Former President of the Italian Senate brutally denounces Bergoglio

translation by From Rome Blog

Interview of President Marcello Pera, by Bruno Volpe (Full Text, Italian, here)

President Pera, it seems that the Catholic Church is no longer raising Her voice to protest blasphemies against God…

Catholicism for some time now has degraded, it is losing the cultural and religious war. Catholic leaders are afraid and offer a sad spectacle of behavior. And the most faithful example of this is the one at the top.

You mean pope Bergoglio?

Certainly. He is openly going against Tradition, Doctrine and is introducing innovations, disciplines and inexplicable acts. This pontificate is a scandal in the biblical sense of the word: it leads souls astray and make the faithful stumble, it does not bear good fruits, nay it makes them diminish. Vocations and mass attendance have collapsed, fundraising too, at the Wednesday Angelus attendance has thinned and we can see it in the online photos even if the politically correct MSM wont speak of it. As much as regards the fundaments of the Catholic Faith, this pontificate is an outrage to reason. Nevertheless no one here in Italy, faithful or bishop, says anything, no one has the courage to rebel, even though many are filled with doubts. The problem is that the Church has been reduced to a kind of NGO, which attends mostly to social works, which has made Greta into an idol, which runs after the dreams of socialism, both politically and economically, after the dreams of being-nice-to-everybody, while the shepherds often forget that the salvation of souls is their principal duty.

(President Pera is a devout atheist)

Pera does not exaggerate!

No need to mention that Bergoglio has effectively sanctioned adultery, by allowing adulterers, even public ones, to receive Communion, sacrilegiously, nor that he calls God a liar by claiming capital punishment is always morally inadmissible, nor that his appointees are saying Greta is a Saint nor that you can attend a person committing suicide through euthanasia, But just today, the Pontifical Biblical Commission has published a study insisting that the truth of Scripture according to the literal sense, in passages which condemn sodomy, should not be presented, but that what Scripture intends without its historical conditioning (read prejudices of homophobia) is what should be pastorally employed to evangelize modern man ! (see report here)

At this point, I think it is neither an exaggeration to call into question the sexuality of anyone who still thinks this man is the Pope.

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6 thoughts on “Former President of the Italian Senate brutally denounces Bergoglio”

  1. That’s because these are the end times and bergoglio is an ecclesiastical freemason, the fulfillment of “The Permanent Instructions of the Alta Venditta” and “The Jewish Peril 1936”!!!
    Our Lady warned us many times that these are the end times, and in La Salette stated that a great apostasy would appear from the top of the Hierarchy: Bergoglio, the ‘destroyer’ of St Francis of Assisi prophecy of the False Prophet. If catholics were knowlegable of prophecies and all that Mary instructed us, they would discern not only who bergoglio really is, but that our true Vicar of Christ is Benedict XVI – B16 stated in 2013 that God told him to resign during a mystical experience that lasted weeks. God cannot purify this “culture of death” & “dictatorship of relativism” until all biblical prophecies are fulfilled. Remember, Jesus warned that earth and sky might change but everything recorded in Scripture would all be fulfilled. God will not give satan the slightest excuse for him to say that he didn’t have enough power or time.
    2 Tess 2:7 has already been fulfilled, and Bergoglio mission is to drag into apostasy as many souls possible, while is gradually building a New One World Religion every time he meets with leaders of other faiths and religions [and kneels before them and kisses their feet, something deluded catholics take as being a very ‘humble’ gesture] .
    Hold on to your horses because the worst is still to come, and mark my words…all those who today are unable to discern who bergoglio really is, very soon these same people will not be able to discern who the anti-christ is!!!
    Viva papa Benedictus! Viva Maria!

    1. Luis, I would point out that it is contrary to the teaching of all the Saints that mystical experiences last several weeks. If that is really what Benedict says, then I would think he needs to see a medical doctor.

  2. God bless President Marcello Pera for telling it like it is. More and more lay people are aware that Jorge Mario Bergoglio is an impostor, a false pope, an instrument of satan permitted by God, and an illegitimate superior of the Church allowed to reign freely for some time, for the perdition of the souls who do not love Truth. (2 Thessalonians 2:11-12)

  3. Pera is perfectly correct, Bergoglio is bad, very bad. Remarkable that an atheist speaks against the obvious anti-Catholicism of this “pope” when few in the hierarchy will do it. God always finds ways to deliver His message.

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