The Imprisonment of Pope Benedict XVI


I will summarize in this article the suppositions and analysis which the volunteers and members of Veri Catholici have worked out in recent days about what really went on in the Vatican in 2012 — 2013. I will do so in a Timeline, which makes understanding what was going on easier. This will be a recitation of facts, with an interpretation which explains them all elegantly.


In March 2012 Pope Benedict XVI established a Commission of Cardinals to investigate leaks of reserved and confidential documents on television, in newspapers, and in other communications media (in what is known as the Vatileaks scandal). It first met on Tuesday, 24 April 2012. Cardinal Herranz served as the Chair, and was accompanied by Cardinals Jozef Tomko and Salvatore De Giorgi. (Wikipedia: Vatican Leaks Scandal)


Someone leaks the results of the Vatican Commission on Gays in the Vatican to Team Bergoglio, which in response begins feverish activity at Rome (Documented by Dr. Sire in the Book, The Dictator Pope). This activity aims for the forced abdication of Benedict.

Early November: The Coup d’etat is hatched. Team Bergoglio demands the resignation of Pope Benedict to prevent the revelations of the Dossier to be presented by Vatican Commission on Gays in the Vatican. The contents of the dossier will implicate all the key members of Team Bergoglio and thus all force and expediency must be employed to stop its publication.

The conspiracy includes not only Team Bergoglio, but all named in the Dossier, the names of whom are given to Team Bergoglio by someone working in the Commission.

The terms of the Coup d’etat are as follows:

  • Pope Benedict will resign
  • Pope Benedict will not publish the contents of the Dossier
  • Pope Benedict will continuously testify that he resigned willingly

If Pope Benedict refuses, Team Bergoglio threatens the Pope with assassination, citing the published testimony of an Italian Journalist on Feb. 11, 2012 saying that the assassination will be within 1 year.  The date Feb 11, 2013 is chosen for the resignation to signal to the Lavender Mafia round the world, that the abdication has been forced precisely to defend their evil institution.

Pope Benedict, taking counsel from no one, because he trusted no one, decides to go along but to leave tell tale signs for the Catholic world, so that any intelligent observer will discern what is going on. He extracts the condition of the promotion of his personal secretary to the position of the Pontifical Household, believing this will keep him safe and to signify that after his resignation, He is still the only one true Pope.

Nov. 23:  James Michael Cardinal Harvey, who had been the Prefect of the Papal Household under Benedict is named Cardinal Priest of Saint Paul outside the Walls, in an apparent reward for his role in allowing Benedict to be betrayed in the Vatican Leaks scandal and to make way for Ganswein.

Dec. 7:  Father Georg Gänswein, the private secretary of Pope Benedict from the time he was a Cardinal, is named Prefect of the Papal Household.

December 17: The Pope received a report on “Vatican lobbies” prepared by Cardinals Julián Herranz, Salvatore De Giorgi, a former archbishop of Palermo, and Jozef Tomko. The same day, the Pope decided to resign. (Wikipedia: Vatican Leaks).  This decision is forced and is Benedict’s sign to Team Bergoglio that he has accepted the terms given in the Coup d’etat.


January 6:  The Feast of the Epiphany. Father Gänswein is ordained Archbishop of Urbs Salvia. He becomes the only holder of the office of Prefect of the Papal Household to ever enjoy the dignity of an Archbishop. Another Papal sign that the renunciation would be invalid and that Benedict would retain the true dignity of Pope. The choice of the titular see, Urbs Salvia, which was a center of the Imperial Cult of Augustus, Pontifex Maximus, is another sign to the Catholic world that Benedict’s resignation would be invalid, as the Prefect will care for the Pontifex Maximus.  (That Bergoglio does not have an officer of the Papal Household caring for him is another sign he is not pope.)

Feb. 11, 2013:  Pope Benedict XVI, his capacity as Bishop of Rome and Successor of Saint Peter renounces “the ministry which he received at the hands of the Cardinals” and calls for a Conclave to elect a new Supreme Pontiff.  The alternate use of titles Successor of Saint Peter for himself and Supreme Pontiff for the one who would follow him is another sign to the Catholic world of the coup d’etat and forced resignation. But in his act of resignation, in resigning the ministerium not the munus he makes his resignation canonically invalid and sends a BIG CANONICAL MESSAGE to the Church warning them of what is going on (cf. Canon 332 §2). He also includes several errors in Latin in the text as written and as spoken to show that he is being coerced and has not acted freely.

Upon Benedict’s finishing the reading of Non Solum Propter, Cardinal Sodano, a chief conspirator in the Coup d’etat stands up and shouts out: This takes us as a surprise, like a  bolt of lightning from heaven. He then orders all in the Vatican to say nothing about what the Act of Pope Benedict means, because he notices that the renunciation is of ministerium, not munus, as agreed. Not wanting to show that he is a member of the coup, he refrains from saying Benedict resigns. He orders Father Lombardi to speak with Journalists and find one who thinks it means he abdicated. Having found Giovanna Chirri, Lombardi gives her the go-ahead to spread the fake news, and after the journalists of the world (prepared by Team Bergoglio) make it a fact, the Vatican Press Office confirms the fake news in the afternoon. — This is the Marxist tactic of using hearsay to repress truth. This hearsay is now the unquestionable dogma of the Lavender Mafia world wide. The sign that priests, bishops and cardinals, as well as laymen, will not question it is a tangible proof of their adhesion to the coup d’etat or beguilement by it.

Feb. 28: Pope Benedict, alarmed that no one has understood the signs he has given, gives his final address spelling out explicitly that he has resigned the active ministry, not the munus, in a last desperate attempt to stop the forced resignation. The lack of response from any Cardinals leads Benedict to believe that he has no friends among them and that they too are part of the Lavender Mafia. He flys to Castle Gandolfo where he hopes to be rescued by Catholic Forces who recognize his resignation is invalid.

Feast of Saint Joseph, Protector of the Church: March 19: At the papal inauguration of Pope Francis, Cardinal Tomko, a member of the Commission on Gay activity in the Vatican, was one of the six cardinals who made the public act of obedience on behalf of the College of Cardinals to the new pope at his papal inauguration. (Wikipedia: Cardinal Tomko) —  In an act of obvious agreement to the coup d’etat. A sign, perhaps, that he was the one who leaked information of the investigation to Team Bergoglio in the late summer of 2012. — The date of March 19 was chosen to indicate to the Lavender Mafia that the coup had protected their evil institution.

March 23:  Bergoglio, warned that Benedict’s residence at Castel Gandolfo may be to escape the terms of the Coup d’etat, meets with him there and orders his return to the Vatican as a prisoner.


June 12 :  Bergoglio awards Cardinal Herranz for his silence by raising him from the dignity of a Cardinal Deacon to that of a Cardinal Priest. (Wikipedia: Cardinal Heranz).


April: Pope Benedict approves the up and coming talk by Archbishop Gänswein at the Pontifical University of St Gregory the Great, in which the Archbishop affirms that Benedict retains the petrine munus and ministry, as another desperate attempt to get Catholics to study the timeline of events. Bergoglio responds with force and orders them both to silence on these matters.


February to May:  Benedict having received a canonical brief demonstrating his renunciation was invalid as regards the petrine munus, tacitly accepts it to indicate canonically that he knows he is still the Pope, and politically, that he is under duress not to speak.

+ + +

In fine: His Holiness Pope Benedict, XVI remains a prisoner in the Vatican waiting patiently that someone in the Catholic world will read this timeline and realize what it means.


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28 thoughts on “The Imprisonment of Pope Benedict XVI”

  1. Thank you for doing this! Now, the fake catholic theologians on all the wonderful, happy-clappy, catholic radio stations, or EWTN and Youtube, who continue to justify Bergoglio’s fake papacy, making it seem like he’s just another consequence of Vatican II, and is just as bad as any other Vatican II pope, can finally shut up for good or stand up and refute the evidence!

    Long live Pope Benedict XVI who STILL HOLDS THE PAPAL OFFICE!!

  2. Benedict is Pope. Those in power do not respond to letters, emails, tweets, etc… However, to substitute his name at the Consecration quietly but audibly as individuals is a power that we have. At first it may sound like a vague whisper but the more Team Bergoglio demonstrates its mutiny careening from one heresy to another the louder the name of “Benedict” will resound at Masses around the world. Who will join me?

  3. “Cardinal Sodano, a chief conspirator in the Coup d’etat stands up and shouts out: This takes us as a surprise, like a bolt of lightning from heaven.” Lightning did strike the top of Saint Peter’s when this all took place, remember those photos?

  4. So you have the evidence, what are You going to do with it? Who are you expecting to change things? Are there not any true Catholic Cardinals or Bishops that will take up the matter for the Church?

  5. I just disagree with the kind of the threat Benedict received. It had to be something bigger than assasination, it must hace been a threat forma the Church herself, as the Sankt Gallen thugs are supported by the powers of the world. You should follow the trail of the swift blocking and other stuff of the kind. Thank you. Bessings un Christ

  6. The biggest clue of them all is “Emeritus”. “Expanded Petrine Ministry”.

    It has shocked me how easily even orthodox Catholics have accepted these new words and the theology behind them into the body of Sacred Tradition. Never before. Permanent fixture now. Explanation and connection to Scripture and Tradition? Waiting.

    I always assumed that Wall of Sacred Tradition could not be breached; fortified as it is for 2,000 years of inter-generational cooperative unity in Christ and each other. But to point out the gaping, smoking hole in the Cornerstone of our Wall is to be met with derision and laughter for actually calling the hole … a hole.

    “That can’t be a hole! God promised there would never be a hole. All the things Joseph Ratzinger says and does are not signs and signals of invalidity (as you say). Trifles of language, personal choice. That is all.”

    The real, deadly evidence of the enemy himself, streaming in through the gaping hole, into the Citadel itself, and creating further breaches and damage and ever-increasing casualties inside the Wall? Not even *that* can convince the *orthodox* themselves that the enemy is inside *because the Rock is compromised*.

  7. This is indeed evil and devilish,. I’m even confused and short of words, because this a go against the believe and teaching of Jesus Christ.

  8. I’m so grateful for your most excellent article with its immensely helpful timeline, demonstrating the coup d’etat at play leading up to this unprecedented event; and now to this tweet, which establishes a much more charitable understanding of Pope Benedict XVI’s act on February 11, 2013. This gives me hope that the faithful will be inspired to pray for His Holiness, in what is undoubtedly his greatest hour of need. Thank you!

  9. Prayer For Pope Benedict’s safety: “O, my Eternal Father, on behalf of Your beloved Son, Jesus Christ, and the suffering He endured to save the world from sin, I pray, now, that You protect Your Holy Vicar, Pope Benedict, Head of Your Church on earth, so that he too can help save Your children and all Your sacred servants from the scourge of Satan and his dominion of fallen angels who walk the earth stealing souls. O, Father, protect Your Pope, so that Your children can be guided on the True Path towards Your New Paradise on Earth. Amen.”

  10. These interpretations along with facts and details correspond with prophecy. That the pope will have to flee Rome: this he did and now captured he will eventually die a cruel martrydom. And do not be concerned, the Lord will prevail in the end. If any are shaken over these events, though we suffer like Job, do not doubt! If you read Revelations you will see there is plenty to cone. The gates of hell may seem to prevail but “the Lord wins in the end”. The article forgot that little sign from Pope Benedict 😊, if you want the Lord’s plan, read His Book!

  11. Why don’t people keep it simple? Those who read Benedict’s works know that nothing on earth would make him resign. What happened then? He was divinely told to step aside so the last biblical prophecies can be fulfilled….do you forget these are the end times? Without knowing this historical and theological truth one won’t understand what’s going on. In 2013 Benedict told a friend that God told him to resign during a mystical experience that lasted weeks, according to him.
    I am glad I found this piece of information because it’s the only one making sense. If it was down to Benedict alone, he would have stayed on the Throne of Peter until death, like all the Vicars of Christ in the past. It wouldn’t be ‘tiredness’ that would discourage him.
    You see, God cannot bring ultimate Justice into the world until the members of the synagogue of satan [Judaism pharisaism, which is luciferic, cabala, and apostate jews] finishes it’s “Great Plan” as they call it, God will not give satan the slightest excuse for him to say he didn’t have enough time and power. It wasn’t God who in the past set the year 2000 as the year of tribulations, but the synagogue and it’s many proxy’s..I read books by the likes of Helena Blavatsky, Alice Bailey, Dion Fortune, Robert Muller [not the politician but the creator of the ‘UN core curriculum’] , Benjamin Creme, Barbara Hubbard and others alike and some of them, in their blueprints for the future mentioned the turning of the millennium as the date for their New Age One World Order.
    At political international level, all the conditions are ready for the jews to explode the last great war, a war they seek and want because only in the middle of a global chaos can they present to the world their “‘messiah’, our anti-christ, a jew from the tribe of Dan….according to the early church fathers.
    Bergoglio is an ecclesiastical freemason, the fulfillment of “The Permanent Instructions of the Alta Venditta” and “The Jewish Peril 1936”. His two main tasks are, first to drag into apostasy as many souls possible and second, to gradually build a One World Religion every time he meets leaders of other false religions and faiths.
    Look, God doesnt change, since the time of Abraham that God only entrusts one man at a time to be the mediator between Him and His children, so why on earth it should be different now? People change, not God nor His thinking, acting and traditions! You see, we humans live in a reality within time and space, God doesn’t…and this is why God informed us that for Him, one day is like a thousand years!
    Benedict XVI is our genuine Vicar of Christ, according to several revelations from God to popes, seers and prophets [a prophet is a person who received revelations from God, not anyone who makes thing up] ..St Malachy prophecy of the last 200 popes before the Second Coming is astonishingly accurate; Why? Because it’s a revelation from God. But there are others like the 1905 vision of Pius X and St Anne Catherine Emmerich vision of the False Prophet gathered with his minions planning to create new false teachings for a new false church; The first new false teaching she saw was “LIVE AND LET LIVE”, exactly what Bergoglio said in 2014 to be the first of ten secrets for a “happy life”!!! As if catholicism is about happiness! Have you seen Jesus or the apostles saying that we should ‘be happy’? I don’t!
    This impostor, the “destroyer” of St Francis prophecy of the False Prophet, is destroying everything that is holy and sacred, having for his only enemies us, normal conservatives catholics which he label us of being “rigid”, “ideologues” and “fundamentalists”! While he praises and invites to the Vatican all sorts of non-catholics filth, like pagans, atheists [who also go to heaven according to him] , abortionists, rabbis, feminists, sodomites, etc.
    Guys, these are the end times, our genuine pope is Benedict XVI – VIVA BENEDICTUS!!!

  12. I am astounded! I see what makes sense. I feel ill, not my church? surely? Where do I go from reading this? I am now lost

  13. The Bergoglian anti-Papacy exists. The informed observer can see they chose not to kill this one this time(unlike Pope John Paul 1).

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