While we are on the topic of idolatry …

While we are on the topic of idolatry, a word needs to be said about the First Commandment and how it has not been observed as it ought for quite some time.

If you move the tabernacle to the side of the sanctuary or to some other place…

If you put the celebrant’s chair on the axis or at the apex of the nave…

If you refuse to kneel and open your mouth to receive Communion…

If you insist your opinions are more important than the Doctors and Fathers of the Church..

If you insist that you must remain in communion with a heretic, apostate or idolater…

Then, you sin gravely against the First Commandment, because:

God is the First, Infinite and Omnipotent.

God is the only source of Truth and Right.

God is the only source of the Catholic Religion and the Catholic Church.

God sees all, knows all, but forgives nothing which is not confessed with contrite penitence.

You cannot fool God. You cannot deceive God. You cannot pretend with God.

Popes, Cardinals, Bishops, Priests, Religious, and self appointed lay apostles need to take note:

For a single lie one merits to go to eternal damnation, because God is Truth and does not suffer liars.

Don’t insist your pet theories are the truth. The truth is out there, because truth is the acknowledgement of what is, not of what you want it to be.

If your favorite talking head cannot figure out what heresy is,

If your favorite talking head does not know or does not care what canon law says,

If your favorite Cardinal or Bishop or Priest cannot figure out what canon 332 §2 means,

You risk going to eternal damnation with them…..

A word to the wise.

It’s a mortal sin to respect liars … because all liars are idolaters.

Follow Jesus, follow Canon Law since He upholds it from Heaven. Break with anyone who breaks with them, for such men are false apostles and godless atheists.


* The Secret of Fatima depicted in art, source of image unknown.