Top Vaticanista: Opposition to Bergoglio in the Roman Curia is at 100%

Rome: January 14, 2020: While Catholics round the world stand in total shock at the apparent eclipse of the Catholic Church on account of the outrageous heresies, blasphemies and political shenanigans of Jorge Mario Bergoglio, a word of great consolation was reported to The From Rome Blog, this Sunday:

Opposition to Bergoglio in the Roman Curia is at 100%. They want him out!

This comes from one of the top Vaticanistas of Rome who has served in the Eternal City for decades. He has deep and widespread network of informants through the Vatican and Curial Departments. He hears the same thing from all of them. No one wants the Argentine. They are counting the days!

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9 thoughts on “Top Vaticanista: Opposition to Bergoglio in the Roman Curia is at 100%”

  1. Too late the hate?

    99% of clergy have cowardly remained silent about Bergoglio’s illegitimate pontificate and even his heresies. They have remained like mute dogs unable to bark while the flock is devoured by this ravenous wolf (Bergoglio). God may allow Bergoglio to remain and destroy what was left of the Church in our age, perhaps as a chastisement for the Church, and for the peril of those who must peril by their wickedness. Let us hope that this is not the case and that God move the good men to act promptly and boldly!!

  2. They invite the devil in and then they regret it! What do you know?
    But itwon’t be that easy. And what they say and are prepared to do could be miles apart. But it’s certainly a consolation and it gives me hope that not so many will be lost in the long run.

    1. Remnant Child,

      A lot of us were fooled by the trick played in Feb. 2013. A lot of us do not know Canon Law nor read Latin. I would imagine that there are many of good will even at the Vatican. Pray for them.

      1. Yes i do They did not all invite him Im-elect him. But those who knowingly did and knew what he was like, to hear them now regret their choice, when the dictator gets out of hand,,,that’s to what I was referring. And all of us have at some stage invited the devil in through sin and then regretted it. So I’m not surprised when it gets away on them. I have hope that many more will come around yet! 😊🙏🏻

  3. They could investigate the validity of PBXVI’s resignation for starters. The many reasons for it not being valid according to canon law has been perfectly reported in this blog. Also, the input of St. Gallen Mafia who entirely disregarded the rules laid down by PJPII for papal conclaves cannot be overlooked, plus the fact that we now know from Argentina that the flaws in PF’s character existed before & during his tenure as Bishop & Cardinal in Buenos Aires. His superior in the Jesuit order spelled them out clearly saying he would not be fit for promotion to high office, yet he was. The reported black spot diagnosed on his brain when taking over the PO was overlooked & never again spoken of. There has been no response to the Dubia & the promised follow-up formal correction has not yet been made.

    By their silence the College of Cardinals have made themselves complicit in their omission to have PF declared unfit for office. They have publicly declined to protect the Deposit of Faith when PF smears it continuously. Stating there is no Hell, all go to Heaven despite Our Lady showing Hell to the three children at Fatima & signing the Abu Dhabi Declaration which says God wills diversity of religions thereby putting schismatics & infidels on a par with the OHC&A Church He founded on St. Peter & First Apostles. His treasonable act of handing over the underground church in China to their Communist regime is diabolical & his handling of the abuse crisis involving moving priests around (including ++McCarrick a disgraced predator), paying humongous sums of money donated by the laity towards their parish costs to cover compensation for their vile acts has been hushed up by those who should have stopped his rampage. Thieving from Peter’s Pence, ongoing homo-erotic orgies within the Vatican, pornographic homosexual mural in Milan Cathedral, crucified cow in Belgian church, blessing & revering Amazonian idols to Mother Earth, including a bowl of dirt placed on the altar while PF said the closing Mass of the Amazonia Synod. etc. etc.

    It is simply not good enough to wait it out until PF dies to then declare him an Antipope. He must be denounced now as the heretic, idolater, blasphemer, False Prophet that he is & excommunicated along with all his appointees. PBXVI should be either re-instated or a new conclave immediately called to elect a truly holy man with the ability to get things sorted & tradition brought back to the universal church once more. We cannot rely on the present College of Cardinals to do their duty as all seem compromised. Divine intervention is desperately required.

  4. YES, RemnantchildofMary! Important observation! Francis has been a PR disaster for the Apostates that elected him now they are stuck with him. I think we are about to see how much of End Times Biblical prophecy and prophecies via Church visionaries is absolute and how much was conditional or able to be mitigated or even possibly canceled. Benedict is certainly fulfilling the “withholding” of the Man of Sin” of 2 Thess. 2:6! Regardless of any mitigations the War between the Great Red Dragon and Our Lady will certainly be ramping up to a whole new level regardless of what happens to Francis. Praise God for all this ends in the greatest victory of Good over Evil the world has ever seen.

  5. Okay, but what will they do to oust Bergoglio? He needs to be declared antipope and PB XVI declared true pope before another faux conclave is called to elect Francis II. This could turn into an even more confusing mess rather quickly.
    Who has faith in these modernists in the Curia? All we here are crickets from the traditional bishops because their jurisdiction has been stripped by apostate Rome and they have no power to do anything. The pseudo-trads with one foot in the novus ordo can’t even bring themselves to denounce V2 so how will they have the courage to fight Bergoglio?

  6. There’s more. They truly did invite the devil in. More than once. The black mass in the early 1960 s …. and the recent Mass in St Peters Basillica when Pachamama was processed in and again, when ‘Mother Earth ‘ was placed on the altar in a pot at the end of the Amazonian sin nod, and there adored by he who governs ROME. These places are full of demons no doubt and must be exorcised..nothing will work until that is done. I wouldn’t go in there myself … but I am a rigid

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