YouTube is despicably Bergoglian

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I am not accustomed to write posts about the Internet, but when I run upon something really disgusting, I feel compelled.

It’s YouTube.

No, and I am not talking about so many of its videos.

I am talking about its search engine. Well, at least how its search engine works when I use it.

I did a search for Videos about Benedict XVI. And in the results it gave me videos of “Pope Francis” in the mix.

If you know anything about search engines, that is not supposed to happen. There is no Pope Benedict in anything of those which appeared entitled “Pope Francis”.

So to avoid the annoyance, I added another search term to the same search, “-Francesco”, which according to the custom of search engines is supposed to guarantee that the search will exclude occurrences of “Francesco”.

But that is not what happened.

In my second search, I also lost videos of Pope Benedict.

That means that YouTube, ostensibly at the request of Bergoglio, has tied the name of “Benedict XVI” to the name “Pope Francis”, so if you try to avoid seeing the Argentine Usurper, you miss out on the Catholic Pope.

That is Despicable!

We are in full 1984 George Orwell mode.

And someone’s ego is over sensitive!

I suggest you fight back. I post the above image
to do my part. We must speak the truth to godless power.

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10 thoughts on “YouTube is despicably Bergoglian”

  1. I wonder if my experience is related somehow, or if anyone else has had this happen recently. Until today I could stay signed into wordpress but now I have to sign in every time after having closed the browser. But more troubling is that I can’t ‘like’ this post! When I hit the ‘like’ button I end up on another site altogether. Anyone else?

  2. I just did a “Pope Benedict XVI” search on youtube and it worked normally for me. Nothing about ‘Francis’ at all. Maybe try signing out and see if that makes a difference. I deleted my google account a couple months ago – maybe that’s why it worked fine for me.

  3. I don’t think so. I’ve made no changes to the settings, and have had no updates. Anyway, know that I was the first to ‘like’ this post! (unless someone else also couldn’t get the ‘like’ button to work).

  4. I did the same search as you, in Italian, and nothing with ‘Francis’ came up. I wondered if location makes a difference so I changed my vpn to Milan and still there was nothing unusual. That’s even more sinister, if it means your computer has been targeted.

    1. I think it is part of YouTube’s policy of trying to get you to look at videos with which you disagree, so that you change your mind if you are not looking at the leftie videos they want you to look at.

  5. I do Military Ration Reviews for Ordo Militaris, well, I don’t even have to search, horrible videos of people who aren’t actually doing reviews but treating the military food as a joke is always recommended, so Anti-Military stuff pops up for me.

    1. It’s almost like their search engine is possessed, when it gives you the opposite of what you are looking for. This is part of the liberal agenda of net neutrality, where everyone who is not a liberal is forced to see, read, heard and watch things which are produced by liberals.

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