BREAKING: At Christmas, Gänswein recognizes Benedict as holding the Petrine Munus

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The devout and humble desire of a Catholic blogger to wish Pope Benedict “Merry Christmas” has resulted in another significant proof that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope and that the Prefect of the Pontifical Household recognizes him as the pope.

You can see the evidence yourself at A.J. Baalman’s, Christmas Wishes from Pope Benedict XVI, over at Ordo Militaris Radio Blog.

The blogger sent his Christmas Wishes at the beginning of Advent, and received a reply via the Apostolic Nuncio in Washington, D.C., USA, yesterday in an envelope mailed on January 2, containing the official stationary of Archbishop Gänswein in the form of a two-sided Christmas Card with the foto of a Christmas Creche on one side and these words in Italian on the other:

Un buon Natale e un buon Anno Nuovo 2020 ricco di benedizioni celesti. Georg Ganswein Segretario Particolare di Sua Santita Benedetto XVI, Papa emerito

Which in English is:

Whising you a good Christmas and a good New Year of 2020, rich in heavenly blessings.

George Gänswein, Special Secretary to His Holiness Benedict XVI, Pope emeritus


As anyone knows who writes to the Roman Curia or the Holy Father, a response, if received at all, is sent through official channels, by diplomatic courier to the Apostolic Nuncio in their own country, and then by regular mail to their address. This is the practice outside of Italy, at least, in the USA.

Private individuals do not receive mail through the Apostolic Nuncio. For example, I have on occasion written both Cardinals Sarah and Burke. Their response was NOT mailed to me via the Apostolic Nuncio, since it was private correspondence and not in virtue of their office in the Curia.

To receive a Christmas Greeting in response to one sent to Pope Benedict through the Apostolic Nuncio means that the Vatican has recognized that Benedict is still a member of the Roman Curia in the very least. I have it from the receiver that he did NOT write to Archbishop Gänswein, but to Pope Benedict, as pope.

The words of Archbishop Gänswein are also proof of the failed resignation. Because after a Roman Pontiff resigns, He can no longer be addressed as “Your Holiness”, because that title indicates that the person addressed is still the Pope, the holiness of which is derived from retaining the PETRINE MUNUS, which is first of all a gift of grace and then a vocation and special source of graces.

Why is this important? Because in the 1983 Code of Canon Law, which governs the Roman Church, the papal office is termed a munus in Canons 331, 332 §2, 333 and 749. And in Canon 145 §1, the Code calls an ecclesiastical office a munus. Thus if Benedict is still “His Holiness”, and that unique holiness comes from the unique munus, that means the Benedict still holds the unique office of the Pope. And thus, no one else does, according to the divine institution of the papacy, which no one, not even a pope, can alter.

The statement of the Archbishop also shows the invalidity of the resignation on account of the confusion of substantial error, in that, despite addressing Benedict with the salutation “His Holiness”, the Archbishop nevertheless calls him “Pope emeritus”, which no “Holiness” can be.

Finally, one can safely presume that the Christmas Card received by the American correspondent was not printed up solely for him, but was produced in quantity. This means that Gänswein is sending the same message to all who wrote Pope Benedict. It is nothing short of a universal declaration. The fact that the Apostolic Nuncio is mailing such Christmas Cards out, means that the Nuncio also recognizes Benedict has holding the Petrine Munus, the Papal dignity, still.

There is no other Traditional Catholic explanation of these events. You can only explain it away by jettisoning the meaning of words Catholics have used for centuries. But that would be Modernism to even contemplate!

POST SCRIPT: If any other of the readers of the From Rome blog have written to Pope Benedict and received a reply, please let me know, if you would like to share what you received in reply. This will help the entire Catholic world understand better how the Pope is doing.

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7 thoughts on “BREAKING: At Christmas, Gänswein recognizes Benedict as holding the Petrine Munus”

    1. Luis, you misunderstand the context. In 2016, in May, Ganswein gave a talk at the Gregorian University, for which he was severely criticized. In that talk he said that Benedict still shares in the Petrine Office and Munus. Following the criticism, Bergoglian supporters claimed that he withdrew his claims. This Christmas Card proves the exact opposite. Ganswein knows that you cannot be a Your Holiness without still being the Pope. The Pope Emeritus title, which is canonically non existent, is therefore a ruse, invented by Benedict to protect himself.

  1. It’s extremely disappointing that Cardinals Burke, Brandmueller, Muller, Eijk, etc. haven’t shown the spine to activate themselves in bringing a resolution to the question of PBXVI’s likely forced resignation. They should have examined his resignation speech prior to the convening of the conclave that improperly elected PF to the PO which blatantly ignored the rules set out by PJPII & the influence St. Gallen Mafia had on soliciting votes to secure their man in that position. This lack of scrutiny leads one to wonder if they have something to hide in their own private lives that they wish to keep secret? Maybe the fear of disclosure is preventing them from doing their duty as Cardinals? Do they really expect Christ to forgive their “we will not serve” silence whilst PF & cronies introduce idolatry into the centre of His Church with prelates revering pagan idols & giving the Masonic sign of crossed arms over chests to venerate Mother Earth? None of them have spoken about Cardinal Pell’s seemingly unjust incarceration or demanded that sodomite clergy be laicised rather than being given affirmation & promotion by PF. Silence also about the seven million Catholics in China being given over to a Communist state & the purported new secular Mass Cardinal Sarah has been charged with assembling. Have they even given a thought to the absolute necessity for carrying out the Consecration of Russia? The time is almost run out for this to be done yet these silent prelates think they can continue to sit on the fence & await the demise of either PBXVI or PF before taking any action in the matter. They have become as culpable as the St. Gallen Mafia in the eyes of the faithful.

    1. Burke said the other day that Pell should be vindicated. But your other questions about the Cardinals I cannot answer, as I myself do not know. Alas, speaking with a Cardinal is like climing up an ivory tower without a rope, its very difficult and takes a long time and a lot of patience.

  2. I agree , and I was aware of 2016 Ganswein declaration, and also remember that Bergoglio himself ( not only bergoglians) was mad about that .
    His comments in 2016 in a plane , showed how angry he was about that.

    The only point I made was that “Pope Emeritus” and “His Holiness “ , was , as you said, invented by Benedict may be to protect himself and advice the faithful, at the beginnings, in February 2013.

    On the other hand, you are right that “His Holiness” in particular is important NOW, and more important, because is Ganswein AGAIN, but not because it is new , but because that expression has not been used , as far I can remember, since 2013.

    Ganswein 2016 declaration was crucial because he said that Benedict was retaining the Munus as a “contemplative “ Pope .

    Since then, and after, this year, reading your blog among some few others, Is that I am almost convinced that Benedict is the real Pope.

    Thank you for that !

    Moreover , since 2014/5, I was sure that Bergoglio was not Pope in one way or another, because he is also a formal apostate, so he is out of the church.

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