Reuters admits existence of Catholics who want Benedict as the Pope

The Official Trademark of the News Agency. Used here merely to illustrate their own report.

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

*This is NOT a Reuters Report, this is a Blog Post about a Report by Reuters*

You know the truth is winning the informational war, when one of the biggest enemies of the truth, Reuters News International, admits the truth. Even they cannot ignore the fact. It is even more devastating for the enemies of the truth, when Reuters suggests to its news distribution network that they admit the existence of the truth!

You can read all about it at

This is the pertinent quote, which Reuters suggests as a leader on their article by Pullela on the new book by Cardinal Sarah and Pope Benedict on Priestly Celibacy:

Some anti-Francis conservatives still see Benedict as their pope

The leading sites of the “Benedict is still the Pope Movement”, also known as the PPBXVI movement, because Benedict still signs as, Benedictus XVI P.P., are as follows: – banner site for the Movement – Joan of Arc of the Movement — Official Site of the Movement at Rome — International Association opposing Kasperite Heretics — Producers of the multilingual Benedict is still the Pope Video — Investigations and news from Rome — Cogent analsysis and polemics


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3 thoughts on “Reuters admits existence of Catholics who want Benedict as the Pope”

  1. I was a skeptic. I totally admit I’m late to the party, because I assumed it would never have legs.
    But maybe it does have legs! Oh boy, I’m all in, after this book, I’m way in.
    Bring back Pope Benedict. Anybody old enough to remember The Bob Newhart Show? When he wakes up and realizes he was still married to his first wife?
    It was all a bad dream.

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