George Neumayr — The Prisoner of the Vatican

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

George Neumayr has shattered the controlled narrative of the Bergoglian revolution, with a devastating piece in the American Spectator, Sunday Edition, entitled: The Prisoner of the Vatican: Benedict XVI is pressured into taking his name off a book about clerical celibacy.

In it he precisely and accurately studies the Book Spat which erupted this week between Cardinal Sarah and Bergoglio, and shows what it means about Pope Benedict being totally under the power and control of the St Gallen Mafia Media Establishment.

His piece opens thus:

In one of his last speeches before abdicating in 2013, Pope Benedict XVI decried the liberalism that had seeped into the Church after Vatican II. To this liberalism, he traced “so many problems, so much misery, in reality: seminaries closed, convents closed, the liturgy was trivialized.” But he then proceeded to hand the Church to the very liberals responsible for these problems and to a successor set upon liberalizing the Church even more.

Not long after assuming power, Jorge Bergoglio took a veiled swipe at his predecessor. He told an interviewer that Vatican II had encouraged openness to “modern culture” but that “very little was done in that direction,” a shortcoming he promised to correct: “I have the humility and ambition to want to do something.”

To accelerate his liberal revolution in the Church, however, Pope Francis had to make sure that his predecessor was under control. He accomplished that by having Benedict live on the Vatican grounds — an arrangement designed to muzzle him that has amounted to turning Benedict into the prisoner of the Vatican.

Read the rest at American Spectator: where the screenshot used as the Featured Image above was taken.

And for comparisons, you may want to take a look at From Rome’s Article, The Imprisonment of Pope Benedict XVI, from July 8, 2019, where the events before and after the Renunciation of Feb. 11, 2013 where studied in chronological order to reveal the same reality. An article which was roundly mocked by Bergoglian apologists and Trad Inc. at the time, but which has been proven in the substance of its analysis by recent events.

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Marco Tosatti — Harvard & the Church: Lower the quality to guarantee failure



by Marco Tosatti

Authorized English translation by FromRome.Info


January 19, 2020

Dear Friends of Stilum curiali, Mr. Big Shot went to Mass, and has returned.  Imagine him with ears still ringing … he eats a quick light lunch, and sets to writing. Thus, he sends us this commentary, hot and spicy like an American hot-dog (you will understand the reference, shortly) … Have a good read and ponder what he is saying:


In his homily this morning at Mass, the priest gave a long description of the divisions which exist among religions (which according to him have the same god), among monotheistic religions (even worse), among Christians (worst of all) and finally among Catholics, where there are sects of Traditionalists which oppose the Roman Pontiff (the unforgivable sin).

Finally, he concluded, that we ought to understand and act accordingly. Not by converting, but by going forth, listening, understanding and opening up to others.

And so, I propose to you a simile, which I hope is able to make you understand, appreciate and put what he says into practice.

At Harvard University, they tell this tale to first year students studying for a M.B.A., to not act like know-it-alls as soon as they master the concept of strategic business planning.

So that they wake up to the fact that by erring in a strategic diagnosis and acting on that basis, they can provoke exactly the mistakes which they intended to avoid in the decision making process.

The lesson (spoiler alert!) for us Catholics is that, in erring about the moral diagnosis of how the world imagines itself to have evolved thanks to science and technology; in thinking that we should, therefore, relativize our own Faith so that it is no longer contradicted by the world or discords with other beliefs: we risk well not only to lose the Faith itself, but also to become worthless for anything, and not even serve a purpose for our fellow man.

With a greater risk, in consequence, of being despised even more by other religions which are presently conquering us.  The tale to be reflected upon is this (I will give the shortest possible version):

We are back in the U.S.A. in the Fifties, and a smart European immigrant, with a great sense of entrepreneurship, having understood how to satisfy those in need of a lunch on Wall Street, starts a food service (on a moveable cart) which sells hot dogs.

He furnishes himself with the best quality products (sausage, bread and mustard), sets a more than adequate price and is courteous and kind to his clientel.

After about ten years he is the undisputed leader on Wall Street, with the longest lines of customers (though served quickly) at his already numerous food carts in the quarter.

One of his employes, who argued with him (over pay) begins a rival business to compete with him, but at low cost.

Another 10 years pass by, and our businessman has sent his own son to Harvard with the intention of developing a plan to grow the business and go public on the Stock Exchange (notwithstanding his low cost competitor).

His son having graduated from Harvard, the father asks him to make a strategic analysis and formulate a strategic plan for the family business, including how to deal with competitors and assure a future success.  His son, six months later, calls his father and explains to him that their business will be unsustainable in the future, destined to failure.  Wall Street has grown and changed. Their traditional clientele, according to the son’s diagnosis (mistaken), will have less money to spend, have lower expectations, and are presently receiving a quality way above the price they are paying. And not only that.  The first low-cost competitor will continue to maintain his market share and will grow it into other lines by offering products which are increasingly edgy in quality.  Other competitors, even at a lower cost will appear on every street corner.

According to the son, now is the time to change the business model and to adapt to the market, instead of leading it: lower quality ingredients and products, less service and hence lower prices, more competitive with competitors.

Having heeded his son’s advice, the conclusion becomes obvious six months later: the father is forced to close the business.  And the son has the last word: “Dad, I told you that this business was unsustainable…”

I hope I have illustrated by this simile what will happen to our Church, which already endured the competition of the Protestant Reformation and yet never understood the challenges of the modern world, by adapting Herself instead of taking a leadership position by teaching that Catholic morality is the best, the truest and the one which is valid and indispensable in every time and circumstance.   To adapt Herself to the supposed pretensions of the world means to admit that She is unable to form man to live in the world without becoming attached to the world; that She has not been able to convert him.  But the present reality is only the consequence of bad doctrine and false teaching.  To recognize that all the religions of the world are equal, means that one has not only lost the Faith and wants to lose mankind, but also that he wants broker at a discount with belief in a god of relativism, with beliefs without God, and with superstitions.  This is why the present world, disillusioned with a Church which is thinking like this, looks with hope to a Ratzinger, who has woken from slumber, in his declaration of Faith with Cardinal Sarah, and in Viganò’s denunciations of corruption. And is exulting in them.

(This is an authorized English translation of)





Josquin des Prés: Salve Regina

We continue our review of the Sacred Repertoire of Josquin de Prés, for the edification and religious and cultural education of our readers, with this performance of his Salve Regina, which was customarily sung at the end of Compline, the last hour of the Divine Office, from the Saturday before Trinity Sunday until the Saturday before Advent.

These music videos will be published daily at 5 pm Rome Time, 11 AM New York city time, and 3 AM Sydney, Australia, time.

Flagship of Sedes presages PPBXVI Movement Victory in 2020

There is no news more pleasant to hear, than that one’s rivals, having surveyed the battle fields in advance, announce that victory will be yours.

It came on Facebook, from Novus Ordo Watch, the veritable Flagship of the Sedevacantist Movement:


14 hrs · It looks like this is the year the “Benedict XVI is the real Pope” deception will find mainstream acceptance: It lets people rid themselves of Bergoglio without having to embrace the dreaded and hated Sedevacantism. The facts about Ratzinger will be ignored — too inconvenient!

What is a Sedevacantist?

Sedevacantists hold in general that there have been no true popes since Pius XII. They accept the error of Luther that there is no authority or unity in the Church except that which is given the individual by the virtue of Faith. Thus, holding themselves as purer than all others, after the manner of Jansenists, they judge nearly everyone a heretic and thus outside of the Church. Their special target is all who hold an office which comes down through Apostolic Succession, because that is the real threat to their error and their egos.

So when these guys say you are winning, its a great day indeed! Amen. Praise God.

In the end the truth wins out!

POSTCRIPT: The anonymous editor at Novus Ordo Watch read my editorial and pouted on Twitter, thus:

I would just point out that he has fallen into the same childish error of Steve Skojec of throwing around insulting epithets which have the characteristic of being logically contradictory of the position of whom they attempt to pin them to. In my case, I am not a Resignationist, Skojec is, because I hold that no resignation took place, and he does. I am also not a Bennyvacantist, because I do not hold that Pope Benedict vacated the Apostolic See, Skojec does. — I adjoin this postscript just to point out the level of maturity of my interlocutors. You make the judgement.

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Where Father Zuhlsdorf gives a much merited correction…

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I will confess that while I respect all priests, I love a priest who explains what Latin words mean. That is what attracted me to start reading Father Zuhlsdorf’s blog more than a decade ago, in the lost halls of memory….

But what makes a priest worthy of admiration by his own merit — not just his exalted status as an Ambassador of God Most High and Dispenser of the Mysteries of God — is that he knows when and how to employ the sword of truth to correct errant men.

And that is why you need to stop by Father Z’s blog and read his recent post entitled, Remember #UniteTheClans, where Fr. Z rants. For a good sermon deserves widespread public attention.

The topic Father Z takes in hand is the recent Acies Ordinata secret public protest in Munich, Bavaria, against Cardinal Marx’s fiendish plans to make the Catholic Church in Germany even less Christian than the NAZI party, if that is possible, but how Acies Ordinata has got the method all wrong.

Did I fail to mention that it is alleged that Archbishop Viganò was in attendance?

Take it from a man who as a priest,  knows how the machinery of the Church works and when it is damaging or even useless to pour eau du toilette into the carburetor.

For a detailed report in Italian from someone who appears to have been to Munich, see Vik van Brantegem’s report at, from which the screen shot used as the Featured Image of this post comes.

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Has Diane Montagna joined the PPBXVI Movement?

January 19, 2020: Nearly a year ago, From Rome had to take the occasion to publicly rebut the many errors spread in a report by Diane Montagna, published at Life Site News, entitled, Did Benedict really resign?

In that article she recited the positions on both sides of the debate, regarding the Renunciation of Pope Benedict, whether it be valid or not. Her article inclined on the side which holds it is valid, or is to be presumed as valid. She interviewed Cardinals Burke and Brandmueller and Dr. de Mattei, along with Archbishop Gänswein.

But it seems her views have changed, or at least, she considers that it is professionally no longer a risk to manifest them:

Screenshot_2020-01-18 Home Twitter

For just 3 days ago, Diane Montagna tweeted this Meme from her personal twitter account.

And its import seems to signal that  she has jumped ship and joined the PPBXVI Movement, which is the name From Rome gives to those Catholics who remain in communion with Pope Benedict, because the recognize that he is still the Pope according to the laws of the Church. (The Official site of the movement is

Note, that Miss Montagna does not call Benedict, “Pope Emeritus”. Note how many like it but yet do not retweet it. The Non-Think is breaking and soon the growth rate of Catholics who accept Benedict as the only and true Pope will be growing at near infinite rates of acceleration! (Sarmaticus take note!)

She follows up that tweet with another, showing that she is thinking it through:

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How to Franchise the spirit of the Crusades

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Contrary to the superstitions and smears of unbelievers, the Crusades were without a doubt the most glorious age of the Catholic Faith. Catholic men, in penance for their sins, at the call of Pope Bl. Urban II, while an Anti-pope ruled at Rome, sold all their possessions and went on pilgrimage to Jerusalem to free Christians from imprisonment, slavery, torture, rape, murder, beheadings and forced conversions to Islam and to liberate the Holy Places which were Sanctified by the footsteps of Our Lord, risking their fame, fortune and very lives for the love of God Most High.

Dozens of Saints and Blesseds served on the Crusades. It was not an era be-plagued by the errors of anti-Christian ideologies, such as pacifism, quietism, pietism and sentimentalism. If you were a man, you showed you were a man by taking the pledge of the Cross and sacrificing everything in the greatest work of mercy conceivable, risking your own life for the life of a fellow brother in Christ, persecuted by a godless superstition.

In our own age, this spirit has inspired many a man to heroic deals and high ideals, even though we have not the opportunity to do what our Crusader forefathers did nor the kind of manly clergy which that age long past enjoyed in abundance.

But the need to defend persecuted Catholics goes on and on. And for this reason, we all have the need to share in the spirit of the Crusaders of old.

At the Ordo Militaris Catholicus, we are keenly aware of this need to provide opportunities for all Catholics to share in this heroic spirit of our forefathers, and to join in the effort to defend Christendom, even if they are not called to the military vocation.

And we have developed a plan to do this.

It is called Franchising the Spirit of the Crusades, and it involves the formation of a network of Catholic businesses which work together for their mutual benefit and to raise support for the defense of Christians.

If you are a Catholic Businessman or aim to be one, I invite you to learn more about this Franchise Network, see the OMC Franchise offer and request a prospectus.

Deus Vult!


Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Ordo Militaris. Inc.
302 N. Last Chance Gulch, Suite 409
Helena, MT 59601

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Poll: Do we need Military Intervention at the Vatican?

In view of the Massive public interest in the welfare of Pope Benedict, the growing and soon to explode public consensus that He is still the true and only Pope and that Bergoglio is an uncanonical anomaly, From Rome wants to take the pulse of Christendom with a poll asking a very very impolitic question. Please share this on all social media, so we can get the best response:

[polldaddy poll=10492909]

This poll will remain open for 7 days.

+ + +

Disclaimer: The taking of this poll in no way implies any action, support or condoning of private military or armed action against the Vatican City State or anyone in its territories. It is merely a journalistic appeal to know what people are thinking and how strongly they feel it. Whether the USA or an Italian government in the future might take this action or not, is neither foreseen nor solicited by

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Dr. Roberto De Mattei: Strike! Two!

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I cannot remain silent, despite as much as I am loath to publicly correct someone with a Doctorate in History. I know I did it before, but it seems to have been of no help.

I speak of Dr. Roberto De Mattei, writing over at Correspondenza Romana (See original), here at Rome, in a piece which Rorate Caeli graciously published in English translation. (See Here), entitled, The Real Mess is the co-habitation of Two Popes.

And I quote,

This situation is the consequence of a grave theological error by Cardinal Ratzinger. By keeping the title Pope emeritus, as happens with bishops, he appears to believe that the rise to the Papacy imprints an indelible mark similar to that of the priesthood. In reality, the sacramental grades of the priesthood are three only: the diaconate, the priesthood and the episcopacy. The Papacy belongs to another hierarchy in the Church, the jurisdictional one, or the governmental one, wherein it is the apex. When a Pope is elected, he receives the office of supreme jurisdiction, not a sacrament with an indelible mark.

The priesthood can’t even be lost by death, because it subsists “in aternum” . The papacy, on the other hand, can be lost, not only by death, but also in the case of voluntary renunciation or of manifest, notorious heresy. If he renounces being pontiff, the Pope ceases to be such: he has no right to wear white nor impart the Apostolic Blessing. He, from a canonical point of view, is no longer even a cardinal, but goes back to being a simple bishop.* Unless his renunciation is invalid: but this, in the case of Benedict XVI, should be proven. Effectively, the title of Pope today is being given to both Francis and Benedict, but one is certainly abusive, as only one [man] can be Pope in the Church.  

Emphasis in Red added, Asterisk added

In a piece, entitled, It’s all happening. Rorate Caeli is coming onside. Benedict is Pope, Ann Barnhardt is elated that De Mattei and hence Rorate Caeli by informed consent, has admitted that it is a theological error. And she is correct, that is at least one little baby step in the right direction. But that is all it is.

Because it is reduced to  nothing, by the second thing worthy of note in De Mattei’s piece, that I highlighted in red.

And this regards something I just pointed out to Mr. Verrechio at Louie Verrechio’s AKA Catholic, a fortress of Sedevacantism, on his article entitled, Benedict XVI: Superhero,, Villain or Victim, where Louie fires an entire broadside at me personally. (That is O.K., though, since I have Ironsides)

Namely, as regards the correct legal presumption in acts of Renunciation, as in all legal acts which follow ius testimentarie as in Last Wills and Testiments and successions etc..

Lurking in the Comments, as Romanus sum, I wrote there:


You got the legal presumption wrong.

A renunciation is presumed invalid unless it clearly renounces that which it is supposed to renounce.

Just like a last testament is invalid, unless it clearly says it is leaving something to someone.

For those who know Bellarmine, a doubtful pope is not a pope, it is the application of the same legal concept of interpretation to the opposite circumstances.

All this has to do with the concept of Cessation of power. In law, the cessation of power is not presumed. Thus, the cessation of right is not presumed. Contrariwise, in the election of a man to the papacy, we have the right and the Church is bound by law, not to regard it valid unless it meets all the necessary requirements of validity and or legitimacy.

Thus, a doubtfully resigned pope is still pope.

So, since I have corrected an Italian American in the USA, I guess there is no harm correcting an Italian at Rome, who spent years in Brazil.

So Dr. De Mattei, if I can be so bold — and I will be — though it is contrary to what a Franciscan should so in normal circumstances — but now is not normal. Since the Rule of Saint Francis obliges us to hold fast to Roman Pontiffs canonically elected, I would point out to you by a personal note, that THE INVALIDITY OF THE RENUNCIATION MADE BY POPE BENEDICT







It does not need to be proven, because according to ius testimentarie, that is the genus of right which regards testaments, THE INVALIDLY IS PRESUMED unless it is proven otherwise by a clear and certain statement!

For the Record, Mr. Verrecchio holds that the Renunciation is invalid, as a conclusion. Dr. de Mattei holds that it is valid as a presumption. Each is a different error, and Verrecchio is a better thinker, in my judgement. But until everyone gets the legal principle right, the problem wont be solved.

As I replied again to Louie, in the same post,

Dear Mr. Verrechio,

I did read your comment, you said that you conclude that the resignation is invalid until proven otherwise.

I said, the legal presumption is that a resignation is invalid until proven otherwise.

The point seems to be a fine one, but it is not. A presumption of law is a principle, not a conclusion. It does not exist under certain circumstances and in certain minds or as derived from certain beliefs or not. It exists a priori to all of these on account of the very nature of the legal act.

You do not have to prove it (the invalidity). You do have to accept it (the legal principle), to be a sane rational person…

I could have more easily commented on Dr. de Mattei’s piece by simply saying:



If you would only read sources which are found outside of the clique of approved outlets you read! >>


And you do not need to take me at my word. Ask any attorney-at-law who practices Estate Law or simply peruse my notes from my meetings with 2 top Canon Lawyers at  Rome:


* Just a short note on what happens to a pope who validly resigns. If he was a Cardinal beforehand, he returns to being a Cardinal. This is shown by the statement drawn up by Pope Pius XII in the case of an invasion of the Vatican by Axis forces during World War II. In the case of Pope Celestine V, he returned to being a hermit, because that is what he was before he was the Pope, though he remained a bishop, having been consecrated such after his election (Not all popes were consecrated Bishops). Unless of course, before one resigns, he makes other dispositions, as certainly is within his power to do so. Thus, Pope Benedict, if he really wanted ever to resign validly, could have first established the canonical status he would adopt after resignation, declare his resignation would take place on a certain date, resign on that date, and then assume that status which as Pope he had granted himself as the man who would be soon NOT the pope.

THIS ARTICLE has been published simultaneously in Italian at ChiesaRomna.Info

CREDITS: The featured image is by the author of this article.

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