Cardinal Pell says that “Team Bergoglio” are atheists

Cardinal Pell, the other day at Rome, has confirmed the conclusion of the From Rome Blog, that “Team Bergoglio” is a heretical conspiracy, when he said that the party in the Church pushing for a change in Church discipline are “atheists”.

See the Cardinal’s words at the Deus Ex Machina Blog.

See our article, below….

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3 thoughts on “Cardinal Pell says that “Team Bergoglio” are atheists”

  1. When the likes of Elton John, Al Gore and Fidel Castro sing praises for Jorge, what does that tell you about who he really is…?

  2. I repeat the comment I just posted at Deus Ex Machina blog:

    I asked Cardinal Pell that question at the conference but at the time, I and others there did not think that his response was pertaining to the crisis of the Synod particularly.

    It was not clear that Cardinal Pell was familiar with Bishop Schneider’s comment, or its precise context of concerns over the Synod and the apparent split in the upper levels of the hierarchy over the vexed questions at the Synod, though judging from the reaction to the question by the conference attendees, the implications were well taken, and there seemed to be general familiarity with Bishop Schneider’s observation. Nearly everyone in attendance at that conference yesterday was gravely and particularly concerned about the Synod and its possible outcome, but since the Cardinal had not attended the rest of the conference sessions he was perhaps not aware of our very focused attention on the Synod.

    No one at the time thought that his response to my question meant what you have indicated above. If he had intended to imply that “Team Bergoglio” were “atheists” I don’t think it would have been an implication or a nuance that anyone there, many of whom were seasoned Vatican journalists, would have missed. Instead, his comments with regard to the crisis inside the Church were circumspect to the point of being somewhat uninteresting. Certainly none of the experienced journalists, whose news antennae were especially sharply tuned-in that day, perked up our ears.

    He started by saying that the various major crisis of the Church’s history were all different. There is no indication that his distinction between “godlessness and the godly” was aimed at the Church’s interior crisis in general or at the Synod.
    Here is his full quote from’s recording:

    “For example, the crisis is quite different from the Protestant crisis, because both sides of the Protestant crisis agreed on the importance of Christ and God. The greater contingent today is between Godlessness and the Godly. And I think within the Christian communities the fundamental tension is between those who believe that growth comes from starting with Gospel teaching, and those who believe that growth comes from adaptation [with] [unclear in the recording] the world. And I think the second option leads to death. No comparison fits exactly, probably the situation is more stark in countries that have been ruled by communism, Nazism for a long time. But there’s no doubt that we have a challenge on our hands.”

    Hilary White

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