So Close, yet so far!

350 Meters, to be exact.

Yes, in that direction, 350 meters, dwells Christ’s Vicar on Earth: Pope Benedict XVI, in the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery, which is nearly at the geographical center of the Vatican City State.

So close, yet so far, because if the faithful were only free to speak with Him, I am sure we could convince him to take up again the Petrine Ministry and exercise again the Petrine Office which He has never renounced.

Many ask, when the present crisis in the Church will come to an end, if ever.

Many fear that we are in the end times and that all will go downhill from here.

But as regards prophecies, the Saints remind us that we know neither the day nor the hour of the End. Thus, we cannot omit good works and even heroic works to solve the problems in our own times.

If we had 50,000 Catholics standing with me hear at the wall, and willing to walk prayerfully and humbly to the Vatican, to unveil there our Banners and Flags can call for Pope Benedict to return, then I think that crisis would be nearer to the end.

Because, until at least some of us show God that we believe in the truth of the Religion He gave us, that we are willing to come to Rome en mass and demonstrate that Faith, I really do not think we deserve it.

If we are not willing to do that, while we remain willing to march on our national capitals for this or that political purpose, then I think we can rightly be said to be hypocrites.

And God despises hypocrisy. He came down to Earth to destroy pride and hypocrisy and to save the humble. — And, alas, the problem is that so few know this truth, and those of us who do, know about it through social media, which is a medium inclined to inform but not to motivate anyone to action.

But all true motivation, has only one source, the Holy Spirit, Who has never inspired anyone to sit on a couch and do nothing about evil.

And if you want the gifts of the Holy Spirit, it is not sufficient to ask and presume, you need to pray humbly and in secret and with ardent perseverance and confidence, that, in the doing of any good any holy work, which is necessary for the salvation of souls, He is with us!

These are my thoughts and the subject of my prayers. — Br. Alexis Bugnolo



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21 thoughts on “So Close, yet so far!”

  1. Agree. Recently a number of Traditional and Conservative Catholics blogs started banning any commenter who suggests “Pope” Francis is not the true Pope, despite his heresies, apostasy, unfitness, worldliness, whatever. They’re saying no truth and free speech is needed here. Just mentioning Ann Barnhardt can get you banned.

    So we have no solidarity in the movement to rid the Catholic Church of our heretical “Pope”. Evidently the Overton Window, which was opening, has now been slammed shut. Lord have mercy and please provide us some direction. In the mean time let us pray and keep the heat on Bergoglio,.

    1. Michael, the blogs you mention are not the whole Church. They are infact just some of the few who have formally joined the apostasy and schism.

      1. Frightening! This brings to mind Saint Jacinta’s vision of the Holy father: ” … but I saw the Holy Father in a very big house, kneeling by a table, with his head buried in his hands, and he was weeping. Outside the house, there were many people. Some of them were throwing stones, others were cursing him and using bad language. Poor Holy Father, we must pray very much for him.”

      2. Mary Ann, That is Benedict. She means to say, that in that house he is still the Pope, with some blaming him for all that has happened. We must pray very much for Our Holy Father!

      3. Yes … I am beginning to see the light. I visited the web site of the ‘monastery’. The pictures and descriptions of its interior are not that of a monastery … it seems to fit St. Jacinta’s vision …

    1. OMR, the answer is No. Though Pope Celestine was not the first to resign, when he did Pope Boniface VIII did not like the fact that on account of his holiness many were still listening to him and many doubted his resignation was valid. So he confined him to several places, the last of which was a Castle where he died.

  2. Benedicto XVI es el autentico Papa, ¿cual sera la situacion de la Iglesia si muere? ¿La Iglesia quedaria descabezada?

    1. Francisco, before Benedict dies, we must work to get Cardinals to accept that he is the pope, and when he dies, we must urge the Cardinals to call a Conclave and elect his successor.

  3. I’ve been meaning to get my passport updated. The call to prayerfully encourage the Holy Father somewhat in person is a great motivation.

  4. That last paragraph to me is pertinent. However Br,. I actually don’t think even an en masse show would do anything. He is like a prisoner in the Vatican Walls. It will unfold as God has foretold. This does not make us useless or impotent. No more than St. Francis standing before the Muslims- but it means we have to discern the path and truly be filled with the Holy Spirit. I know My Mission Br. You seem to know yours. Our paths are very unlikely to cross. But God is God. We will see.

    1. Remnant child: Men who found what they do upon lies do not have the confidence or courage that they pretend to have. 50000 in the piazza of St Peter’s they could not deny and it would terrify them. Bl. Annamarie Emmerich saw the false pope split the Church and take his portion and flee from Rome. Our victor in this cause has been prophesied and confirmed by Pope John Paul II beatifying her. We should not fear or doubt, we should go boldly forward as the men who followed St Joan of Arc went boldly forward to victory, when She promised God has granted it.

  5. “We should not fear or doubt, we should go boldly forward as the men who followed St Joan of Arc went boldly forward to victory, when She promised God has granted it.”
    Where is Saint Joan d’Arc of today? Who hears the voice of the saints: Archangel Michael, Catherine of Alexandria, Margaret of Antioch? Who did God ask for any action regarding the taking up of a ‘ministry’ by Pope Emeritus? Who can promise a God-guaranteed victory? Who?

    1. Bl Emmerich said that the false pope would break the Church in two and run away from Rome to another place. Now if we put our thinking caps on, what on earth would drive him out of Rome more effectively than being exposed as having no canonical claim to the office? God does expect us to use the intellects he gave us.

  6. “Only humility can find the Truth, and the Truth in turn is the foundation of Love, from which ultimately everything depends,” Benedict XVI wrote in a message read aloud to the International Theological Commission.

  7. Do you know anybody who could go there and talk with our beloved Pope? 🙁
    I have no idea of the difficulty, but I would say that if is God’s will, this person would definately get in and talk with him.
    God bless you.

    1. No one sees Benedict without Bergoglio’s permission, so such a hypotheticzl messager would have to either have extraordinary miraculous gifts of levitation, bilocation or persuasion, or enjoy the cloak of St Michale whereby no one sees you when you pass by. In other words, a Great Saint. If there is one alive on Earth, let us all pray God calls him here!

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