2 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI is still the true Pope”

  1. Sed contra. Francis was accepted as Pope by the universal Church immediately after his election. (Which Cardinal or even Bishop publicly questioned the validity of his election as the fact of his election was made known?) Thus, according to the theologians, we have infallible certainty that he was Pope at least at that time. But it is impossible to have two popes at the same time. Ergo, Benedict was not Pope at that time. Ergo, he is not Pope now.

    1. Youar argument is contrary to Canon 332 §2, which says the validity of a papal resignation, which resignation is only of munus, is NOT determined by its acceptance or non acceptance by anyone whomsoever. That means even if the entire world said it was or was not valid, that has no say on the matter. Read the opening conditional clause of Canon 332 §2, in the Latin, and you will see that a renunciaiton of ministerium is not rite manifestatur. Q.E.D.

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