BREAKING! — Evidence that Pope Benedict intentionally pretended to resign

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Rome, Nov. 12, 2019 — This is earthshaking! I just had a long talk with Nino Oliva, the writer who has documented the events surrounding Giuseppe Auricchia and the messages from Our Lady of the Pine, which occurred at Mammanelli, near Avola, in the province of Siracusa, Italy, from 1990 til his death in 2012.*

The stunning news is this: Mr. Oliva confirmed for me that before his death, Giuseppe Auricchia was visited by Vatican officials sent by Pope Benedict in the summer of 2012,** when he made the decision to resign. Mr. Auricchia twice also visited the Vatican in previous years, including once in the first years of Pope Benedict.

This means that Pope Benedict had certain knowledge of the contents of these messages  BEFORE February 11, 2013 and BEFORE he made the decision to resign the ministerium, in an act which made it appear that he resigned the papacy, but which canonically was invalid.

On this basis, I can state with high probability THAT POPE BENEDICT PURPOSEFULLY FEIGNED A RESIGNATION TO DEFEAT THE FORCES OF DARKNESS spoken of by Our Lady of the Pine.

These revelations warned him of the plot and the objective. It was not simply a power battle in the Curia, it was a diabolic plot to take over the Church and the Petrine Succession so as to establish a Satanic Church within the Catholic Church which would consume it completely.

By feigning to resign he kept them from seizing the Papal Office, so that the faithful might not be deprived of Christ’s Vicar.  This was done as a spiritual assitance to the elect, though their number be very few, on account of Christ and Our Lady’s great love for Catholics who are faithful to God in heart, mind, lips and actions!

Read the stunning revelations for yourself, and consider how the feigned invalid resignation (see brilliantly undermined their evil plans and protected the Church for those who want to remain faithful to Jesus.

This explains everything, why he never affirmed to have resigned the papacy, but at the same time why he made it look like he did. (See How Benedict had defeated “Francis”)

The Content of The Messages in regard to Pope Benedict

Among those messages there are these stunning revelations about our times in regard to Pope Benedict (see link here) — the English translation is my own:

Avola, April 15, 2008:  The Lord Jesus says: At Rome there exists a conspiracy of wicked men which seeks to remove My Vicar from the post of Peter. — O Rome, Eternal city of Hills, (contrary) forces have united together to see the post of Peter toppled, communism and atheism, but their time has not yet arrived.

Avola, May 11, 2008:  The Lord Jesus says: … I am the Good Shepherd Who suffers with My faithful sheep to keep the sheep who plot to leave and flee within My sheepfold.  The Catholic Church is My Sheepfold.  In this human world, the Shepherd is My Vicar.  Who listens and puts into practice his word, is with Me. Who does not follow the Church in the word of the Pontiff is outside of Me and hence against Me.  You priests who want to abandon My Way in name of a presumed justice, mind your steps, when they take false directions you will have set in motion the schism.  Then humanity will be placed under scourges and submit to ruin and God will gather the just to form them with the Pope, the priestly heart of the new Church.  Come to Me, to Jesus.  Come to your Shepherd, draw near to My Love and through this you will draw near the unfailing fountains of My Gospel Message: this is the Way, this contains the Truth, this will bring you My life.”

Avola, Sept 28, 2008:  Our Lady says: Remain close to Pope Benedict XVI, he is a holy man and is very close to My Maternal Heart.  Sons and daughters, you should pay attention, little by little the end times are approaching.  He will suffer much for My Son Jesus, he is always at the ready to preserve the teachings of the Church but will be persecuted.  Do you not see what is happening around you? I intercede with My Son to protect him from evil.  Do not be surprised if one day he is isolated, and this will be able to happen in the near future.  There will be in the world a political revolt of godless men, then one will see in Italy the hatred of those who are godless, in his (Pope Benedict) place they will enthrone a false prophet for the people of evil.  This event and other events will be verified before the triumph of My Son occurs, He who in His Glory will come in your midst, then all evil will disappear.  Pray, pray, pray for My son, Pope Benedict XVI.”

Avola, September 15, 2009:  Our Lady told Giuseppe:  The Holy Spirit asks the Pope to fulfill all which Our Lady has asked for at Fatima and in all the places of Her Apparizione, for Her elect in this last times.  Our Lady blesses all. Soon every home, every family will live in itself the joy of having seen the Lady clothed with the Sun and Her beloved Son.

Avola, March 25, 2010:  Our Lady says:  My most beloved sons, you need not change the scriptures or the sacred institutions to oppose those who want to destroy My Vicar.  The true way for you priests is to lead them back along the narrow path. — Saint Michael the Archangel says:  Your Vicar is surrounded by traitors, who have chosen his successor.  Great are his sufferings. Pray much so that Pope Benedict XVI is not taken from you.  Woe to the world! The mystical body of Christ will be crucified again!

Avola, March 28, 2010:  Our Lady says: Those who have wandered off will follow the imposter.  Pay attention! Do not follow him! Do not obey his words, in these times follow My son, Pope Benedict XVI, surrounded by enemies and traitors, pray, remain near to him with your prayers so that he not be substituted.  He will lead you to the salvation of your souls and of the whole Church.

Avola, April 9, 2010:  Giuseppe Auricchia speaks:  At these words the Holy Virgin showed me the Piazza and the Basilica of Saint Peter and then a room where the Holy Father, Benedict XVI, was slumped over in an arm chair. He seemed very sick and worried, while two prelates, clothed in reddish purple with round hats on their heads, after having entered, bring a document and seek to have the Pope sign it.  This document the Pope does not sign. The Holy Virgin explains:

“There are many traitors in the holy city who prevail much upon the Holy Father, who is surrounded by enemies, and has been put to a great test.  Those in whom he can trust can be counted on the fingers of a single hand.  It is strange to see your own house fallen into the hands of Satan, the house is the Church.”

Avola, April 11, 2010:  Our Lady says:  If you destroy the Vicar of Christ, Benedict XVI, you will destroy yourselves, because in this way you will constrain Me to send even sooner the Day of Judgement.

Avola, April 30, 2010: Our Lady says:  My faithful remnant follows the actual pope, Benedict XVI, whom they want to eliminate.  Continue to follow him and remain faithful to Him and to the teaching of My Church, established by the Apostles.  Do not allow yourselves to turn aside on account of apostasy and heresies.  I tell you that the next Pope will be an imposter and wicked forces are behind this schism.  My sons, be prepared, so that you might be able to follow the priests faithful to the Pope and to the teaching of the Church.  Preserve the holy missals and the books of the old Holy Mass, because the apostates will change the words in a dramatic way.

Avola, June 6, 2010:  The Lord Jesus says:  My faithful priests will remain united to Pope Benedict XVI and yet it will be difficult to find them.

Avola, August 5, 2010:  Our Lady says: The balance swings strongly to the left in the holy city of Rome.  There is being worked out a plan to destroy our most beloved Vicar and a man of black secrets is awaiting the moment to ascend upon the catthedra of Peter.  Many legions of demons have been unleashed upon the world and seek to destroy the capital.  Since for mankind sin is man’s kingdom, the faith wobbles and the candles are going out.  My Son, will He find a small glimmer of faith when He returns upon the Earth?  There are many problems today, which regard the House of My Son. There is not but one sole foundation and it is the House of My Son, with Peter as the first head and today He is represented by your Pontiff, Benedict XVI.

Avola, February 26, 2012:  Our Lady  speaks:  Dear Sons, it has been permitted to My messenger to say these words after he has received the secret message which he will publish on March 25.  The men who govern think themselves wise, they do not recognize that they are guided by Satan.  Among them there exists a group of planners who want to construct a universal republic.  Their plain is to eliminate the true Church of God.  They will obtain this swiftly if the Throne of Peter is abandoned, behold why I announce to you the death of the Pope, but know that they no longer know inside themselves how to save themselves.  Humanity finds itself with its feet in the dock and awaits its sentence before the Tribunal of God.

Avola, March 25, 2012:  The Lord Jesus speaks:  My Son, it is time that there be manifested at Rome the political upheaval which thrives and the internal battle among men, but more important is that there has been a conspiracy of error and deceit, which Satan and the princes of darkness will put in motion one day to destroy My House, so as to establish a union under one world government, one sole church of God which will be without God.  They want to take My Vicar out of it, so that those who hate the Son of God might rule it.


* These apparitions have never been formally approved or disapproved, from what I gather after having questioned Mr. Oliva at great length. While it is true that some of the Bishops have personally discounted them and that the local clergy pay them no heed, no formal investigation was undertaken nor has any canonical decree been issued, as I gather from Mr. Oliva. If you do a web search of the kind – Nostra Signora del Pino, Avola – you will find abundant references to these apparitions from long before the Synod on the Amazon. Also Note: These apparitions DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING TO DO with devotions to Our Lady under the title of “Our Lady of the Pine” anywhere else in the world. They are called, “Our Lady of the Pine” only for this reason, that the first message was received under a Pine tree at Mammanelli, Avola, Italy.

** For those who have never lived in Sicily, like I have for 3 years, I should tell you that summer begins in March and ends in November. You have to turn the heat on after Christmas, and whenever it rains, the Sicilians say, “Today it feels like winter”, because it rains like 3 days of the year. So if you think this never happened because Sig. Oliva said to me in Italian, “Credo di Sì, prima che è morto” (I believe so, before he died), when I asked, “Quando è successo, nell’estate di 2012? (“When did this happen, in the summer of 2012?”), you are grasping for straw. As you can see from the messages above, they were made before his death, and everyone knowledgeable about them knew of them when they were made, as they were not secrets. Some people are so anglo-centric that they think that unless an apparition occurred in English or was made known to the English speaking world, it never happened or is not from God. Being an Italian, I laugh at that. Being a translator who has published 2 critical English translations of medieval texts, I am however not scandalized that someone should think that he word summer means in Italian or Sicilian what it means in English, even though these languages are spoken in entirely different parts of the world and climates. It’s a lot like the problem Protestants have who read the King James version of the Bible and encounter the expression, “the Brethren of Jesus”, which in Greek can also be read, the Cousins of Jesus. They insist Our Lady had other children, because the refuse to accept that the Greek word does not mean by “brethren” what English means by that term. This problem arises also with the expression in the Gospels about Jesus being Crucified by nails being thrust into His “hands.” Some people without any knowledge of classical languages expect the nails to be in the palms of the hand, because in their modern language the term “hand” refers to what is beyond the wrist the of the arm. But in ancient languages, “hand” can refer to everything which is beyond the elbow. As someone who holds a B. A. in Cultural Anthropology I am aware of the problem, but it does not cause me to have doubts, because I understand that in each culture the definition of common things can vary.





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23 thoughts on “BREAKING! — Evidence that Pope Benedict intentionally pretended to resign”

    1. Because they would have killed him had he not resigned, or had obtained the office of peter if he had resigned validly or died. Your point of view is in the time line of a faux resignation which you think is valid, you need to read to accept canon law and realize the revolution was utterly destroyed canonically by the faux resignation.

  1. Ann Barnhardt has been saying this for some time now and I have been trying to get others to see it, as well. My comments on several blogs, and YouTube channels have pointed back to her video of the Bergoglian antipapacy. It doesn’t take a visionary to see the obvious – just the willingness to admit that the Church has been under attack for the last two millennia, and for very good reason. Pope Benedict certainly would have been killed, just as Pope JP was for defying the lavender Mafia, had he not done this. The problem now is to make this so widely known, obvious and accepted among both laity AND the hierarchy that any threat against him will be tracked back to the sources and exposed.

  2. Very interesting development. Many thanks for the translation, Br. Alexis. It seems, however, that this new information is still compatible with alternative explanations, e.g., the idea that Benedict’s resignation was attempted on the basis of an error that he sincerely holds. Do you agree with this perception?

    1. CAM: No I do not. I do think that his knowledge of the theological debates over petrine munus and ministerium and a shared ministry enabled him to craft the appearances of a resignation that the St Gallen Mafia, being germans, would fall for. — In a forensic investigation one never presumes malice or error. I think this evidence that he knew of Our Lady of the Pine messages prior to making the decision — IN WHICH MESSAGES IT WAS FORETOLD that they would force him to resign, gave him the opportunity to craft how he would react when that day came. That forced resignation came sometimes between Feb 7 and Feb 11. His counter move was to put ministerium in place of munus in the Latin of the act. I will have more to say about this in an upcoming post.

  3. God reward you, Brother, for your great and zealous work! Please forgive me, but I have a question that draws from your September article “How Benedict had defeated Francis”, in which you describe how John Paul II laid the canonical groundwork to make this pretended resignation possible, and which on the face of it makes sense.
    But, how does one reconcile JPII’s seemingly prophetic action with the fact that he promoted scandalous things like the Assisi prayers meetings and such?

    1. TJ: To answer your question, one need only reflect on the fact that each of us at times in our life are faithful to grace and unfaithful. Many are faithful to the message of Fatima, in many things, but still would attend a pagan service. As humans we are often beings of inconstancy, because we do not remain faithful to what our intellect enlightened by Faith tells us to do and how to judge.

  4. Someone on the mother of God forum found that Mr. Giuseppe Auricchia died on 2 May 2012 at the age of 96 years. His funeral was celebrated at 4.30pm
    of May 3, 2012, at the church of
    S. Giovanni Battista di Avola (SR) The officials from the Vatican could not have visited Mr. Auricchia during the summer of 2012 because he was deceased.

    1. HolyName777: You are calculating summer according to your time of the world. In Sicily summer begins in March. Trees leaf in February and from March onwards till November you can go outdoors nearly ever day without a coat. — I lived for 3 years in Sicily, and when on the 4 days it rained in 3 years, the Sicilians would say, It feels like winter. I asked why, and they said, because when it rains its winter. — When Sig. Oliva said summer in Italian, estate, I translated literally, but I suppose it would be clearly to have translated summertime. Likewise, when Cardinal Bertone said around 2016 that Pope Benedict told him in the summer of 2012 that he had decided to resign, we cannot be sure exactly what he is referring, whether summertime or summer. But thank you for raising this issue of the difference of cultures. — I will add, that when the Vatican officials did visit, they asked him specifically about Pope Benedict.

  5. David: I have documented proof that Giuseppe lived and prophesied in a certain age. I have seen no proof that the alleged prophecies of St Malachy date from the time of the Saint. That is why. It’s common sense. But I did not say they were not authentic, I just said most scholars regard them as a forgery.

  6. Thank you for your response, Brother. I am not trying to discredit the apparitions, I was merely wondering about the time of the Vatican officials visit. May I trouble you to please translate the message to Mr. Auricchia on February 11, 2012? The google translation is lacking and it appears to be an important message about how Pope Benedict’s death will then open the door to many prophecies. Thank you in advance.

  7. * These apparitions have never been formally approved or disapproved, from what I gather after having questioned Mr. Oliva at great length.

    This would have been irrelevant to Pope Benedict as he never showed much in the way of critical thinking toward apparitions in the first place. It was he who gave the thumbs up regarding JP2s consecration of Russia. It was also he who gave vatican approval of akita. (thus, two contradictory positions) It is enough that Benedict was aware of “Our Lady of the Pine” to confirm Brother’s thesis.

  8. Real Presence: Your recent comment was in part justified and in part way out of line. I removed the comments on St Malachy’s prophecy because they were getting out of control and are way off topic. I should have never allowed them. Being off topic is the first criterion for a comment not to be published or kept. As for your baseless accusations about my character, you seem not to understand that on this wordpress blog, comments are not being properly displayed and even when I try to eliminate some, what some of them refer to is not correctly shown, so you were right to point out to me your left over comment that no longer had context. Be respectful if you want you future comments to be published. That is just good manners.

  9. Thank you, Brother Alexis, for your responses on the prophecy of the popes. i thought your take on it was intriguing. (that there really is no pope between “glory of the olives” and “peter the roman”) Also, i, for one, support you (or any blogger, for that matter) in your right to run your blog however you see fit. People often don’t appreciate blogs that they are at. (know that you’ll always have the appreciation of moi)…

  10. So basically, he lied to the entire Church. That at least is following Peter’s example. Lying is a sin, sorry.

    1. When you are threatened with death or schism, and you are the pope, you have the right to dissimulate. That is not a lie. — Recall the film about the Van Trapp family. When the Gestapo come to the house seeking the members of the family, and ask, “Do you have any enemies of the state in your house?” She responds, “No”, using the proper sense of “enemies” rather than the sense intended by the Gestapo.

  11. Another private revelation (Conchiglia, 31 July 2014 – says, that Benedict did not resign from ministry of pope. He did resign from ministry of bishop of Rome. I believe it is true, that there is diffrence between this two things.

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