Appeal to Catholics everywhere

Dear Catholics in every nation on earth,

Which do NOT speak

  1. English
  2. French
  3. German
  4. Spanish
  5. Italian
  6. Portuguese
  7. Russian

Brian Murphy, who is producing the Videos, Benedict is still the Pope, is looking for translators who can translate the English original text of the video into all other languages on Earth, which are spoken by Catholics.

In particular, he is looking for translators for

  1. Polish
  2. Arabic
  3. Hindi
  4. Vietnamese
  5. Korean
  6. Tagalog
  7. Swahili
  8. Hungarian
  9. Romanian
  10. Lithuanian
  11. Ukrainian
  12. Croatian
  13. Dutch
  14. Quechua
  15. Aymara

If you can help, please leave your contact information in the comments below, and it will be shared only with Brian Murphy, it will not be published.

Thank you, for all that you are doing for the cause of Pope Benedict!

Here is a link to all the Videos by Brian Murphy

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4 thoughts on “Appeal to Catholics everywhere”

  1. I wouldn’t mi d translating English into Portuguese, but I never translated from videos and don’t know how technically it can be done. If you send me just the text in English, I will translate it into Portuguese…no problem. Yeah, Benedict XVI is our true pope, something most catholics cannot discern….as prophecized! Bergoglio is obviously the false prophet. Have you read his speech to the Roman Curia, of 22nd December? It’s an official agenda to dismantle catholicism, get rid of Jesus and put “man” at the center of the new “paradigm”. “We need to change everything”, he said. And raised his level of labelling and slandering, accusing us of being “unbalanced”, as if we were ‘mental ill’ for being obedient to dogma and tradition. God bless you.

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