Beware of Laymen posing as the Church

Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I have always had the Catholic sense that the Church was founded by a Priest and was handed down to us through the Twelve Priests and through them and priests throughout the generations to ourselves and to our own time. I have always found that laymen do not have the moral, intellectual or even common sense abilities of priests. And I have never heard a prophetic word which touched my heart which came from the mouth of anyone but a priest.

The priesthood is part of the Catholic Religion. Believing in the power and dignity of the priesthood is part of the Catholic Faith. I would say it is de fide.

For that reason, I cannot contain my shock and consternation what what LifeSite News just did through publishing a report by Maike Hickson, entitled, Catholic Laity protest Cardinal Marx …..

Because, as LifeSite News knows, and as Mrs. Hickson knows, Archbishop Viganò was present. And that means it was not the “Catholic Laity” who protested, it was the Catholic Faithful, because it was not just laymen, and not just laymen make up the Church or count. — GOODNESS, the very top photo in the article is of Archbishop Viganò who is not a layman!

But this mistake was no error. It was lapsus linguae which, in my judgement, revealed the true spirit behind the political PAC which backs LifeSite News and the true spirit behind Trad Inc, which is run entirely by laymen and laywomen (with minor exceptions).

Namely, they have accepted the Protestant error that the Church is composed first of the non-ordained and that the non-ordained have the pride of place in the Church.

That error is called laicism. It is the contrary error of clericalism.

And we all know how FreeMasons love to play with contrary errors to lead everyone astray.

Here at FromRome.Info you will never see that error made, because the rule of all our journalism is the Catholic Faith the way it has always been.


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9 thoughts on “Beware of Laymen posing as the Church”

  1. “But this mistake was no error. It was lapsus linguae which, in my judgement, revealed the true spirit behind the political PAC which backs LifeSite News and the true spirit behind Trad Inc, which is run entirely by laymen and laywomen (with minor exceptions).”

    Agree. The devil has many strategies. Discernment in times such as these is most difficult when leadership from the hierarchy is lacking. Personally, I look to Archbishop Vigano for direction. I hope he realizes his responsibly to not only correct the clergy but also the laity who are easily carried away in these chaotic times.

    1. In this chaotic time, do they have the will or the habit to listen to correction even should it come from the likes of Abp Vigano? Time will tell. Perhaps the strategy to “Recognize and Resist” has become so ingrained in organizations such as the PAC which backs LifeSite News and others that they are unable to humble themselves in order to accept correction. Whatever the source of blindness and deafness, it is troublesome to be sure.

      1. I think LifeSite News adopts positions on the basis of the funding they get from their PAC. Therefore, I do not think their positions will change with reality, since they are not based on reality.

  2. Brother Alex, I am a layperson, child of God. God does not want us to create division amongst the faithful, that is how satan steps in You have overstepped the mark and should make amends to those who are also trying to stand for God. St Paul had the same problem.


    10 Now I beseech you, brethren, by the name of our Lord Jesus Christ, that you all speak the same thing, and that there be no schisms among you; but that you be perfect in the same mind, and in the same judgment.

    11 For it hath been signified unto me, my brethren, of you, by them that are of the house of Chloe, that there are contentions among you.

    12 Now this I say, that every one of you saith: I indeed am of Paul; and I am of Apollo; and I am of Cephas; and I of Christ.

    13 Is Christ divided? Was Paul then crucified for you? or were you baptized in the name of Paul?

  3. Kever,

    I totally agree with the teaching of Scripture, that is what motivated me to point out the fault of LifeSite which is not an organ of the Church, but of a political PAC. And for the record LifeSite decided to blacklist the PPBXVI movement a long time ago, so I am not causing a schism, I am only pointing out the inclination of mind of those who foster them.

    I like the fact you quoted Scripture, but I remind you, that to quote scripture to defend error, is a mortal sin of sacrilege. So before quoting Scripture, examine thyself.

  4. Bravo, it is about time someone said this. We expect modernists to act like Protestants but when Traditionalists do I cringe. The laity are entitled to opinions but they must respect the Divine order.

  5. When you touch someone’s idol, they scream “Sacrilege!”. I am getting some strong reactions in private for this piece, which means that it is totally on point and needs to be said. A public error merits public vituperation. And a wise man loves those who correct him. — And yes, I am a layman, not a priest, so do not expect to hear the words of a priest from my mouth. The Church is founded by Christ Jesus the High Priest and upon the Apostles who were each Pontiffs. The strong current of laicism in the Church is a direct result of the intended errors of Vatican II. and it has poisoned many an apostolate. May God raise up holy priests and let us all encourage respect for the priesthood above all other vocations, or we will give youth the wrong idea about what the Church really according to God’s Intentions is meant to be.

  6. P.S., as I have never met Our Lady, the Saints and since Angels do not have lips, I stand by my statement about inspired words from lips of priests, but leave this note to explain to those unable to understsand the context of what they read, the manner in which I spoke.

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