USA: Transgendered Terrorism is the new thing — A look into their minds

GREECE: The prudence of Monks centuries ago is visible today

 Editor’s Note: It is beautiful to see, that the Monastery of St. Nicholas, the Patron of Russia, is flying the flag of Ukraine.

SOUTH AFRICA: DeathVaxx narrative breaking out across country

A.I. already has a plan for world domination: And here it is …

New Report details how DeathVaxxes turn immune system against one’s own body

RUSSIAN: Leaked documents show Putin’s Satanic Dream for Ukraine

A Saint for our time

You can purchase a Video about this Saint and others heroes for our day: more information here:

Every Parish should have a copy of each of their videos: excellent catechesis and formation!

Here is a work of mercy for Catholics in England to do ….

USA: Attorney tells Missouri Legislature that US DoD has done everything to cover up Scamdemic

Bishops from 5 Nordic Countries decry Apostasy of German & Flemish Bishops

VATICAN: Pope Francis publishes revised Norms to respond to abuse & harassment

This document not only includes sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults, but also harassment of seminarians, and by superiors.

Twitter is deeply involved in US Govt. Online Harassment Contractors

Editor’s Note: Catholics, pay attention to this story, because the group this contractor supports, #Nafo, has declared that after Russia, they will work to destroy the Catholic Church.

EU: Massive Liquidity Injections and Regulations changes are cause of Banking Crisis

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