Scholasticism is reborn!


The Monastery of St. Francis of Assisi, Bagnoregio, Italy: a new Center for the Revival of Scholastic Theology.

Rome, May 29, 2016:  The International Association of Academics, who call themselves, “the Scholasticum”, announced last night, that their new Institute will be headquartered in the Convent of St. Francis at Bagnoregio, VT, Italy, the home town of the immortal and universal Doctor of the Church, St. Bonaventure of Bagnoregio.

The appearance of this institute and the courses it offers in the classical form of Scholastic Theology, as it was studied and practiced by Sts. Thomas Aquinas and Bonaventure, represents in our opinion a great sign of grace in the darkest days the Church has seen in many a century. We give our hearty thanks to Almighty God, the Holy Ghost, for this work, and pray that the faculty and all those involved in the Institute be strengthened by His grace and light and lead on by His fiery inspirations.

Now Catholic clergy, religious and laity, throughout the entire world have an excellent means to renew their minds in Catholic Truth and become true warriors against all the errors of our age, by learning the most salutary form of Catholic Theology and Philosophy, the Scholastic.  See their website for more info.  Classes begin on Oct 4th, this fall.

If you would like to make a donation to help a needy seminarian study at The Scholasticum, you can do so through Catholic

Of if you would like to make a direct donation to the institute, you can do so through their website. From Rome is reliably informed that the Institute will be seeking to raise € 2 million to repair and improve their Monastery-campus. So be generous!

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    Dear loyal readers, I bring you more good news.

    Please read the below post. Likewise pray and fast that this venture will succeed and please be generous!

    As a prologue to the below post and why you should be generous with your support of the Scholasticum project, please allow me to quote John Lamont once again.

    The below passage explains how the neo-modernistic IDEOLOGY which provides the pseudo-philosophical basis for the post-conciliar church was able to supplant Thomism in the post conciliar church. Yet due to the reality that neo-modernism is nothing more than an sophist IDEOLOGY (excuse the oxymoron), the “ecclesiastical structures that fall into its grip eventually die away – a process now visible all over the world”.

    This propaganda is thus aimed not only at Thomism, but at philosophy itself, and the opponents of Thomism were only able to make use of it because they were not interested in philosophy. They would use philosophical claims to advance their agenda, but they proposed no general philosophical alternative to Thomism. They offered no account of central topics of philosophy – time, space, cause, universal and particular, body, soul, perception, and the like – to replace the Thomist accounts they had banished. Their proposed alternative to Thomism, ‘Transcendental Thomism’, with its ‘turn to the self’, has no serious analysis of such topics. Of course if they had attempted to offer a philosophical alternative to Thomism, they would have had to meet Thomists on the terrain of reasoned argument, where the Thomists were more than capable of holding their own. But they did not need to run this risk, because they were happy to dispense with philosophy rather than engage in it.


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