Pachamama is the fulfillment of Apocalypse 12:4

The above image is the ridiculous and idolatrous Christmas Card art used by Franciscans International* for their Christmas greeting. They put Pachamama in place of Saint Elizabeth and implied that Our Lady was visiting the demon goddess, pregnant with her spawn.

In doing so, Franciscans International I believe was inspired to reveal the true meaning of the text in Saint John’s Apocalypse, Chapter 12, verse 4, which reads in the Douay Rheims translation of the Vulgate:

3 And there was seen another sign in heaven. And behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns and on his heads seven diadems. 4 And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven and cast them to the earth. And the dragon stood before the woman who was ready to be delivered: that, when she should be delivered, he might devour her son.

Pachamama is an Andean goddess, who is depicted in two forms, as a pregnant woman, and as a Serpent which rules the underworld. The adhesion to her demonic cult by increasing numbers of the clergy appears to be the apocalyptic fulfillment of the Apostasy of the third of the stars of Heaven.

Now either the Franciscans at Franciscan International were thinking of something else, or they were secretly signing to the other Satanists in the clergy, the true significance of Pachamama so that all of these wicked persons might more quickly adopt her cult.

The Darkness will spread in 2020

To do so at Christmas is clearly an act of devotion to the Anti-Christ, because who is the offspring of Pachamama? And why was a little boy statue included in the Vatican idolatrous act? — And is Bergoglio trying to conceive or conjure the Antichrist? —  These are questions which the Catholic world can no longer avoid asking.

Together with the warnings given by Our Lady of the Pine, that the imposter pope would change the “dramatic words” of the Mass, and the public denunciation by a leading member of ICEL against Pachamama worship, I fear that what is in the works is a New Ritual to replace the Mass, where Pachamama will be on the Altar during the consecration and the Host once consecrated will be fed to her in a sort of Satanic Black Mass ritual of sacrifice of God to the demon dragon, in fulfillment of Rev. 12:4.

My educated guesses …

This new Satanic Mass I infer is being drawn up as we speak by the Congregation for Divine Worship headed by Cardinal Sarah. — Satanists are very spiritual people, and they know to whom they must be loyal. — Don’t be fooled by the appearances of Catholicism. We must start judging according to truth, if we are to save our souls and the Church.

The substitution of the demonic cup of earth in place of the Statue of Pachamama, in the final “mass” at the Amazon Synod is clearly where the Bergoglian Anti-Church is going, and will become the archetype of all Black Masses in his New Religion. This substitution shows that the Satanists in Bergoglio’s curia have an excellent sense of liturgy.  The desecration of the Host at these Masses will not only fulfill all the desire of godless men — pagans, Jews and Muslims: for hatred of Christ is their religion and their devotion — but serve to be the most powerful conjuring of the spirit of the Antichrist, if he is not already on Earth, as Giuseppe was told by Our Lady of the Pine, born as a bastard of a Bishop and a nun, in Egypt in 1970. We know from the Fathers of the Church that the nun will be by race a Jew, and from the Saints of the Franciscan Order, that he will take the habit as a Franciscan before he reveals himself to the world. (Maybe he works for Franciscans International?)

Wishing one and all a Most Blessed Feast of the Epiphany of Our Lord! May we all resolve, as did Saint Joseph, to defend the Crib (Church) of the Child Jesus with our lives, for this year of Our Lord 2020 will see even more diabolical things happen. Bergoglio will start excommunicating everyone who disagrees with him. A Diabolic Liturgy will be enacted. Prayers to Demons will be made obligatory.


*Hat tip off to TFP and Eponymous Flower for organizing a protest to the Franciscans International for this outrageous Christmas Card. See for more information how to sign a petition denouncing it.

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17 thoughts on “Pachamama is the fulfillment of Apocalypse 12:4”

    1. Dear Michael,

      1) Ignore it.
      2) Act as if it never happened.
      3) Continue to go to your Parish, until they definitively refuse you the Sacraments, then go to another where you are not recognized.
      4) Say the Rosary on Sundays when you cannot get to Mass.

      Remember, when Our Lady of Akita said we would only have the Cross and the Rosary in the fight ahead, she might mean that Bergoglio and his successors will excommunicate all the Catholics in the world who keep the faith. Keep the Faith. Stay Strong. Spread the truth. The Lord shall reward us for our constancy beyond all our imaginings!

  1. God be with you Editor. I see the Shephard is leaving us not an orphan and leaving us some good Shephard’s to guide us. Archbishop Vigano, Cardinal Burke, Cardinal Mueller and just naming a few. God be with us all in these trying times. Thank you Blessed Mother and Lord Jesus Christ.

  2. Segundo as profecias de São Vicente Ferrer, as quais considero bastante exatas, ele diz que o sinal do fim do mundo é a serpente, porque Lúcifer tomou a sua forma, deixando o sinal de sua própria imagem, quando corrompeu a natureza humana, tanto corporal como espiritual. Então o falso profeta, o anticristo misturado,religioso fará um ídolo, o último na Igreja de Deus e trará por armas uma serpente(Pachamama) o engano, o qual nos mostrará o fim do mundo e a destruição da natureza humana, porque naquela figura enganou o diabo ao mundo.Ele porá àquele ídolo no meio da província de Babilônia, que quer dizer confusão (jardins do Vaticano). E quando estiver publicado por toda a igreja, então mandara que se lhe adore, que o aceitem sob pena de morte(pode ser excomunhão). Quando então a cristandade o adorará de bom grado, alguns por força, salvo alguns poucos escolhidos. São Vicente Ferrer também fala da profanação da eucaristia, (desde setembro de 2016 foi cometido sacrilégio contra os sacramentos da eucaristia, confissão e matrimônio com a mudança da doutrina sobre a permissão da recepção dos sacramentos para quem vive em adultério, permissão oficializada nas atas da igreja). Além do mais à missa celebrada em comunhão com quem não é papa, não há comunhão com Jesus Cristo, ensinamento do verdadeiro papa Bento XVI em seu livros, e também consta no catecismo da igreja católica essa obrigatoriedade de estar em comunhão com o verdadeiro papa, princípio de unidade, senão Jesus não teria nomeado a Pedro para edificar a Sua Igreja. Todo esse engano leva à idolatria e São Vicente Ferrer diz que felizes aqueles que se apartam deste engano.

  3. O livro é Sermões de São Vicente Ferrer, o anticristo e o juízo final, e foi traduzido para o português por pe. Dr. Javier Olivera Ravasi, comprei na Amazon. Tem uma parte do livro no site As páginas que estão relatando essas profecias são 28, 29, e a parte da profanação da eucaristia está na página 41, 42, e tudo que estamos vivendo está identificado nas profecias desse livro e também diz como vai ser o futuro bem próximo e tem conselhos muito especiais afinal São Vicente Ferrer é o Anjo do Apocalipse.

  4. Eu mandei uma mensagem dizendo que o livro é Sermões de São Vicente Ferrer o anticristo e o juízo final traduzido por pé. Dr.Javier Olivera Ravasi. Ficou um tempo sem eu conseguir mandar mas depois aceitou. Estou tentando de novo se não der certo, estão bloqueando.

  5. I’ve suspected as much for several years now observing and trying my best to discern global events but in particular some odd and obvious alterations in my locale regarding the church and some maligned actions taken against me by individuals that are involved in the local Church and politics! I see too much corruption and lack of genuine humanity, especially in light of what attacks were directed at me, so all of this fits the obvious escalation taking place in both the political arena and the Roman Catholic Church being coaxed especially by this fake Pope.
    God Please Help us this is so sad and frightening there is so much innocence at risk now more than ever before.

  6. Do you think we are living the time with only the Cross and The Rosary? Covid-19 appears has fulfilled this prophecy with all Churches closed down. I think this is a time to pray for priests and holy ones, since the Church rests on their Masses being offered privately.

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