Vatican recognizes Benedict as the Pope


The image comes from Ann Barnhardt’s website, where she says she has confirmed its authenticity.  Father Paolo Borgia, is, according to Wikipedia, an assessor in the Vatican Secretary of State. The Secretary of State has the duty to respond to official correspondence received from the pope.

These affirmations coupled with Bergoglio’s public invitation to the crowds gathered at the 2019 Youth Day in Panama, “Wave your hands at Pope Benedict”, give all Catholics pause to think:

Because, suppose it be true that Bergoglio is Pope Francis, that is, is the true Pope. Therefore, it follows that when he invites us to call Benedict, Pope, he affirms publicly that Benedict is pope. But the Catholic Faith says there can only be one pope at a time. This is defined dogma, as per Vatican I.  Therefore, since the first one to hold the title of pope is the true pope, since no one can claim the title until the title be renounced, then it follows that Bergoglio in inviting all to call Ratzinger the pope, is in fact saying that he is not the Pope and has no valid claim on the papacy.

Thus all Catholics now, must call Benedict the Pope and stop calling Bergoglio pope.

But if you reject this argument, saying, that when Benedict resigned, we should ignore that he renounced the ministerium, though Canon 332 §2 requires the renunciation of munus, and that when Francis speaks we should ignore that he called Benedict, “el papa”, then, should you NOT ask YOURSELF if you have just put yourself above the Pope, whomsoever he be, and made YOURSELF THE INFALLIBLE INTERPRETER OF THE POPE.

Hence, those who hold that Bergoglio is the Pope, now, must have 3 popes: Bergoglio, Ratzinger and themselves.

Those who hold that Benedict made a small mistake in his act of renunciation, however, are the Catholics, with only one Pope, Pope Benedict XVI, just as the Church teaches there should be only 1 pope.

So ask yourself, which is more Catholic?

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3 thoughts on “Vatican recognizes Benedict as the Pope”

  1. My response to the other side who is using the modern debate tactics of name calling, “So, one side is showing Church History, Canon Law, how the Latin Language used in the Official text is different than the English, and most of the other side is just using name calling. I’m just here to learn and figure out what in the heck is going on. If the other side won’t do what the side who actually examining the evidence, showing canon law, studying the Latin Text to the text released to the public, plus everything going on with the Saint Galen Mafia, how can we believe the side who calling those doing the studying benevacantists or resignists when they only resort to name calling? no more modern secular style of debate where you have to resort to name calling,Traditional Debate: show your proof, evidence, when by convincing the other person! how can we debate and learn if some on the side of those using the modern debate tactics of name calling won’t look at certain sections of Canon Law? or some other piece of evidence. Call me what you like, either prove by evidence, hard study, I will read it like I am doing in the first group, I want to study, to learn, not name calling.”

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