There is always a background story

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

There is always a background story to every news report, and it has to do with the personal background of the reporter. This post is to encourage you to do a background check on the news sources your read, before believing what they say and following them in what they won’t say. I will not mention names, to protect the reputations of those involved, but I will cite real examples.

I have published this post, using what I have learned as President of Ordo Militaris Inc., a private security and defense corporation, in the fulfillment of which duties I had to work with several private eyes to do background checks on potential recruits. Security of information is also important to the defense of Christendom, and so I think what I say here needs to be said, for the defense of the Church.

There are 4 leading Catholic personalities who are insisting Bergoglio is the pope and refusing to publish any information from Church Documents which might put that in doubt. Why they are doing this seems a mystery, because before Feb. 11, 2013 they were extremely rational Catholics and all known for their fidelity to the Faith.

So maybe their personal story explains their present practice of non-think?  Non-think is the practice of not allowing yourself to think about certain questions or problems, so that by avoiding the truth, you can present yourself as a member of the ruling clique to which you want to belong. Non-think only happens when the ruling clique is not interested in truth.

There are 4 such famous personalities in the Church right now, and if I named them you would know who they are or at least recognize their news sites on the web. But I will describe them in another way, and let you ask the question: Does their personal history have anything to do with why they may want to practice non-think and teach others to do the same?

The Professional

The professional did not begin as someone known for reporting reliably about the Church. The professional began as a private secretary to a leading  political figure in the country from which the Professional comes. This leading political figure was a notorious socialist, and was so left wing that he only left the leading left-wing party of his country, when that party endorsed abortion. The Professional continues to praise this mentor and employer and thinks that he is a fine Catholic, even though he has never disavowed radical socialism and social engineering.

With such a highly credentialed background, you might see why the Professional is recognized by everyone as a leading authority on what happens at Rome. But given the background of the Professional, you might understand better why anything reported  on by the Professional might have nothing to do with exposing why Bergoglio never was the pope, because that truth would put an end to the Marxist revolution in the Church. I won’t mention that the Professional is not from a family native to the land in which the Professional was born, but is from a town in France famous for its Synagogues and Money Lenders, a thing which the surname of the Professional indicates if you do some research, because I think that such an observation is not germane to the discussion.

The Shining Light

The Shining Light is someone whom is highly trusted to report just what some in the Roman Curia want reported and to not publish writings which show that the Roman Curia can make mistakes. The Shining Light had very good intellectual formation in an institute praised by one of the leading members of Team Bergoglio, the St. Gallen Mafia. The Shining Light is very conscious of this, so that anything the Shining Light reports does not make the institution where the Shining Light studied look bad.

The New Agent on the Block

The New Agent on the Block has made a reputation as a leading authority on all things Catholic, or should I say, on all things which YOU should think about the Church. The New Agent on the block is a masterful fundraiser, and receives substantial financial support for the rather good articles published at the website of the New Agent. Where the money comes from is not known. I also think it is not germane to the discussion that the New Agent on the Block has a surname which is Jewish. I call the New Agent on the Block, “new” because no one heard of the New Agent on the Block during the reign of Pope Benedict. But now everyone thinks that Benedict cannot be the true pope until the New Agent on the Block says so, that is how much power and influence the New Agent on the Block has acquired over the minds of Catholics.

The International

The International is known for being very well informed and does detailed investigations and has contributed much to the knowledge of Catholics regarding the corruption in the Church. But, like the others, will not tolerate in the least any discussion of Pope Benedict’s being the true Pope. What most do not know is that the spouse of the International was a leading intelligence officer of a government which most likely assisted in putting Bergoglio into power by bribing the Cardinals. Maybe that has something to do with the information and narrative control that the International pushes in everything the International writes.


I think you should pay attention to the back-ground of everyone whom you read, because as human beings the back-ground is important. All these 4 individuals whom I have described have a fame and expertise to control the narrative such that 10s of thousands of Catholics have been convinced by them to practice non-think in regard to the canonical facts on the Renunciation of Pope Benedict. None of them are liberals. They are all conservatives and otherwise doctrinally sound persons. But perhaps it is time you start to ask yourself if the non-think they practice and teach has anything to do with their personal histories. They all know of those who doubt the validity of the Resignation, but consider quoting them as more dangerous than quoting Bergoglio. That is the laughable reality which they have adopted as a habit of mind.

+ + +

For transparency, my own back ground is as follows: Though I am a dual citizen of the USA and Italy, I was born in the USA and never belonged to any political party. All my ancestors are Italian Catholics and I have no Jewish blood in my lineage. I receive no financial support from anyone but my relatives. I have raised 15 euros in donations at Rome in last 3 months of working for the cause of Pope Benedict. For more information about me, see the About Page, here at The From Rome Blog.


Nota Bene: Any comment on this post which attempts in any manner to identify or seek the identity of any one of these five or speculate as to whom they are, whether the speculation is germane or not, or accurate or not, will be sent to the trash bin of blog-dom. Think for yourself, investigate on your own. I am not the source of truth or reality.

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  1. Excellent advice. Many Catholics are naive or oblivious to this. I’ve had to blow the cover of many of these types of “Catholics” and many of them simply avoid me now. Not to mention many of the clergy who are tied up into all sorts of unnecessary compromises like freemasonry, or any sort of organization that requires the swearing of an oath. This sort of stuff puts them in a very difficult position to speak the Truth. yet, the standard of Christ is that they would have to be willing to lose their life for Christ in this world, than to save it and lose it for eternity.

    Unfortunately, as some of them have told me, they would risk losing their lives since breaking with the Bergoglian narrative means they would suffer consequences from their secret lay catholic orders of knighthood, chivalry, fraternal organization or cult.

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