Scholasticism is reborn!


The Monastery of St. Francis of Assisi, Bagnoregio, Italy: a new Center for the Revival of Scholastic Theology.

Rome, May 29, 2016:  The International Association of Academics, who call themselves, “the Scholasticum”, announced last night, that their new Institute will be headquartered in the Convent of St. Francis at Bagnoregio, VT, Italy, the home town of the immortal and universal Doctor of the Church, St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio.

The appearance of this institute and the courses it offers in the classical form of Scholastic Theology, as it was studied and practiced by Sts. Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure, represents in our opinion a great sign of grace in the darkest days the Church has seen in many a century. We give our hearty thanks to Almighty God, the Holy Ghost, for this work, and pray that the faculty and all those involved in the Institute be strengthened by His grace and light and lead on by His fiery inspirations.

Now Catholic clergy, religious and laity, throughout the entire world have an excellent means to renew their minds in Catholic Truth and become true warriors against all the errors of our age, by learning the most salutary form of Catholic Theology and Philosophy, the Scholastic.  See their website for more info.  Classes begin on Oct 4th, this fall.

If you would like to make a donation to help a needy seminarian study at The Scholasticum, you can do so through Catholic

Of if you would like to make a direct donation to the institute, you can do so through their website. From Rome is reliably informed that the Institute will be seeking to raise € 2 million to repair and improve their Monastery-campus. So be generous!

Archbishop Georg Gänswein’s revelations point to Conclave Pact to elect Bergoglio

Archibishop Georg Gänswein of the Pontifical Household, former private secretary to Pope Benedict XVI
Archibishop Georg Gänswein of the Pontifical Household, former private secretary to Pope Benedict XVI

Rome, May 24, 2016:  The recent revelations by Archbishop Georg Gänswein point to a stunning possibility, that during the Conclave of 2005, which elected Joseph Cardinal Ratzinger as Pope Benedict XVI,  Jorge Mario Cardinal Bergoglio and his supporters consented to his rival’s election, on the condition that after a fixed number of years, he would resign, and the next conclave elect himself Pope.

This theoretical postulate is based on the following reasoned speculations:

  1. There is precedent in the history of Conclaves for deals among rival factions:  As we noted in the article, “Team Bergoglio” and the legacy of Cardinal Mariano Rampolla del Tindaro, during the Conclave which elected Saint Pius X, there was the curious consequence that Rampolla’s supporters were consecrated Bishops by Pius X following his election, and Pius X’s supporters, bishops, by Cardinal Rampolla.
  2. Archbishop Gänswein confirms the existence of the St. Gallen group, a self-named “mafia” organization in the Church which worked actively to promote the election of Cardinal Bergoglio in 2005. This confirmed what Vaticanist Paul Baade admitted last year.
  3. Pope Benedict XVI explained his reason to retire for reasons which do not seem credible:  namely for poor health, even though he has not lost the capacity to speak, think, walk or make decisions.
  4. Pope Benedict XVI planned his retirement well in advance:  according to Cardinal Bertone, as much as 7 months in advance; according to publish reports, the former Cardinal of Palermo knew more than 2 years before, a fact which he revealed during a dinner in a restaurant in China.
  5. Pope Benedict XVI has not issued one word of criticism of Pope Francis’ outrageous statements and scandalous actions.
  6. The supporters of Pope Benedict XVI have not personally criticized Pope Francis in public for any of his heretical, erroneous or scandalous words or actions during the latters’ pontificate.
  7. There is constant emphasis, by Pope Benedict XVI and now Archbishop Gänswein that in some way both Benedict and Francis share the Petrine ministry.

None of this seems possible to From Rome without there having been a formal agreement among the Cardinals in the conclave of 2005 to share the Papacy among the 2 rival candidates.

Finally, if such a pact were made, it is not clear whether it would violate UDG 81 or canon law. But seeing that there is yet no firm evidence of the existence of such a pact, we will omit speculating as to its effect in law on the basis of UDG 81 (read more about this in the series of articles published here).

However, if this pact to elect Bergoglio did in fact happen, it would be more than sufficient explanation why none of the Cardinals have made any objection or heard any petitions regarding the Team Bergoglio scandal, in which it appears that up to 20+ Cardinals canvassed for votes for Bergoglio, most likely with his consent, in the 2013 Conclave, in violation of UDG 81, the violation of which is an excommuncate-able offense. For, if the College made an pact regarding votes in 2005, they might very well have been excommunicated, in virtue of the Papal Law, since that time. This might explain the utter breakdown of public virtue and faith which is spreading like a wild fire among the Sacred College, as a spiritual punishment for that most occult crime.

Rome will become the throne of the Antichrist…

Our Lady of La Salette, on Sept. 19, 1846, revealed to 2 small children in the French Alps the future of the world until the end of time..
Our Lady of La Salette, on Sept. 19, 1846, revealed to 2 small children in the French Alps the future of the world until the end of time..

Here, the From Rome Blog, presents, on the left, the Original Italian text, approved by the Catholic Bishop of Lecce, Italy (where Melanie lived the last years of her life) in 1879, as an official part of the revelations of La Salette; on the right, our English translation.

The following are the words of Our Lady, at La Salette, as revealed to Melanie:

I governanti avranno tutti un medesimo progetto, che sarà di abolire e fare scomparire tutti i principi religiosi per sostituirli con il materialismo, l’ateismo, lo spiritismo, e ogni sorta di vizi.

The politicians will all have the same plan, which will be to abolish and cause to disappear religious principles to substitute them with materialism, atheism, spiritism, and every form of vice.

Nell’anno 1865 si vedrà l’abominio nei luoghi santi; nei conventi i fiori della Chiesa saranno putrefatti e il demonio diventerà come il re dei cuori. 

In the year 1865, the Abomination will be seen in the holy places; in the convents the flowers of the Church will be corrupted and the Demon will be come the king of hearts.

Coloro che sono a capo delle comunità religiose si guardino dalle persone che esse devono ricevere, perché il demonio userà tutta la sua malizia per introdurre negli ordini religiosi delle persone dedite al peccato, perché i disordini e l’amore dei piaceri carnali saranno diffusi su tutta la terra.

Those who are at the head of religious communities are to take care regarding the persons they should receive, because the Demon will use all his malice to introduce into the religious orders persons who are addicted to sin, so that the disorders and love of carnal desires spread over all the earth.

La Francia, l’Italia, la Spagna e l’Inghilterra saranno in guerra: il sangue scorrerà per le strade; il francese combatterà contro il francese, l’italiano contro l’italiano, vi sarà poi una guerra generale che sarà spaventevole. Per qualche tempo Dio non si ricorderà piú della Francia né dell’Italia, perché il Vangelo di Gesú Cristo non è piú conosciuto. 

France, Italy, Spain and England will be at war: blood will flow through the streets; Frenchman will fight against Frenchman, Italian against Italian, there shall be a universal war which will be horrible. For a time, God will no longer remember France or Italy, because the Gospel of Jesus Christ is not longer recognized.

I malvagi userano tutta la loro astuzia; ci si ucciderà, ci si massacrerà reciprocamente perfino nelle case.

The wicked will use all their cleverness; here one will be slain, there one will be massacered even in their own home.

Al primo colpo della Sua spada fulminante le montagne e la natura tutta tremeranno di spavento perché i disordini e i crimini degli uomini trafiggono la volta celeste.

At the first strike of His flaming sword, the mountains and all Nature will tremble with terror on account of the disorders and crimes of men piercing the firmament of Heaven.

Parigi sarà bruciata e Marsiglia inghiottita; molte grandi città saranno scosse e inghiottite da terremoti; si crederà che tutto è perduto; non si vedranno che omicidi; non si sentiranno che colpi d’arma e bestemmie.

Paris will be burnt and Marseille will be gutted; many great cities will be shaken and gutted by earthquakes; one will come to believe that all is lost; there will be seen nothing but homicides; nothing will be heard but the clash of arms and blasphemies.

I giusti soffriranno molto, le loro preghiere, la loro penitenza e le loro lacrime saliranno fino al Cielo e tutto il popolo di Dio chiederà perdono e misericordia e chiederà il Mio aiuto e la Mia intercessione.

The just will suffer much, their prayers, their penance and their tears will rise up to Heaven and the whole people of God will ask for pardon and mercy and will ask My help and My intercession.

Allora Gesú Cristo con un atto della Sua misericordia grande per i giusti comanderà ai Suoi angeli che tutti i Suoi nemici siano messi a morte.

Then, Jesus Christ, with an act of His great Mercy for the just, will command His Angels to put all His enemies to death.

Improvvisamente i persecutori della Chiesa di Gesú Cristo e tutti gli uomini dediti al peccato moriranno e la terra diventerà come un deserto.

Suddenly, the persecutors of the Church of Jesus Christ and all men given up to sin will die and the Earth shall become as a desert.

Allora si farà la pace, la riconciliazione di Dio con gli uomini; Gesú Cristo sarà servito, adorato e glorificato; dappertutto fiorirà la carità.

Then, between God and men there shall be peace, reconciliation; Jesus Christ will be served, adored and glorified; everywhere charity will flourish.

I nuovi re saranno il braccio destro della Santa Chiesa, che sarà forte, umile, pia, povera, zelante e imitatrice delle virtú di Gesú Cristo.

The new kings will be the right arm of the Holy church, which will be strong, humble, pious, poor, zealous and an imitatrix of the virtues of Jesus Christ.

Il Vangelo sarà predicato dappertutto e gli uomini faranno grandi progressi nella fede perché vi sarà unità tra gli operai di Gesú Cristo e perché gli uomini vivranno nel timor di Dio.

The Gospel will be preached everywhere and men shall make great progress in the Faith because there will be unity among the workers of Jesus Christ and because men shall live in the fear of God.

Questa pace tra gli uomini non sarà lunga: venticinque anni di abbondanti raccolti faranno loro dimenticare che i peccati degli uomini sono causa di tutte le pene che arrivano sulla terra.

This peace among men will not  be long: 25 years of abundant harvests will make them forget that the sins of men are the cause of all the punishments which befall the Earth.

Un precursore dell’anticristo, con le sue truppe di parecchie nazioni, combatterà contro il vero Cristo, il solo Salvatore del mondo, egli spargerà molto sangue e vorrà annientare il culto di Dio per farsi guardare come un Dio.

A precursor of the Antichrist, with his troops of many nations, will fight against the true Christ, the Only Savior of the world, he will spill much blood and will want to annul the worship of God to make himself seen as a God.

La terra sarà colpita da ogni sorta di piaghe, (oltre la peste e la carestia che saranno dovunque), vi saranno delle guerre fino all’ultima guerra, che sarà allora fatta da dieci re dell’anticristo, i quali re avranno tutti lo stesso progetto e saranno i soli a governare il mondo.

The Earth shall be struck by every kind of plague, (in addition to the pestilence and famine which will be everywhere), there will be wars until the last war, which will be started by the ten kings of the Antichrist, who will all have the same plan and will be the only ones to rule the world.

Prima che ciò succeda vi sarà una specie di falsa pace nel mondo; non si penserà che a divertirsi; i malvagi si abbandoneranno a ogni sorta di peccato; ma i figli della Santa Chiesa, i figli della fede, i miei veri imitatori crederanno nell’amore di Dio e nelle virtú che mi sono piú care.

Before this happens there will be the appearance of false peace in the world; one will think of nothing but of entertainment; the wicked will abandon themselves to every kind of sin; but the sons of the Holy Church, the sons of the Faith, My true imitators will believe in the love of God and in the virtues which are most dear to Me.

Felici le anime umili guidate dallo Spirito Santo! Io combatterò con esse fino a che esse saranno nella pienezza dell’età. La natura chiede vendetta per gli uomini ed essa freme di spavento nell’attesa di ciò che deve arrivare alla terra insudiciata dai crimini. 

Happy shall the humble souls, guided by the Holy Spirit, be!  I shall fight with them until they shall have come to full age. Nature seeks vengeance against men and She trembles with terror in expectation of what must befall the Earth, sullied by crimes.

Tremate terra e voi che fate professione di adorare Gesú Cristo e che dentro di voi adorate solo voi stessi; tremate perché Dio sta per consegnarvi al Suo nemico, perché i luoghi santi sono nella corruzione, molti conventi non sono piú le case di Dio, ma i pascoli di Asmodeo e dei suoi. 

Tremble o Earth and you who profess to adore Jesus Christ but who within yourselves adore only your selves; tremble, because God is about to hand you over to His enemy, since the holy places are in corruption, many convents will no longer be houses of God, but pastures of Hasmodeus and his own.

Sarà durante questo tempo che nascerà l’anticristo da una religiosa ebrea, da una falsa vergine che sarà in comunicazione con il vecchio serpente, il padrone dell’impurità; suo padre sarà Vescovo, nascendo vomiterà delle bestemmie, egli avrà dei denti, in una parola sarà il diavolo incarnato; egli lancerà delle grida spaventose, farà dei prodigi, non si nutrirà che di impurità. 

It will be during this time that the Antichrist will be born from Jewish nun, from a false virgin who will be in communication with the Ancient Serpent, the patron of impurity; his father will be a Bishop, at birth he will vomit forth blasphemies and bear teeth, in a word he will be the devil incarnate; he will shout out terrifying screams, he will work prodigies, he will be nourished on naught but impurity.

Egli avrà dei fratelli che, sebbene non siano dei demoni incarnati come lui, saranno dei figli del male; a dodici anni essi si faranno notare per le prodi vittorie che otterranno; presto essi saranno ognuno alla testa degli eserciti assistiti dalle legioni dell’inferno. 

He will have brothers, who though they will not be demons incarnate like himself, will be sons of evil; at twelve years they will be known for the prodigious victories which they will obtain; soon they will each be at the head of armies assisted by the legions of the inferno.

Le stagioni saranno cambiate, la terra non produrrà che frutti cattivi, gli astri perderanno i loro movimenti regolari, la luna non rifletterà che una debole luce rossastra; l’acqua e il fuoco daranno al globo terrestre dei movimenti convulsi e degli orribili terremoti che inghiottiranno delle montagne, delle città. 

The seasons will be changed, the earth will produce naught but bad fruits, the stars will lose their regular movements, the Moon will reflect naught but a weak reddish light; water and fire shall give to the globe of the Earth convulsive movements and horrible earthquakes which will swallow mountains, cities.

Roma perderà la fede e diventerà la sede dell’anticristo. I demoni dell’aria con l’anticristo faranno dei grandi prodigi sulla terra e nell’aria e gli uomini si pervertiranno sempre piú.

Rome will lose the Faith and will become the throne of the Antichrist. The demons of the air with the Antichrist will work great prodigies upon the Earth and in the air and men will become all the more perverted.

Dio avrà cura dei suoi fedeli servitori e degli uomini di buona volontà; il Vangelo sarà predicato dappertutto, tutti i popoli e tutte le nazioni conosceranno la verità. 

God will take care of his faithful servants and of men of good will; the Gospel will be preached everywhere, all the peoples and all the nations shall know the truth.

There follows counsels given by Our Lady for perseverance and the apostolate.

Translator’s note:  When God reveals the Majesty of His own Foreknowledge and Prescience of things to come, as a loving Father, desiring not to cast us into the twin errors of despair which arise from Fatalism (the error that says that all has been predetermined and what we do does not matter, since it all works toward that Fate) and Deism (the error which says God does not intervene in the affairs of men, and thus there is no need to shout out with ardent prayers for His help), He reveals future things under the veil of apocalyptic language, in which symbols are used for persons, things, ideas. In this way He manifests His Providential Love for those whom He has adopted in Christ and at the same time encourages us to meritorious action, while avoiding the paths of wickedness.  The Blessed Virgin Mary, being a true daughter of the Most High, when She speaks of things future, out of Her love for Her faithful children, She imitates the Lord and speaks in symbolic language.  Therefore, the correct way to understand this prophecy is not one in which all is taken literally, nor one in which it is taken only to be moral encouragement, but one in which each sign and symbol has the meaning given it in Scripture, where similar apocalyptic language is used.  In this way, only those lead truly by God’s spirit and predestined by God to be of the Elect, can understand what is said. And this is right and just, because the message contained and the encouragement offered is for them alone.

Amoris Lætitia: An Apocryphal gospel for the 21st Century

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From Rome, for the Denzinger-Bergoglio

Saturday afternoon. Preparations are in place for the whirlwind of weekend pastoral activities… leaving certain responsibilities on hold…when suddenly I start receiving so many cell messages that I will never have time to answer… “Father, did you see the latest?” “Father, now concubines can receive Communion!”, “Father, is there no such thing as mortal sin any more in the Church?”, “Father – is it a sin to live as brother and sister now?”, and so on.

I end up opting to put the device on airplane mode, to get a moment to write a few lines about the new Bergoglian encyclopedia “Amoris Laetitia”: The “joy of love”. It is an encyclopedia that attempts to be a Gospel, the “Gospel of the Family” … of the Bergoglian family, that is. The word-count of the four Gospels of Christ, inspired by the Holy Spirit, comes to a total of approximately 76,000 words, in the Jerusalem version. The new “Bergoglian Gospel” (which we can consider an authentic 21st century apocryphal gospel), is over 60,000 words long, much longer than the three Synoptic Gospels all together. It’s confused verbosity – that, above all, causes confusion – has left all commentators, including the writer of these lines, in doubt as to whether or not it was worthwhile reading the whole thing, or to write anything about it…

To use the term “gospel” with respect to the recent document was not my idea, but rather what the author himself called it: “the Gospel of the Family” (AL 60, 63, 76, 200, 201). And we qualify it as “apocryphal”, since this is the term used for texts containing that mix realities and true doctrines with errors, lies and outright heresies. In the first centuries, they were normally the conceited writings of the Gnostics or Nicolaitans; for which reason their authors would attempt to ‘hide’ their identity in anonymity, as well maintain secrecy about their writings – hence the use of the Greek term ‘hidden’ to identify these writings: apókryphos (all hidden). But the Church has always witnessed the existence of apocryphal texts – full of verboseness, like certain dishes in which one notes nutritious and tasty ingredients buoying together with venomous elements in the same nauseating stew.

(Read the rest at the URL above:   Many thanks to the priest from Rome, for this handy summary and refutation of Amoris Laetitia)


Nota Bene:  While it is good to critique the errors and deceits of this document, ‘Amoris Laetitia’, it remains morally necessary that these errors be condemned and the Document be recinded, its authors called to repentance and the Bishops of the world urged to these things.

And now there is a means to urge this:  the #AL Conference in Rome, on June 25th, see Veri Catholici for more info.

How Bergoglio’s permanence signifies the Apostasy of the Flock

The False Shepherd, an detail of the illumination from the manuscript Douce 266 in the Bodleian Library
The False Shepherd, a detail of the illumination from the mss. Douce 266 in the Bodleian Library

Rome, May 12, 2016 A.D:  There is no greater and more radical challenge for the Christian believer than to take another as his Master.

Indeed, Christians are recognized by the fact that they regard Jesus Christ, and Him alone, as their Master, in accord with the scripture verse, in which Christ condemned the religious leaders of ancient Israel, Matthew 23:10 ff:

10 Neither be ye called masters; for one is you master, Christ. 11 He that is the greatest among you shall be your servant. 12 And whosoever shall exalt himself shall be humbled: and he that shall humble himself shall be exalted.

Indeed, its very tempting, in today’s world in which truth is up for grabs and violent political clashes are being waged on all sides, for the Christian to take an “I’m ok, you’re ok” view, that is, a “get along with everyone” kind of attitude, in which truth does not matter, only co-existence.

The Loadstone of Hope

The only problem is, that there is a vast difference between the man who thinks Christ is a religious teacher and the man who is loyal to Christ no matter what.  First first regards Him as one might regard a philosopher:  taking the man’s teachings here and there, according to his personal tastes and likes, but not as a rule of life.

The second regards Him as the Incarnate Son of God, apart from Whose teaching No man on Earth can escape eternal and perpetual damnation in the fires of Hell.

As St. Augustine said, “If you believe what you like in the Gospel, and reject what you don’t like, it is not the Gospel you believe, but yourself.”

Indeed, what distinguishes the Christian from all other men is Hope.

Hope is that theological virtue least spoke of today, because in modern times a proper understanding and appreciation of it has been so attacked in the minds of men, that nearly nobody appears to have it or cultivate it or use it.

Hope is that theological virtue which puts full faith and confidence in the promises of God for those who keep them.  Its the most essential and key Christian virtue, given to us in Baptism, but cultivated only with good works.  If you do not really hope that God will reward you for fidelity to Christ, then obviously you will not be faithful to Him.  Likewise, if you think that you can manage for yourself the rules by which you will get into Heaven, there is no need for you to have hope in God’s promises, you can presume for yourself — a presumption which is both your ultimate self-deceit and the absolute guarantee of your own damnation.

All of this has an ecclesiological impact, that is, all of this effects the Church, what She is and your place in or outside of Her, who alone is the ark of Salvation, the Pillar of the truth, apart from AND outside of which no man woman or child can be saved.

The Temptation of Bergoglio

The great temptation presented by the election and presence of Bergoglio on the Apostolic Throne, then, is precisely this: the offer of a Church, of a Christianity, in which Christ is no longer The master, but merely a guide post from which one can wander here or there and remain a “christian” without fidelity and without the need to practice hope.

This temptation is offered the Cardinals, the Bishops, the priests, the religious and the laity, is offered thus to the whole Church, because in Bergoglio they have, without any shadow of a doubt, a man who does not believe in Christ as his Sole Master, who does not love or tolerate the Church as Christ founded it or gave it, does not suffer the rules the Apostles, the Faithful Disciples of the Lord handed down to us, and is filled with compassion and love for the traitor who sold Christ for 30 shekels of silver.

To have a public manifest heretic on the throne of the Apostle Peter, and tolerate him, presents for every true Christian, the opportunity of pretense, to keep the name “Christian” or “Catholic” without any more obligation to Christ.  Its the ultimate game-plan of Lucifer.

Either Bergoglio must Change or the Church has changed

Finally, if one were to accept this situation and the principles which erroneously lead to it, as have been briefly described here, it would be enough to end this article with the usual lament.  Because with faith it is possible to lament these things, but with hope it is not possible to tolerate them.  Nearly every author on the Internet today, and as far as we know, all the Cardinals and Bishops of the Catholic Church since April 8, 2016, the date on which “Amoris Laetitia” what released, do not have or are not acting faithfully to Christian Hope.

For the man with Christian hope, would declare and manifestly insist and demand that Bergoglio be canonically reprimanded, and if refusing 3x, be declared to be in open schism with Christ and His Church, and self-deposed by reason of his malice and heresy against Him and His Bride, the Church, whose first duty is to keep herself immaculate and worthy of Him.

Either Bergoglio must change or the Church has in fact changed, because if he repents, the Church is saved in Her fidelity to Christ, and Christ is glorified above all human whim, even the human whims of the Roman Pontiff. But if Bergoglio does not change AND the Church tolerates him, it is the Church which has changed, She has committed adultery with Bergoglio, accepting him rather than Jesus Christ as Her spouse, the God above all other gods…

El comunismo es intrínsecamente perverso


de Germán Mazuelo Leytón

Fue el Papa Pío XI quien afirmó que “el comunismo es intrínsecamente perverso, y no se puede admitir que colaboren con el comunismo, en terreno alguno, los que quieren salvar de la ruina la civilización cristiana” (Encíclica Divini Redemptoris n.º 60).

Y fue el mismo Papa el que condenó también el nazismo en otra de sus grandes encíclicas, la Mit brennender Sorge (1937).

A la perversión moral en la que estamos hoy, no se llegó de la noche a la mañana.

Pensadores como Voltaire (1694-1778), Rousseau (1712-1778), Diderot (1713-1784), y los enciclopedistas gestaron la Revolución Francesa, algunos de los cuales negaban la existencia de Dios, o si la admitían, sostenían que Dios no tenía nada que ver con este mundo, “que Él le había dado cuerda como a un reloj, y lo había abandonado hasta que esa cuerda se acabe”. Lo que equivaldría por así decirlo, a que estamos solos, y concluyeron glorificando al hombre y el razonamiento humano con la ideología de la “autonomía de la razón”, su filosofía moral el deísmo, y denominaron a sus tiempos “el siglo de las luces”.

Los revolucionarios franceses, como seguidores del racionalismo llevaron sus enseñanzas a su lógica conclusión: asesinaron a sacerdotes y monjas, saquearon y profanaron iglesias, destruyeron imágenes, y hasta llegaron a entronizar a la actriz mademoiselle Aubryan, en la Catedral de Notre Dame, denominándola “la diosa razón”, una expresión idolátrica en su forma más beligerante.

Durante el reinado del terror de la Revolución Francesa, se utilizaron las iglesias como establos para demostrar el desprecio de los revolucionarios a la Religión Verdadera, el hombre sin fe rechazó a Dios y su Ley, y parecía haber ganado temporalmente.

La Revolución Francesa “fue una consecuencia de la negación y de las rupturas del siglo XVI, del enfriamiento de la fe durante el siglo XVII, de la exaltación de la razón en el siglo XVIII, y de la explotación de la rebelión por el poder de la francmasonería fundada en 1717 (…) Desde el siglo XVI sale el drama de la rebelión” (P. José de Sainte Marie). Aquí vemos prefigurado el materialismo del comunismo ateo.

El deísmo del siglo XVIII engendró el racionalismo del siglo XIX y éste produjo el humanismo secular del siglo XX en los Estados Unidos y el comunismo ateo en Rusia, donde Stalin en su búsqueda “de usurpar la autoridad de Dios por medio de la exaltación del hombre”, conllevó terribles sufrimientos y destrucción para el mismo hombre.

Piotr Kropotkin, “considerado como uno de los principales teóricos del movimiento anarquista, dentro del cual fue uno de los fundadores de la escuela del anarcocomunismo, y desarrolló la teoría del apoyo mutuo”, dijo que la Revolución Francesa fue “la fuente y el origen de todas las concepciones actuales comunistas, anarquistas y socialistas”.

El gran Papa León XIII, el Papa de la Doctrina Social de la Iglesia, condenaba así: “…aquella secta de hombres que, bajo diversos y casi bárbaros nombres de socialistas, comunistas o nihilistas, esparcidos por todo el orbe, y estrechamente coaligados entre sí por inicua federación, ya no buscan su defensa en las tinieblas de sus ocultas reuniones, sino que, saliendo a pública luz, confiados y a cara descubierta, se empeñan en llevar a cabo el plan, que tiempo ha concibieron, de trastornar los fundamentos de toda sociedad civil. Estos son ciertamente los que, según atestiguan las divinas páginas, ´mancillan la carne, desprecian la dominación y blasfeman de la majestad´ (Jdt. epist. v. 8)”.

En efecto, toda ideología, toda concepción política, todo gobierno que prescinda de Dios y del orden moral objetivo son “intrínsecamente perversos”, ya que afirman en la doctrina y en la práctica la autonomía soberana de la libertad.

Siguiendo la doctrina del Papa Pío XI en la encíclica “Divini Redemptoris”, quien condenó “los errores presentados bajo un falso sentido místico”, y del Concilio Vaticano II que advirtió “de esta especie de falseada redención de los más humildes” (GS 20-21), el Nuevo Catecismo de la Iglesia Católica (Nº 676), pone de aviso sobre los “mesianismos secularizados”: “esta impostura del Anticristo aparece esbozada ya en el mundo cada vez que se pretende llevar a cabo la esperanza mesiánica en la historia, lo cual no puede alcanzarse sino más allá del tiempo histórico a través del juicio escatológico: incluso en su forma mitigada, la Iglesia ha rechazado esta falsificación del Reino futuro con el nombre de milenarismo (cf. DS 3839), sobre todo bajo la forma política de un mesianismo secularizado, “intrínsecamente perverso”.

El cristiano no puede adherir a aquellos “sistemas ideológicos que se oponen radicalmente o en los puntos sustanciales a su fe y a su concepción del hombre: ni a la ideología marxista, a su materialismo ateo (…) ni a la ideología liberal” (Juan Pablo II, Carta apostólica en el 80º aniversario de la Rerum Novarum, Nº 26), estas corrientes buscan apoderarse de la religión, instrumentalizando a las iglesias para servirse de ellas con el fin de la destrucción de la religión y de la creencia en Dios (cf. Miguel Poradowski, el Marxismo en la Teología).

¿Será eso que Francisco, el actual Obispo de Roma quiso decir cuando exclamó: Pecadores sí, Señor, lo somos todos, ¡pero corruptos jamás!”?

(*) Director Nacional Pioneros de Abstinencia Total


(Article reprinted with author’s permission, from the text at La Patria, Martes, 10 de mayo de 2016, Bolivia – Nacional).

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