Father Martin Santiago’s Prophetic Homily of March 3, 2013

This video is in Spanish, but has English subtitles, and the entire transcript in English can be found at the Wild Voice, which has been a prophetic leader on the web, warning the Church about the St Gallen Mafia from the beginning. — Father Martin seems to be a former worker at the Vatican during the pontificate of Pope John Paul II. Says he knows Joseph Ratzinger personally.

In this homily, Father Santiago reveals how widespread the hatred and opposition for Pope Benedict was among the clergy and how there was exuberant rejoicing at this resignation. All signs which point to the real motivations for refusing to recognize the Renunciation was invalid. (See, How Benedict has defeated ‘Francis’ and, How Cardinal Sodano robbed the papacy from Pope Benedict). This also explains why its no exaggeration to suppose that Benedict has been imprisoned, not in a jail, but by an entire faction which wants him forever silenced.

Father Santiago, just as importantly, explains that he knew of the goals of the St. Gallen Mafia to attack Church teaching and overthrow the faith, and he warns against them. A warning, alas, which went unheeded, because the revolutionaries were already in charge at the Vatican.



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3 thoughts on “Father Martin Santiago’s Prophetic Homily of March 3, 2013”

  1. Well, unfortunately, Fr. Santiago Martin is not willing to speak about the canonically-invalid resignation of His Holiness Benedict XVI. He’s also a defender of Bergoglio as the true and only pope. A few months ago, I was on a lay catholic WhatsApp group chat where I began posting articles and video clips of Bergoglio speaking heresies. Some catholics were very disturbed because they were too enamored with his humbleness, Bergoglio. I didn’t know Fr. Santiago Martin and other priests were also, low key, in that group chat since the lay person who set this up seems to have clout with popular catholic media preachers and teachers.

    When people began to challenge me about the content I was posting, Fr. Santiago Martin messaged another layman in the group chat “Javier” to reach out to me via a separate message to try and dissuade me about posting that kind of content. Upon my refusal and after a few charitable clarifications, debatesand rebuttals with people who were outright scandalized about the content, Fr. Santiago Martin asked Javier if we could schedule a time to speak over the phone so he could somehow counsel me spiritually (as if I had some sort of personal grudge or issue against Bergoglio). Knowing who Fr. Santiago Martin was (having followed him for years and watching his uploads on his Youtube channel for a long time) I accepted the offer for the sake of having the opportunity to inform Father Santiago about the serious situation and/or canonical status of Benedict XVI and Bergoglio. The call never came. I followed up with Javier a few times to see if Father would reschedule our call and Javier would go message Father and get back to me saying that he would call me next Tuesday, and so it happened about another time after that.

    Suddenly, one random day after Father declined to chat over the phone, he asked Javier to ask me if I was single, and if I would ever consider joining his religious community “Franciscanos de Maria”. Anyway, you see the manipulation tactics from Father Santiago to try and silence me without actually addressing the matter, then using his position as superior to try and subject me to a level of obedience which implies obedience to Bergoglio. I don’t know if his position has changed regarding Bergoglio since then, but I sure pray he gets his act together.

    1. Em,

      I do not find your experience unusual. As I commented in my article, The god of the Club, there is a horrible form of clericalism which has as its first knee jerk reaction, to defend the clergy from all criticism, even when publicly necessary. Some priest are so habituated in this kind of automatic reaction that they do not see that by it they actually become manipulators and gaslight the faithful. This is why we have such corruption in the Church. We must be loyal to Jesus Christ and speak the truth.

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