“True or False Pope?” — Book Review

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

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In my many years, since college, I have rarely come upon a book written by a modern author, of which I can say, that its value will endure long after I am dead.  There are books which are very well written and even those which refute current errors, but of few of them can it be said that they will have anything other than a timely usefulness.  But of this new book by John Salza and Robert Siscoe, which deals not only with a timely issue — the moral and doctrinal error of Sedevacantism:  the error of judging by one’s self, who is or is not a legitimate pope today — but does so in a perennial manner (by searching out the founts of Catholic Theology and Canon Law and applying them not only to the specific problems presented by the Sedevacantists, but by addressing the Catholic solution to those problems, in the same manner that Catholics have done for 2016 years), one can truly proclaim: “It shall endure the ages as a monument of Catholic Theology and be sought out by Catholic Librarians for centuries to come,” — so well written, researched and organized it is.

For this reason, “True or False Pope?” is a book which I believe merits to be on the bookshelves of every Pope, Cardinal, Bishop, Priest, Deacon, Religious, Theologian, and learned Layman, not just in the hands of those afflicted or attacked by, or tempted to the error of Sedevacantism and its adherents.

But even more so, due to the present crisis brought on the Church by Team Bergoglio and the Kasperian thesis it has intentionally, deceitfully and maliciously promoted in all its actions, “True or False Pope?” is a book which needs to be read by all Catholics and the perennial Catholic teaching which it contains, put into practice: not only by those who confront Sedevacantists, or who are tempted by that error, but by every Theologian, Religious, Deacon, Priest, yes even Bishop and Cardinal, who has a duty to represent, though in different manners, the true teaching of the Faith and the right praxis of it, on questions of “Can the Pope be a heretic or schismatic?” and “What the Church and Bishops ought to do about it, if it should happen.”

For this reason, I wholeheartedly recommend each Catholic buy this book and give as many copies of it as a present to other Catholics, as they can, as its good effect in all the Church is something which we can not only expect in our present age, but be certain of through the generations to come which have the blessing to find a copy.

To order a copy and/or read more about this Book, go to: http://www.trueorfalsepope.com/

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2 thoughts on ““True or False Pope?” — Book Review”

  1. I read it eagerly. And not that I disagree with its being technically correct perhaps for the day to day running of the Church, there is STILL something missing, which I do not think should be discounted or tossed as inconsequential. In the Early Church, Bishops were quick to spot heterodoxy. By their standards, Bergoglio would have already been denounced and perhaps deposed by now by a general Council of Bishops. Alas, we have gotten so “top-down” since God knows when, that we are like Eliot’s “men without chests,” seemingly incapable of denouncing Bergoglio’s harm to Christ’s Bride TO HIS FACE. Or like the Post Blitzkreig House of Commons shouted out to Chamberlain’s inept running of the war, “In the name of God, Go!!!” shouted out at least one Member heard above the din, and the same is true to this Pope who is weekly spreading the heterodox contagion. “In the Name of God, Go!”

    1. While what you say is true, I must ask, if you ask it with integrity, because if you do, you will write each Cardinal and demand a trial, a triple reproof and then an excommunication if he remains obstinate. If you have not written the Cardinals, they you should be more patient with them for not doing what they should be doing, since you yourself could do what you should do and have not done it.

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