If they don’t get their way, then they threaten open schism…

Mateo Matzuzzi
Mateo Matzuzzi

Rome, February 26, 2015:  Moments ago, Mateo Matzuzzi, noted journalist at il Foglio, one of Italy’s premier newspapers, published an astounding summation of the Kasper agenda by one of its chief German proponents, entitled, Marx lancia la sfida: “Non siamo una filiale di Roma e non sarà un Sinodo a dirci cosa fare qui”.

For those who don’t read Italian, that’s an explosive title:  (Cardinal Marx) gives challenge:  “We are not a local branch of Rome and it will not be a  Synod that will tell us what to do.”

The comments of Cardinal Marx are significant, because he was a “Team Bergoglio” player from the beginning, as can be seen from this photo from the time of the 2013 conclave.

Cardinal Marx’s comments follow and dovetail the comments of a “Team Bergoglio” member, Cardinal Danneels, on the same subject.

Here is our unofficial translation of the central paragraph of that report:

The prince of the Church has clarified that even if in teaching one remains in communion with the Church, in merely pastoral questions, “the Synod cannot prescribe in detail what we must do in Germany”.  As the German paper, il Tagespost, writes, the Episcopal Conference of Germany has left the gate and does not seem to have any intention of paying any heed to the decisions of the pope which might follow.  “We cannot wait until a Synod tells us how we ought to conduct ourselves on Matrimony and pastoral practice for the family”.  Marx has also announced that in the next weeks there will be published a document in advance of the meeting in October, in regard to which Germany “has a certain point of view”.  It is necessasry, according to the judgement of the President of the Episcopal Conference, that one find “new approaches” capable of “helping and guaranteeing that the doors remain open”.

You can read the entire article from the German Paper, the Tagespost, in an unofficial English translation here.

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5 thoughts on “If they don’t get their way, then they threaten open schism…”

  1. Reblogged this on Deaconjohn1987's Blog and commented:
    Whoa! Sad times! It’s unbelievable that “the Episcopal Conference of Germany has left the gate and does not seem to have any intention of paying any heed to the decisions of the pope [Francis] which might follow.”

  2. Let them go! It is time to dam up the Rhine and clean up the Tiber. Seems like the spirit of Vatican 2 has finally morphed into the spirit of Luther. Good riddance.

  3. Last year, this site suggested – to use no stronger word – that the circumstances of the Papal election in 2013 might need to be investigated. It seems that no such investigation is forthcoming. So then – what now ? (My own assumption is that an invalid election to the See of Peter would undergo a sort of “sanation” in the event of the non-Pope’s being accepted by the maior et sanior pars of the Faithful as in effect a legitimate Pope – as in the case of the simoniacal election of Rodrigo Cardinal Borgia (AKA Alexander VI) in 1492 ? – but I am not a lawyer.)

    It is very unsatisfactory for an election to be as questionable as this site has suggested that of Cardinal Bergoglio to the See of Peter may have been, if nothing whatever is done to clear this election of the suspicion it has incurred. “The children of this world” in the much-reviled, “relativist”, secular democracies of the West seem to have a far higher notion of the need to ensure that elections of public servants are free from suspicion of corruption. It is a disgrace & scandal that an election to the Papacy in the holy Church of Christ should be conducted with less probity than those elections are; & the scandal is aggravated when nothing is done to mend matters.

    As for the German bishops – if they are allowed to practice simony, this latest move is no surprise. A rotten Church produces rot, then more rot, then more. How is that in any way remarkable ?

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