipulate the election, would, in times when the press was controlled by Christians, be the source of the most enormous alarm.

Catholic Media is silent?

But the Catholic ‘grifter collective’ (see definition of this term, here) is silent. Take note. This may have something to do with how many of them have Jewish ancestors (as they themselves admit: Taylor Marshal, Michael Matt etc.) or Jewish surnames (Sammons, Hall, Stein, Walker, Cionci), or who worked for Jews before becoming media personalities (Michael Voris, Ann Barnhardt).

Notable Catholic media personalities, like John Allen, above, and Michael Warsaw (chief counsel to EWTN), also have Jewish surnames.

It has also been widely claimed and reported, that both John Paul II and Pope Benedict XVI had Jewish ancestors on their mother’s side of the family. Pope Benedict XVI also did not want the term “perfideus” used of the Jews in the Good Friday Prayers of the ancient roman rite. He also asked Catholics, who are the adopted sons of the God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob, to adopt the Jewish practice of not using HIS Divine Name (YHWH) during the Divine Liturgy, even during songs. Both provisions were widely criticized.

(In this article, “Jewish” in all uses, except the last one, refers to ancestry, not religion).

The Vatican is not telling the world the truth about Pope Francis’ Health


Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The year 2023 has shown that the Vatican has been intentionally misinforming and downplaying the health issues of Pope Francis.

In the Spring, it was said that Pope Francis had a mild chest cold. But in the article above, it is now reported that he had a serious case of bronchitis, and that “it was a close call” for complications.

In June, it was said he was in hospital for a check up, but now it is said that he had surgery for a hernia, which is highly prone to complications.

Now we are told that Pope Francis has a mild flu or pneumonitis, that is, a chest cold, and that we should not worry about it. Yet he is still scheduled to go to Dubai for December 1st, a region of the world fraught with dust storms and dangerous and infectious lung diseases.

In 2022, Pope Francis was in hospital for degenerative colitis. His habitual pain in the knee has been the topic of discussion for more than 7 years.

Pope Benedict XVI was given 3 doses of the DeathVax, while suffering from kidney failure, during his de facto captivity under a Vatican controlled by Jorge Mario Bergoglio during his anti-pontificate. Perhaps what is happening at the Vatican, in regard to Pope Francis’ health, is the revenge of Pope Benedict XVI, seeing that we are rapidly approaching the anniversary of his death marked with heavenly signs.

VATICAN: Pope Francis is more ill than previously admitted – Pneumonitis?

Editor’s Note: Let us pray that the Good Shepherd, Jesus Christ, saves the Church which no bishop, as of yet, has the integrity to move to save, at risk of his own reputation or career.

Feast of Saint Michael the Archangel’s victory over Satan and his crew

Editor’s Note: Last year I showed the readers of FromRome.Info what Vespers with a commemoration of Saint Michael celebrated in the Ukrainian Orthodox Church was like. Remembering that just last week, on Nov. 21, they celebrated the Feast of Saint Michael’s victory in heaven over Satan and his crew, I share this 2 hour video of the Divine Liturgy from the Golden Domed Monastery of Saint Michael the Archangel, Kyiv, Ukraine, as a reminder of what we have lost in liturgical beauty in the West and as a call for true liturgical renewal. — This video was shot on Nov. 19th.

Mundabor becomes the epitomé of Traddie Hypocrisy and Self-righteousness

Commentary by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the above article, the anonymous Mundabor rails again about the recent events at Church Militant Inc., a Catholic media apostolate founded by Michael Voris, which in recent years funded the investigations which led to the arrest of numerous pedophiles, and which days ago fired Michael Voris permanently.

Church Militant Inc. has to be praised for taking immediate action to dismiss their banner-lead personality, Michael Voris for a breach of the morality clause in his contract.

This is in stark contrast to the SSPX which let satanic sacrilegious priests celebrate the Mass for decades while raping dozens of boys while remaining in denial and letting them lose on new families.

And their traddie followers too, who are even worse. Because they have no need to defend this. But they defend it vigorously, as if tolerating child rape was essential to the Catholic Faith.

Yet, Mundabor, who does not even have the male integrity to identify himself, has the gall to write:

Church Militant has been a force for good for years. Then it has descended into a pit of hostility to Tradition that led me, and many others, to abandon them.

It would be a very encouraging development if the issue were recognised, and the ship steered again towards the waters of 2010 and 2011.

Mundabor, if being a canonical renegade and protecting serial boy and girl rapists is your Tradition, then please let everyone know that you are a sicko pervert and a protestant. — No one who watched even a little of Church Militant would conclude that they were against Tradition, except a gaslighter. They profusely praised the traditions of the Church and those honest folk who loved them.

As for abandoning, “Church Militant”, you are an absolute NO BODY; so your “abandoning” means not a dried fig; even if you ever sent them a pound sterling; which can be doubted.

And stop with the Latin, “Mundabor” (which means, I shall be cleansed), for you do not give a damn about what that means, since you are always viciously insulting other persons. That sites like Canon212 give you airing is shameful.

This post by Mundabor, above, should be saved to document that the real person behind the Mundabor Blog is merely a pedophile apologist. Any true Catholic finds the co-existence of pedos and the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass so sickening that they can only call for burning at the stake for the offenders and their protectors and apologists.

For in the present dark times, ANYONE whomsoever who exposes a pedo in the clergy is doing Holy Mother a Church a FAVOR! And should be publicly thanked and praised.

But Mundabor instead gaslights the catholic world, when he should be examining his own corrupt and twisted conscience. He is part of the problem in the Church, which led to the environment in which serial rapists always get the benefit of the doubt. And in this post he proves correct the criticisms of Church Militant against the Traddie movement, which wants rubrics observed and the moral law jettisoned when its a matter of their observance of it!

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