A Father of Lies cannot be the pope


A Father of lies cannot be pope, because, since Christ prayed for Peter that his faith not fail, a man who is pope could not give himself up to perpetual lying about matters of faith and morals and everything else. Therefore, either one must call Christ a liar, in His claim to be God and the beloved Son of God, or one must hold that Bergoglio is not the pope. There is no middle ground.

The safer ground is to hold that Christ told the truth, and that the Cardinals, who hold Benedict’s resignation to be valid, are in error. As a rule of practical conscience, one must chose always that which is not evil, even if your peers consider it is politically incorrect. You may not particularly care if Christ is God, but on the chance that He is, you better not call Him a liar. Likewise, no one ever taught that the Cardinals are infallible on anything, so why believe their novel claim?

Unfortunately, after Feb. 11, 2013, a legion of false apostles sprouted up, or might I say, a legion of devils took possession of a lot of men’s minds and hearts.

There are a lot of false voices out there. Unlike Mr. Walker, in the video above, they want to gaslight you into not believing in what you see and hear on a daily basis, and they want you to idolize the Cardinals in their judgement of a canonical act, wherein the Cardinals have no more authority to judge than you or I do, and then they want you to draw the conclusion that Bergoglio is not the worst pope ever by comparing him with some evil man of he past (such as Dr. De Mattei recently attempted), so that you remain in communion with a public idolater, blasphemer, heretic and apostate. Because, as Mr. Walker says of these false apostles, to them “Nothing is more important than being in communion. …. Sounds like Hell, doesn’t it!”

I say, there is nothing more ignoble in a man, than that he be a boot-licker. Because such men to not worship God or Christ, they worship their career or their visible superior. And that is a sin of idolatry, even when your superior is or seems to you to be the pope.

As it stands, Bergoglio was never the pope, because Pope Benedict never resigned the papal munus, nor has he ever indicated that he has ever intended to resign it, because he considers the munus to be the grace and vocation of the Papal Office, to which he gave his irrevocable “yes”, never to be taken back (cf. Final Address, Feb. 28, 2013).


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  1. Our Lord says of Lucifer, that he is a Father of Lies and a murderer from the beginning. We see that this statement is also true of great liars such as Martin Luther (who killed a friend in a dual before becoming a monk) and of other founders of some world religions such as John Knox (as you will read in tomorrows post) and such as the founder of a certain Arabian cult. — One wonders if there is also a parallel today, for when evil men flee to religion, without repentance, they are always trying to hide something grave.

  2. Frank Walker speaks the truth about Pope Francis and the corrupt hierarchy. Lately he is speaking the truth about Traditional and Conservative blogs that refuse to recognize that “pope” Francis is not the pope by virtue of his many heresies, the illegitimacy of his election and the forced and faulty resignation of Pope Benedict who remains Pope to this day.

    Stay away from those blogs such as One Peter 5, The Remnant Newspaper, Crisis Magazine, etc.
    Maybe Frank could list these “recognize and resist” blogs on Canon 212.

    See Frank daily on https://stumblingblock.org/ and read his blog on: https://canon212.com/

    1. Yes, Michael, it is exceedingly inexplicable why Trad Inc. had decided to jettison the entire Catholic Faith merely because they fear that someone might call them a sedevacantist. Even more stunning that they seem incapable of understanding that an argument about heresy in a man, and and argument about the invalidity of a written text, are not the same species of judgement. Moreover, they have sustained for 50 years that Pope Paul VI’s decree, Missale Romanum, is canonically defective therefore it need not be obeyed or recognized, but they refuse now for some unknown reason, other than an blind insistence of wanting to be united to Bergoglio, to admit that Benedict XVI’s declaration of Feb. 11, 2013 might also have been defective. It is so strange. Do they not see that they have sacrificed everything on the altar of Bergoglio, simply because some Cardinal, who perpetrated the problems misinterpreting what Benedict did, does not want to admit it today?

  3. The devil, too, works in mysterious ways. But I think that Traditional blogs defending the papacy of Francis is being done because they do not believe their readers are ready for the truth, so consequently would put them out of business by speaking it. Or maybe they have been threatened with excommunication. Anyway, they are hiding behind the veil of prudence.

    Hopefully, within the next year the evidence against Bergoglio will be so overwhelming that they have no choice but to adjust their position.

    1. I pray that you are correct. If these men pray the Rosary daily, they may yet be saved, because Our Lady promised that no one who perseveres in saying Her Rosary will be bereft of the grace-opportunities to repent.

  4. Dear brother, this isn’t entirely on-topic; but then, everything is interrelated, isn’t it?
    I would greatly appreciate your thoughts on just why Our Lady in her appearances has given secrets to be revealed at a later time, rather than simply giving the information forthrightly to the world at one time. I realize that I can’t understand God’s timing of thing until after the fact; but especially in seeing Fatima’s Third Secret so maligned and abused, one wonders why She didn’t just give it all to begin with.
    Thanks, and God bless you!

    1. Our Lady never scandalizes anyone, not even the weak of mind nor the weak of spirit. Her chief objective is drawing us to God. She won’t reveal the future to us if that might hinder us. In this, She is only imitating Her Son, who said to his own Apostles, “It is not yours to know the times or the hour…”

  5. Jesus also said that Peter would turn again, and that means his prayer for his faith not to fail meant “not fail forever”… A pope can fail in faith, but not teach error solemnly. Francis has done everything he can to avoid direct personal solemn teaching of error, while still constantly teaching error. Encyclicals and addresses and AAS statemebts are not solemn teaching unless that is so stated

    1. Mary, Pope Francis’ Secretary of State and others in the Roman Curia have said that Pope Francis has engaged his magisterial authority in teaching against capital punishment and in allowing public sinners to communion. That means that your thesis is unsutainable. Because in doing that Bergoglio has directly attacks Divine and Apostolic teaching and tradition. If he were pope, that means that Christ is not God. Christ is God, therefore he is not the pope, no matter how much you may want him to be. Sorry.

  6. I have a great love for the Papacy established by Christ himself. This article points out something serious: the attack on the whole Papacy itself. It’s being done to justify opposition to Bergoglio. This is an error that comes from satan. All past Popes, including St. Peter, have been brought up, under attack, and at times condemned. The Papacy was established by Christ, and now it’s under erroneous attack. The anti-pope has caused the Papacy to subtly be questioned;. Bergoglio is the grandmaster of deceit and destruction.

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