Ave Generosa!

In this vale of tears, after God, there is no greater consolation but to contemplate and praise His Most Blessed Mother, the Virgin Mary!  Here is Hildegard von Bingen’s hymn to Our Lady:  Ave Generosa!  Hail, O Generous Woman!


Let us beseech this Virgin of Virgins, to save the Church from the impiety of Cardinal Kasper’s proposals and the malign conspiracy behind them which is spreading over the Church as a mortiferous cancer.

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One thought on “Ave Generosa!”

  1. Thank you for posting this beautiful composition from a truly wonderful German Saint and Doctor of the Church. I recent published a brief study of St. Hildegard, who was overlooked by the Church for about 800 years. One of the most remarkable saints in so many ways.

    Thank you for your work


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