Has Diane Montagna joined the PPBXVI Movement?

January 19, 2020: Nearly a year ago, From Rome had to take the occasion to publicly rebut the many errors spread in a report by Diane Montagna, published at Life Site News, entitled, Did Benedict really resign?

In that article she recited the positions on both sides of the debate, regarding the Renunciation of Pope Benedict, whether it be valid or not. Her article inclined on the side which holds it is valid, or is to be presumed as valid. She interviewed Cardinals Burke and Brandmueller and Dr. de Mattei, along with Archbishop Gänswein.

But it seems her views have changed, or at least, she considers that it is professionally no longer a risk to manifest them:

Screenshot_2020-01-18 Home Twitter

For just 3 days ago, Diane Montagna tweeted this Meme from her personal twitter account.

And its import seems to signal that  she has jumped ship and joined the PPBXVI Movement, which is the name From Rome gives to those Catholics who remain in communion with Pope Benedict, because the recognize that he is still the Pope according to the laws of the Church. (The Official site of the movement is ppbxvi.org)

Note, that Miss Montagna does not call Benedict, “Pope Emeritus”. Note how many like it but yet do not retweet it. The Non-Think is breaking and soon the growth rate of Catholics who accept Benedict as the only and true Pope will be growing at near infinite rates of acceleration! (Sarmaticus take note!)

She follows up that tweet with another, showing that she is thinking it through:

+ + +

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