Bergoglio definitively leaves the Catholic Church

October 5, 2019: Rome, Italy — Jorge Mario Bergoglio invites and participates in a pagan act of worship in the Vatican Gardens. See report here

According to Canon 1364… which reads….



Can. 1364 §1 An apostate from the faith, a heretic or a schismatic incurs a latae sententiae excommunication, without prejudice to the provision of Can. 194 §1, n. 2; a cleric, moreover, may be punished with the penalties mentioned in Can. 1336 §1, nn. 1, 2 and 3.

“Latae Sententia” Means, “without the necessity of any judicial decree or judgement”. Incurrs, means obtains in the sense of becomes liable to.

Apostasy is defined not only as the renunciation of the faith, by a verbal expression, but also as any act which is essentially and totally contrary to the duty of the Faith. Consent to Pagan worship has always been considered and act of apostasy. Ergo, Bergoglio is now outside the Church.

There is no wiggle room here. There is no possibility for a Catholic to invite, consent, participate or promote pagan worship, by asking someone to come to his house or property and perform such a ceremony and receive an idol or consecrated ring from such a ritual.

Evil Jesuit that he is, he did this wicked thing at the opening of the Synod on the Amazon so that all who continue to call him, “Pope” or hold that this is a Synod of the Catholic Church, or can be held, will be IMPLICATED IN FALSE WORSHIP and share in the mortal sin of idolatry by not acting on the teaching of Pope John Paul II in canon 1364.

This is how he just fooled everyone who said that they won’t start a schism and won’t leave the Church. By this act he has founded a New Church and all who continue to call him Pope have just become its members.

Catholics like myself reject Bergoglio, who was not only never the pope, but was a pertinacious public heretic both in Argentina and in the last 6 years.

Fellow Catholics please wake up and do not follow Cardinals, Bishops, priests, and laymen (especially foolish journalists) into apostasy! Remember your loyalty to Jesus who saved you!

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  1. “Catholics like myself reject Bergoglio, who was not only never the pope, but was a pertinacious public heretic both in Argentina and in the last 6 years.”

    Thanks for placing these words in print. I agree wholeheartedly.

  2. I am sick at heart as are so many others – this is like a nightmare that won’t end. But now come the practical consequences – please address if we should go to SSPX or not and what steps we should make. I have already stopped any giving to any part of the church except our parish’s building fund and only give to true Catholic organizations.

    1. Only those who do NOT name Bergoglio in the Canon of the Mass. I would recommend no others. Ask them before donating. Save your monies to support the true Church which must emerge from this Chaos by excommunicating the apostates and heretics. If any Cardinal or Bishop so denounces and excommunicates, support him wheresoever he be. This is nothing short of the Great Apostasy foretold by St John the Apostle. We must all now choose Christ and reject Bergoglianism.

  3. I find this site and your advice incredibly helpful. The light is so dim and it is difficult to see the way. Your advice above is essential.

    It is now imperative to know whether the Mass includes this idolatrous apostate in its intentions and avoid such a Mass.

    We must all act faithfully according to our station in life.

    I may not have authority of a Cardinal, but I can certainly make my views known to those above me and act accordingly.

    I reject this man, all his acts and intentions and all other men who revere and support him as Pope.

  4. I wonder what the so-called “catholic” social media talking heads will say about this one. They’re up there meeting in Rome pretending to be the “resistance” while remaining in the “always faithful to Bergoglio” camp. I saw Michael Voris, Marco Tossatti, Michael Matt (from the Remnant) and John Henry-Westen (LifeSite News) all be interviewed yesterday and day before, referring to Bergoglio as the “holy father”. What a shame! I believe they are just as complicit to the apostasy as Bergoglio and his subdites themselves, and drag others down with them, as they obstinately choose to serve two masters (God and money). They refuse to speak the Truth about Bergoglio perhaps out of fear of losing their benefactors and status with their complicit bishops. But God isn’t too impressed with their big media projects for His Son came to us without a press, microphone or a camera, yet still leads the world’s best sellers.

    1. Let us pray for them, that they might snap out of the narrative control that they fell into unawares when the Cardinals lied and said Benedict renounced the papal office, when he in truth only renounced the ministry.

  5. It is stated in the below document as being – far worse than anyone is saying…………

    Please review this hitherto untranslated into English- Papal Bull of Pope Sixtus V entitled “Postquam Verus” – The Cardinals of the Holy Roman Church

    It is a Constitution of Sixtus V, dated December 3rd, 1586

    Audio here………

    In it Pope Sixtus V binds his Successors and states that in perpetuity only 70 Cardinals can be elected to the College of Cardinals, and he terms any elected OVER that number will be definitely “Null and Void”

    It is concerning that the Bull has only just recently been translated into English. A version of it in Latin has had to be translated.
    When John XXIII became Pope, he was the first Pope in since the Bull was written to exceed the lawful amount of Cardinals. Since his Pontificate every Pope has done likewise.

    According to Pope Sixtus V’s Bull, all elected over the number of 70 are invalid – therefore we are being governed by a group of Novus Ordo Popes who were never lawfully Cardinals, this means hundreds of Bishops and Priests are likewise not validly ordained.

    I am extremely concerned about this – so please try and cover the issue. We, as a Church need to know who are valid and who are not. The mystic Blessed Anne Emmerich and Marie Julie Jahenny spoke of a “False Church” that all but a remnant would believe WAS the TRUE RC Church but was not. It was a false edifice superimposed over an unaltered TRUE Church.

    1. Popes have changed the numbers of Cardinals many times since the 11th Century. There are probably a half dozen documents such as this. It is issued to prevent political force being used against the Pope to demand he appoint someone’s friend as a Cardinal. It has no other real force, and it certainly does not bind the pope, because no pope, as pope, can bind another pope as pope.

    1. S’il vous plaît, si quelqu’un a FaceBook, contactez le propriétaire du blog qui a traduit cette lettre en français et dites-lui que la phrase: doit être écrite ainsi: « la persécution de décembre » mais, « la persécution de l’empereur romain, Decius, »

  6. Who remembers his “Gesu …consostantzialle ala ….madre (17xii2013”)? It seems just a lack of traditional (now, outdated) understanding Trinity as a mystery, but of course, this is a heresy (Jesus’s mother as a God(dess). A typical proof fo the failure of Church/Jesuit education! Of course, the concept of Trinity is a stumbling block for …philosophical idiots – rightly was explained in metaphors and analogies by St.Augustine and others- but even the St.Athanassius contra Arius saw rightly that the names “father” and “son” are relational names (not individual or general),then the relation between them is …eternal or a-eternal like all logic or mathematical statements (contra to natural sciences). Modern logic like the definition of the description of B.Russell and semantics (1933 of A.Tarski) invalidate all the previous dogmatic quarrels as naive anti-logical jokes. A description,here called “Trinity” is introduced into a discourse language just to express more shortly the ideas in the Bible: God as father, Jesus-as this son,like any human being,and H.Spirit-acting in history and after Ressurection. ps. I do not touch the …this “Pope” words@action l like Laudato Si ( both, scientific and theological BS- from a lie (scientific one) one cannot infer logically a true statement,here, theological on- modus pones rule!. His political “acts” reminds the infamous card.Cassarolli Ost politic.

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