Benedict XVI is still the pope!

Here is a new video explaining how and why Benedict XVI is still the pope.

Many thanks to Brian Murphy, the narrator and producer, as well as to all who worked on this Video.

Apart from Ann Barnhardt’s videos on the failed renunciation, this is the first I know of which attempts to present the entire problem and is produced by those who understand its canonical, theological and political implications.

FOR MORE INFORMATION about how Benedict is still pope, see the Index all the Articles on that topic, here at the From Rome Blog.

The text of this video was produced to make this video a good introduction to every Catholic. I encourage all to share it on social media.*

The other websites for the Cause of Pope Benedict are:

  1. (Official Site of International Movement Against the St Gallen Mafia)
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  3. (Official Site for the Diocese of Rome in communion with Pope Benedict XVI, in Italian)
  4. (The brave and feisty Catholic Woman who nearly single-handedly raised the issue and kept it alive. A true modern Joan of Arc)
  5. Non Veni Pacem (Highly Intelligent comments, criticisms and insights)
  6. Catholic Monitor (Exposing the contradictions of Benedict’s opponents with their own words)


Catholics need to share the information that shows Benedict is still the Pope. It is the truth and we are obliged to remain faithful to the Pope, no matter what — no matter if he is confused or lucid, no matter whether the Cardinals are faithful to him or not, no matter if the entire Church knows he is or is not the pope.

As I reported the other day, NOT EVEN ONE OF THE MOST EMINENT CANONISTS AT ROME can refute these facts and arguments. It seems unbelievable, but it is true. I can testify to it in court.

*The only thing I disagree about, is that in the video it says that Pope Benedict XVI intended to split the papacy. I am of the opinion, that the evidence can just as well indicate that he resigned only the ministry, after the example of the last Hapsburg Emperor of Austria, as both a sign that those demanding this of him, were Freemasons, and to prevent them obtaining the papal office. — Though, I concede that the sign might not apply, because that there is a sign here, is my interpretation based on a lot of conjecture, but that there is an effect here, is based totally upon canon law.


Finally, an unsolicited plug for Barnhardt’s latest post which is directed to all those who are praying that Bergoglio become a true holy father. — This is a must read for all who love Faith and rationality.

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11 thoughts on “Benedict XVI is still the pope!”

  1. I made this comment on YouTube about the video:

    In order to reach a broader public the argument for Benedict being Pope must be boiled down to a single simple statement with a few bullet points to support it. My simple statement is Benedict still thinks he the Pope, dresses like it and acts like it. Francis acts like a politician and has little use for Catholic teaching. Therefore Benedict is the true Pope and Francis is an anti-pope. Benedict was forced to resign in order to make room for Bergoglio and his New World Order. Anyway, something along that line I find useful. But expect 98% of Catholics to reject the idea that Benedict is Pope at the present time.

    1. Michael, your observation is valid, but that you act as the pope does not make you the pope. If one took that line, Bergoglians would say, look you admit the principle, but it is more true with Bergoglio than with Benedict. — I think this video is for serious and intelligent Catholics who are more common than we think. If it convinces them, they will find good brief arguments with others.100% if the lay people I talk with in Italy understand the problem already, and that the renunciation is valid as soon as I tell them about Canon 332 §2 requiring the resignation of munus. We all need a simple faith like that.

  2. Yes. I accept Pope Benedict XVI as my true, de jure pope to this day. I posted as souls cry on your You Tube video. I reflect upon the vision of Pope Leo XIII and the confidence that Christ had when he allowed power and time to Satan, a mere, fallen creature of God. Satan is NOT superior to God. A creature is not greater than its Creator. For all his knowledge and signs of wonder, Satan is a fraud, a liar and a legalist only concerned with the “form” of a thing but ignores and trembles at the substance of a thing.

  3. I think you should explain that Benedict XVI is still the Pope in simple langage. You have argued with the lens of a jurist, with precise but convoluted terms, but probably most people become lost during the argumentation. Ministry and munus are concepts that during the development of your arguments become inextricable. Perhaps it could be explained more down to earth with more accesible common words; perhaps with an example.
    (There are companies where its President is at the same time the Chief Executive Officer, but in many companies are different positions without confusing who has the highest rank and representation. The same occurs in countries: President is (the title given to) the person who has the highest political position in a country that is a republic and who, in some of these countries, is the leader of the government -cambridge dictionnary-). It’s not the same level, but it could help to understand that Benedict XVI didn’t want to resign as Pope, but to have a CEO with ample powers (but no to subvert the Company; I mean the Catholic Church, not the Company of Jesus, already almost subverted).
    And apart from what the canons establish, is the evidence that Bergoglio is a revolutionary politician, tricky, offensive and destructive, and doesn’t behave as a Holy Father. Solomon would know, and also many simple Catholics know, who the real Holy Father is without deep juridical analyses. (“The most important things are seen with the heart”).

    1. Jorge Cerra, I understand that the terms ministerium and munus are hard to understand. That is probably the cause of the problemm in the first place. But Canon Law is in Latin and the argument and reality are judged in Latin. There really is no easier way to explain it, other than saying, is a nuclear physicist when he retires still a nuclear physicist. Is a track and field star, when he sleeps, still a track and field star. Is a father still a father, when al lhis sons have died in war? Ministry is the doing of the office. If you renounce the doing, you have not renounced yet the office.

  4. I can not understand the “recognize and resist” movement. How can anyone see a solution in resisting someone whom they recognize as the true pope?

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