Pope Benedict XVI signals His blessing for efforts to restore Him to the Apostolic Throne

Rome, Nov. 14, 2019 — In another massive blow to the Bergoglian regime, there was published today, a letter written by His Holiness Pope Benedict XVI on June 8 of this year which signals his approval of efforts to restore him to the Apostolic Throne. (see report here).

In his letter he closes with the prayer:

Lord, help us in these hours to remain and be true Catholics!

“True Catholics” (Veri Catholici, in Latin) is the name of the International Association working for the restoration of Pope Benedict (see their website here). They are THE Association which has publicly defended his claim to the papacy since November 2018, nearly a year ago.

The date of both his letter and its publication, is also significant, because this Spring many members of that Association had written to Pope Benedict — myself one of them (see my report here) — telling him that we recognized that in accord with the norm of Canon Law that he was still the true and only pope.

The mention of the term “True Catholics” in his letter just days before I reported on his tacit consent, and published just 2 days after my report, “Breaking — Evidence that Pope Benedict XVI intentionally pretended to resign” is an indubitable sign that the Holy Father approves of our efforts to restore him to power.*

The website for the official Movement to Restore Pope Benedict is:


Finally, this closing prayer in his letter of June 8, puts to rest once and for all, all speculation that Pope Benedict XVI approves of what Bergoglio and his followers are doing, or had any intention collaborating with Freemasonry. — It’s a definitive statement that he wants the Cause of God to win and for us not to lose heart. But also a sign that he is, as I said, a de facto Prisoner in the Vatican and that the Cardinals are NOT his faithful allies.

To be truly Catholic or a true Catholic means first of all, after loyalty to God, loyalty to the Pope: loyalty to him when he is good health, or poor health; when he is brilliant and when he is mistaken, correcting him in his mistakes that harm the Church; remaining faithful to him and in his service even when and if all the Cardinals and Bishops abandon him or betray him. This is what the Church truly needs right now.


* The From Rome Blog is read nearly daily from the Vatican. It’s author is even tailed by Italian Secret Police when he strolls around the Vatican. It’s no secret what is written on this blog. And that is the whole purpose. — If he did not want to signal his support, then he knows what not to say and when not to say it. That is how Rome works. Finally, remember, this is not my work or any work of any group of Catholics, it’s God’s work, because it is nothing other than upholding Canon Law and the Catholic Faith, and when you do that you know that you have all Heaven at your back!


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17 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI signals His blessing for efforts to restore Him to the Apostolic Throne”

  1. Fascinating!

    Speculation, of course. But it certainly has the ring of truth to it.

    Either way, what you do here is indispensable (make the indispensable case on behalf of the Papal Throne and the Holy Catholic Church, translate Latin, interpret and apply Canon Law).

    And I thank you for it. You are tip of the spear.

  2. Benedict says something else as well to oppose the devil Bergoglio. In the first paragraph he expressly refutes the as-yet-to-be-reported Bergoglian heresy (as reported by Scalfari) that Christ did not bodily resurrect.
    “You did not set aside humanity like a garment, that You had worn for a short while.No, You embraced it all the way to the Cross. walking through and suffering through it, and remain as the Risen One for ever man.”

    Later, speaking of St. Martin of Tours he says “You gave him in St Hilary of Poitiers a great teacher, who enlightened his intellect and so defended him from Arianism. In this was he was preserved from this false version of Christianity, which communicated a diminished picture of Our Lord to the new followers and so hindered access to the grandeur of the true Faith.”

    The letter is a refutation of Bergoglio’s Christological heresies.

  3. That is very good news.  However, it may come with a price and Benedict probably knows it.  If the opposition thinks Benedict might actually come back as Pope, they may decide to enact the 3rd Secret – if you remember, it has a vision of a pope climbing a steep hill to a rough cross where he is shot with bullets and arrows.  I guess our hope would be that he actually climbs the mountain and Consecrates Russia before the shooting starts.   Then if they don’t call a conclave within 20 days to elect a new pope (which they won’t) then the bishops, priests and people can elect a new pope – I think prophecy says the Holy Spirit will come down like a dove and indicate the next Pope.  I have put several prophecies together to come up with this scenario.  Things seem to be moving fast and the world, or at least the USA is consumed with impeachment so they won’t notice what’s happening.    How about a “supina colada” ! ! ! 

  4. An excerpt from the original German text:
    „Herr, hilf uns in dieser Stunde, wahrhaft katholisch zu sein und zu bleiben – ins Grosse Deiner Wahrheit, in Dein Gott-Sein hinein zu leben und zu sterben.”
    The translation by ‘translate.google’:
    „Lord, help us in this hour to be truly Catholic and to stay – in the greatness of your truth, to live in your God-Being and to die.”
    Your translation, Brother Alexis: “Lord, help us in these hours to remain and be true Catholics!” is incorrect.

    In English, the word “Catholic” has context-dependent meanings. Benedict XVI uses in his prayer (June 8, 2019) the adjective form “Catholic” and not the noun “Catholic”. In Italian, the phrase is (by translate.google) “veramente cattolico” and not “veri cattolici”.

    1. I did not do the translation from the German, but followed the Italian as published on Gloria.TV. But I never use Google translate for published translations. And warn against it, as it is rife with errors. I will await a native speaker to do one. Thanks for the heads up.

    1. BP Pettieç It’s not an organization you join. Membership is by doing. Spread the word and strive to show everyone that they were duped in 2013.

  5. Dawidy: the Italians are telling me that in Italian you do not say, veramente cattolici, but veri cattolici. I suppose that is why the Italian translation of the German original, at Gloria.tv, rendered it that way. I think Benedict knows that too. So I think, since my post is leaded, Signals, not says, the sign value remains. Anyhow, it is not as if Veri Catholici or the effort to restore Benedict is supported upon private interpretation. Rather it is based solely and entirely on the law of the Church. And that is what it means to be truly catholic or true catholics. And Benedict knows this too.

  6. I have no habit of insulting anyone, much less a Franciscan who bears the name of Saint Alexius of Rome whom I worship. If I use a mockery language, it is only to stimulate the recipient to reflect. Such a language convention occurs even in the Gospels, for example: “Do not cast pearls before swine”.
    Veri Catholici cultivate the idealized image of the good Pope Benedict XVI and do not want to see him as a real man. He is the son of this era: a modernist. Orthodox popes condemned modernism in toto. Because modernism spread through the tissue of the Mystical Body like a deadly germ, Jesus in his wisdom put an end to progressive degeneration closing the age of the Church as we knew it for 20 centuries. This should not come as a surprise to a Catholic: after all, it is the subject of the Apocalypse of Saint John and the numerous apparitions of the Holy Virgin (La Salette, Fatima, Amsterdam, Akita).
    Benedict’s resignation and the dissolution of St. Peter’s Office took place at the will of the Head of the Church, the Lord Jesus. Did Jesus Christ condemn true Catholics to homelessness? By no means, in return, gives them something more: the real Kingdom of God on earth! The great tribulation we are experiencing is for testing the faith of the elect and for them to leave the Great Whore without hesitation.
    Attempts at restitution of Benedict XVI at the Holy See in Rome reminds Talmudist aspirations to rebuild the Temple in Jerusalem.
    Nov. 15, 2019 on the commemoration of Saint Malo of Aleth
    If I didn’t value Brother Alexis, I wouldn’t write so much.

    1. Array, I do not think I was replying to you in any previous comment, but since your reponse here is typical of many who cannot see the problem, it merits a response on my part.

      First of all, the laws of the Catholic Church can in no way be compared to the legalistic prescriptions of the Mosaic Law. Those were given to those who walked in the flesh and did not have the Revelation of God’s Son. But the laws of the Church are either taken from the New Testament or from Apostolic tradition or are the result of applying the principles of the natural or moral law to daily problems. As such our obligation as Catholics to uphold and observe the laws of the Church is greater than our obligation to merely civil laws, because of the matter they involve, because of the society they refer to (the Church), because of the authority which which they are promulgated (Christ’s or Peter’s etc.). Thus, your ad hominem against a dutify observance of Canon Law is really not proper, and is implicitly heretical since it ignores all these truths and advocates an anomian position.

      As for your comments against the character of Ratzinger, I would point out that there is a grave and common error of donatism among the followers of many movements since Vatican II, not the least of them among traditional catholics or conservatives out of Brazil. Because for them there is no authority but personal holiness. In the Catholic Church however authority is not derived from the personal holiness of our human superiors but is conceded to them by a gift of office created by the Incarnate Son of God. That is why even if your superior has moral faults and grave ones, he is still your superior. I leave aside pertinacious heresy, apostasy and schism. Benedict whether you like him or not — and I am among the most fervent critics of his personal theology — was lawfully elected Pope and retains that office. As Catholics we have the duty to defend his claim even to the sacrifice of our lives, that is how important the Papacy is to the salvation of the world, for as Pope Boniface VIII on Nov 18, 1302 declared in Unam Sanctam, it is necessary for salvation that we submit to the person of the Roman Pontiff in all that is just and legitimate.

  7. Br Bugnolo,

    it seems to me what you say about the rendering is correct. While the it.News article in gloria.tv translated the German “wahrhaft katholisch” to “true Catholics” (adjective-noun) rather than the literal “truly Catholic” (adverb-adjective), it needs to be remembered that different languages and especially different language groups, as in Geman and Italian, will use different grammar constructs to say the same thing.

    Famous example from recent German history: When JFK visited Berlin he said “Ich bin en Berliner” instead of the correct “Ich bin Berliner”.
    The first means “I am a Berliner (which is a jam doughnut). The second means what we in English would say “I am a Berliner. ” When describing your nationalitly or native city in German you NEVER use the article.
    (Smilarly a native of Hamburg would say: ich bin Hamburger but never ever “ich bin ein Hamburger!”)
    So a strict mapping of grammar components from one language to another can be a mistake.

    I translated an early part of the letter. Benedict uses the somewhat unusual word “Vereinzelung” which means isolation, and prays to live and die in the mystery of the wheat grain. A reference to his imprisonment perhaps, but certainly to his sense of isolation.

    “You have compared yourself to the grain of wheat that falls into the earth and dies, and just so comes out of isolation and bears fruit evermore. In the Holy Eucharist you are always present among us, you place yourself in our hands and hearts so that a new humanity can emerge. Thus, Your Incarnation is not a distant event for us, but touches us all, calls us all. Help us to understand this more and more. Help us to live and die in the mystery of the wheat grain and thus serve the emergence of a new humanity”.

    God bless,

  8. Dear Editor,
    I like your last statement, “we submit to the person of the Roman Pontiff in all that is just and legitimate.” YES, “in all that is just and legitimate”. Some Catholics thinks it is a blanket submission to the person of the Roman Pontiff, no matter what.

  9. Regarding the debate on whether the Pope wrote, “truly Catholic” or “true Catholics”, I refer the readers of my blog to the Itlaian translation done by Antonio Marcantonio, a translator who is an expert in many languages and whom I know personally, who on his own initiative and without any communication with me, has translated the German as, “veri catholici”

    See Chiesa e Post concilio’s Blog Exclusive Italian translation of the Pope’s Letter at

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