Flagship of Sedes presages PPBXVI Movement Victory in 2020

There is no news more pleasant to hear, than that one’s rivals, having surveyed the battle fields in advance, announce that victory will be yours.

It came on Facebook, from Novus Ordo Watch, the veritable Flagship of the Sedevacantist Movement:


14 hrs · It looks like this is the year the “Benedict XVI is the real Pope” deception will find mainstream acceptance: It lets people rid themselves of Bergoglio without having to embrace the dreaded and hated Sedevacantism. The facts about Ratzinger will be ignored — too inconvenient!

What is a Sedevacantist?

Sedevacantists hold in general that there have been no true popes since Pius XII. They accept the error of Luther that there is no authority or unity in the Church except that which is given the individual by the virtue of Faith. Thus, holding themselves as purer than all others, after the manner of Jansenists, they judge nearly everyone a heretic and thus outside of the Church. Their special target is all who hold an office which comes down through Apostolic Succession, because that is the real threat to their error and their egos.

So when these guys say you are winning, its a great day indeed! Amen. Praise God.

In the end the truth wins out!

POSTCRIPT: The anonymous editor at Novus Ordo Watch read my editorial and pouted on Twitter, thus:

I would just point out that he has fallen into the same childish error of Steve Skojec of throwing around insulting epithets which have the characteristic of being logically contradictory of the position of whom they attempt to pin them to. In my case, I am not a Resignationist, Skojec is, because I hold that no resignation took place, and he does. I am also not a Bennyvacantist, because I do not hold that Pope Benedict vacated the Apostolic See, Skojec does. — I adjoin this postscript just to point out the level of maturity of my interlocutors. You make the judgement.

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5 thoughts on “Flagship of Sedes presages PPBXVI Movement Victory in 2020”

  1. Dear Editor! Encouraging words. As a new convert to Catholicism leading a group against the modernism in the Cleveland Diocese called Save Our Church it was a few dominating sedevacantists that so demoralized me in my efforts that I abandoned public prayer protests. What to do with these folks proved too much for me. What you are doing with this site has given me some hope because it, as you point out here, seems to be bring back some sanity among those who should have long ago been united against this modernist plague that has run free like a cancer for over a century in the Church.

  2. Among other things the Sedes do not seem to realise how much they do not know. They judge as if they know all about all. Yes, they do not accept authority; even from heaven. Many popes in the past 50+ years (not all though) have been virtual prisoners in the Vatican- surrounded by Masonic forces and pressed on every side.

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