Will the Mafia of St. Gallen triumph?



A CASE STUDY by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Mafia of St. Gallen rules by lies. Their entire project is built upon a lie, which they were successful in passing off to the world and defending during nearly seven years.

I speak of the false notion that Pope Benedict XVI resigned the papacy, when in truth all he did was resign from active ministry.

The Mafia of St. Gallen should really have a second name, the Mafia of Holy Gall, because if they are anything, they are bold liars. Nevertheless, they are bold because being composed of those practiced in sexual abuse of others, they know how to gaslight the faithful.

These tactics they have used on the Bishops and clergy, and through them, by getting them to spread false ideas of virtue and prudence, they have succeeded in gaining control of nearly all Catholic Media.


For those Catholics, like myself, who have been trying to get the world see their lies, the most effective weapon this Mafia has against us is not to directly attack us, but to ignore us in public. Then to get other Catholic news agencies to ignore us in public. Then to get Catholic social media sites to ignore us.

The present sites have decided to ignore totally all which is published at The From Rome Blog: Church Militant, The Remnant, Rorate Caeli, Catholic Family News, Gloria.TV (since Nov. 19), Chiesa e Post Concilio, UnaVox, LifeSite News, National Catholic Register, etc. etc. etc., and nearly all sites for the Traditional Latin Mass. — There is no need to mention sites run by the clergy, as they ALL ignore The From Rome Blog. None of these groups do this by chance, its by a predetermined deliberate decision. In many cases they have been asked by members of the clergy or Cardinals to do this. In other cases its because of who funds them or their fear of losing funding or advertisement if they buck the Great Narrative.

This is important, and not merely a personal lament. Because, you see, all the work that investigators like myself do, is pointless if no one ever knows about it.

But there is something you can do, and that means you have to recognize that it is not enough that you visit sites which expose the Mafia for what they are, YOU NEED TO SHARE THAT NEWS ON SOCIAL MEDIA with others.

I have repeatedly seen that when I specifically ask 1 friend to share 1 of my blog posts, that The From Rome Blog will receive about 750 hits in the next 36 hours on account of that 1 friend sharing one post, on, let’s say, FaceBook.

At present, there is only one of the 20,000 sometime readers of my blog who share my posts on Facebook. I won’t name the other sites which regularly feature a link to one or more of my posts, lest they be attacked by the Mafia. (THOUGH I THANK THEM PROFUSELY).

But I think you can see, that YOU my readers need to step up and do your part.

Because, we must ask ourselves: Will the Mafia of St. Gallen succeed?

And, we must respond: YES, IF YOU LET THEM.


CREDITS: Many thanks to ComplicitClergy.com for the use of their graphic. They do excellent work exposing the Lavender Mafia, and you should be reading their site regularly to know how to avoid the tentacles of the ecclesiastical Mafia.

With Globalist Censorship growing daily, No one will ever know about the above article, if you do not share it.

9 thoughts on “Will the Mafia of St. Gallen triumph?”

  1. I just posted message on FB. Keep up you good work. May God bless you, keep you from harm, and help your cause of providing the truth about what is happening in the Catholic Church now.

  2. Br Bugnolo,

    from what I can see, awareness of the movement is growing rapidly on the “little bird” social media site. People coming out of nowhere now acknowledging BXVI is pope in their profiles.
    Tips for anyone on that site:
    i) put “Benedict is true pope”, or a variant of it, in your title.
    ii) “like” as many posts from as many people as possible. This will mean your account name with “BXVI is the true pope” will appear in the notifications list. That way the word gets out.
    iii) Use this for evangelical accounts too. Many Evangelicals are far more open than Catholics to believing Benedict is pope.

    Earlier this year we as a group were bullied ridiculed, labeled schismatics, dismissed as “nutbars”, threatened with hellfire and on and on.
    Guess what, their tactics all failed. They pleaded with canon lawyers to come forward and shut up the “bennycacantist loons” once forcall. When none came forward, they resorted to blocking up on social media, except for the one or two decent ones, who instead of blocking, just run away when confronted with Canon Law.

    The Truth will always come out. But is must he proclaimed. “The whole world is rotten because of silence.” So said St Catherine of Siena.

    God bless,
    Lucy ( popeAuntie on the little bird site)

  3. I posted this on Facebook. Thank you for
    giving me the encouragement. Courage is what is needed these days, and certainly in the days to come. Please pray for me, Brother. God bless you and may Our Lady always protect you.

  4. From the terrible Latin, to the canonical errors, to the false division of office from ministry, to the wearing white and giving the apostolic blessing, it is obvious that Benedict purposely did not resign the papacy. I think he faux-resigned on purpose, others think he meant to share the papacy, which would render the resignation invalid also. Makes no difference: he is still pope. That is my opinion, but it is not for me to declare. In any case, the conclave as a conclave was invalid because of the numerous breaches of JPII’s document governing it. Perhaps examining the conclave would be a starting point for the cardinals, if there are any brave ones left of those who were there, one that would bring them to question Benedict. Personally, I think this is a matter of prophecy and mystery, and it will not be resolved in the normal course of events.

    1. Mary, the thing is, YOU do not have to declare it. It is true regardless of who declares it or does not declare it, because the validity of a papal renunciation is determined by the law itself, not by the acceptance or rejection of anyone. Here many Catholics get confused and are being gaslighted by the lavender mafia. Because it is one thing that a canonical act is or is not, or is or is not valid, its another thing that it is judged to be valid or not, to be or not. In the case of matrimonial vows, the Church puts their validity under its judgement. But in the Case of a papal resignation, the Church does not put this under anyone’s judgement, because a papal act is what it is, there is no one who can judge it to be other than it is. So when the Pope says I renounce the Ministery, those who say that means he renounced the Papacy ARE ARROGATING JUDGEMENT over the Pope, and not only err but sin mortally and merit eternal damnation, because the Pope can only be judged by God. However, though we must recognize that He did renounce the ministry, we do not need authority to know whether that is or is not a papal resignation. We have Canon 332 §2, which says it is not. And to say that is simply to reiterate what the law says. That is why those who say Pope Benedict XV is still the pope not only do not err, but they neither sin or arrogate judgement to themselves, while those who say he is not pope, do both, and thus must attack either the Law or those who uphold the law.

  5. These are great ideas, Br. B and PopeAuntie! Here are a couple more ideas. Church Militant runs various surveys ( https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/NF87NZG ) that usually have a box marked ‘Other Suggestions’. I’ve use that space to recommend re-interviewing Bp Gracida specifically about BiP AND to request that they use their investigative journalism skills to investigate The Big Lie: BiP.

    Also, when commenting in those comboxes that you listed I will ask the question, “Why? Why haven’t the people at this blog [insert name] investigated the evidence surrounding PPBXVI’s declaration of intent to renounce the Petrine Ministry but not the Papal Office?” I figure for moderated comments someone at the blog itself is reading that question.

    Observations: I’ve noticed that people in comboxes are less desirous of engaging in a conversation, are more and more conflicted about FiP (while at the same time remaining entrenched in FiP), and that more and more BiP comments are getting both ‘up’ and ‘down’ votes.

  6. Great idea about suggesting to Church Militant to interview Bishop Gracida. They have done so before. Why not again during this momentous time in history? Also why not interview Monsignor Bux, Brother Bugnolo or Ann Barnhardt? I once suggested to Steve Skojec that he interview Monsignor Bux. All he could say was that he doubted he’d want to be interviewed. Lamest excuse I’ve ever heard from someone in the media. These journalists aren’t proactive or objective. They are merely reactive and are afraid of anything that might oppose their preconceived notions. They have completely turned their backs on Pope Benedict. That is why we must spread the truth ourselves.

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