Pope Benedict is not only a prisoner, his guards have been carefully selected

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In a truly great piece of investigative journalism, Ann Barnhardt has just published a devastating exposé of what kind of staff have been placed in the Mater Ecclesiae Monastery to monitor, watch and guard Pope Benedict during the last neigh 7 years. As I reported last year, it is clear that Pope Benedict has been imprisoned, in a certain sort of way. Information control is the principal objective. Even George Neumayr admitted this in a piece in The American Spectator, this Sunday past, entitled, The Prisoner of the Vatican.

Barnhardt’s report is astounding. You cannot make this up. Members of a corruption riddled organization with ties to all the money and the power to protect the worst of their own members.

This report is truly troubling. To think of what the Holy Father must have had to endure for nearly 7 years, surrounded by those loyal to his captors, betrayed by all, and not only by his former secretary!

In a post entitled, Memo to Pope Benedict’s Prison Guards: Increased Sequestration and Total Silence, Barnhardt explains the networking behind Memores Domini, the group of women who assist Pope Benedict in all the necessities of the day.

Her report opens, thus:

Pope Benedict is surrounded by “minders” from the “Communion and Liberation” organization. His household staff consists of lay women who swear creepy oaths of obedience to Communion and Liberation and its head, Father Julián Carrón. These women are called “Memores Domini”.

C&L is similar to the Legionaries of Christ in that it seeks first financial power, and is massively financially corrupt. It is also riddled with horrific sexual corruption. It would not be unreasonable to describe C&L as the Italian analogue to the Legionaries of Christ. Both market themselves as “soft-right”, “moderate-conservative” groups in order to maximize their grift, targeting the wealthy “elite” and those with political power. C&L brags that through its top members, it has connection to over €100 billion in assets.

She also quotes an ominous suggestion by a leading member of the same umbrella organization, Communione e Liberazione, who is insisting that Benedict shut up and be put under tighter control.  And I think Barnhardt is correct in her interpretation.

Ann Barnhardt’s personal website, Barnhardt.biz, is a treasure trove of information on the corruption in the Church, and is a highly recommended read. If you want to comment on her article, here below, you are welcome to do so, because her site does not have comments.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the article at Barnhard’s website. The quotes above are from the original article, and comply with fair use.

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14 thoughts on “Pope Benedict is not only a prisoner, his guards have been carefully selected”

  1. I appreciate your ongoing positive response and significant efforts to truly “Unite the Clans” under the banner of PPBXVI. Thank you for reposting Miss Barnhardt’s and Mr. Voris’s recent article’s at From Rome.

  2. God bless you Bro. Alex for the work you are doing for the Church at this critical moment.This is my first ever comment at onnline site despite reading most of the the Catholic sites. I know the suffering you are going through but take courage because you have been specially chosen by God to lead the church in the final battle against Satan. For everything you have done is contained in the Book of Truth by Maria Divine Mercy since November 2010 to March 2015. In that Book the plot to remove PBXVI was detailly shown to the world by our Lord Jesus Christ and Our Blessed Mother the Virgin Mary.Please l urge you to read the messages of:
    1. February,11th,2012 and 12th April 2012.Please brother the tactics to ignore these messages by the main Catholic sites has been the main target of the enemies of the church.The for this period is clearly stated there and you are the one our Lord Jesus Christ has chosen to speak in the midst of defening silence of those who should talk. Check this message of 10 the of May,2014. I speak more on this later.Thank you and God bless you

  3. Dear New Era of Peace,

    As you can see, the page you referred me to was modified on Feb 1, 2016, and does not represent an authentic prophecy from Feb. 11, 2012. See image at https://fromrome.files.wordpress.com/2020/01/capture.png

    You see, I have worked on computers for more than 25 years, and I know the tricks of information authentication. You are being very imprudent in trusting anything written on the Internet of this kind. If you do not believe me, buy a copy of the book you claim to trust in, printed in 2012 to see if it contains the prophecy you claim. I bet you cannot find such a printed copy, because such “a prophecy it never existed on that date, just as the author of the book of Truth admitted on Radio, that she makes it all up and back dates everything to fool simple folk.

    1. No I did not, I think. But as I said in another post, the messages in the Book of Truth are all back dated to make them appear to be prophecies. I showed with an image how that can be demonstrated.

  4. Br. Alexis, I appreciate all you are doing for our Beloved Pope Benedict, but I must correct you with your statement on this particular Book of Truth message of Feb 11, 2012.

    I was reading the messages from the Book of Truth back before the ousting and false resignation of our Beloved Pope Benedict. My wife and I both watched as Jorge Bergoglio stepped out onto the loggia on March 13, 2013 and we both knew already that this strange man was “The False Prophet” because we knew the messages from a year before that. The messages were NOT backdated as you believe. I’m not sure when the Books came into print for the public, but the original website was indeed there with all the original messages at the time they were given. The message was NOT backdated. I too know computers and the Internet very well. I was the creator of The Mystical City of God website back in 1999 before much of what the Internet is today. I created it using a WebTV. My site is now only visible on the Wayback Machine. Thank God for that tool or there wouldn’t be any evidence of my website, inspired by the Holy Spirit. The Wayback Machine is a trusted citation for webpages now for future reference.

    Here is your proof of the message in question of Feb 11, 2012 …

    The screenshot you cited was from “mybookoftruth” was not the original website. Also you cannot look at a “modified” date because that date is updated whenever the website is maintained for whatever reason. Mine are modified all the time. You have to look at the original date of creation. But your “evidence” doesn’t even matter since the one you cited isn’t the original website or domain.

    Here is a capture by “The Wayback Machine” of The Warning Second Coming website, (the original Book of Truth site), as it originally appeared on Feb 15, 2012. As you can see, the message of Feb 11, 2012 was in fact there. It wasn’t backdated as you say, unless a person can time travel from 2013 back to 2012. On Feb 15, 2012, the date this “capture” was taken, no one knew that Benedict would be ousted, especially not a charlatan like Mary Carberry, who happens to be nothing but a “plant”, a shill for the Masonic forces in control of the Vatican. She IS NOT the real Maria Divine Mercy. We in the Remnant Army know this. That woman is playing a role so as to deceive and discredit our Blessed Lord’s mission. Don’t fall for their propaganda. I hope you post this comment since it’s only right. God Bless


    1. Bob,

      I greatly appreciate that you have a forensic approach to this question of authenticity. But let me assure you all of Europe knew of the plot to assasinate Benedict if he did not resign as of Feb. 12, 2012, because it was in the newspapers of the UK and Germany and Italy before that date. Since the author is from Ireland she would have read those reports. Also Giuseeppe Aurucchio had already given similar prophecies before Feb. 12, 2012. So anyone with knowledge of such things could have simply repeated and modified such things. In ecclesiastical circles there was no doubt that Bergoglio was on the way and he was as he is now. So someone that dishonest as to fake prophecy (it is a mortal sin to fake a prophecy) might also have information from the Lavender Mafia to sufficiently make credible but fake prophecy.

      The thing is, you need to take a step back and remember the principles of true prophecy. God never gives prophecy through a sinner. Therefore, the Church has never accepted prophecy as true except if the person has been investigated and found to have a life of holiness. A book of prophecy written by an anonymous person is simply an absurdity. I hope you see that such a manner of giving prophecy is only a way of concealing that it really does not come from God. Prophets were never anonymous persons on the internet or writing books. Nearly all the Saints who gave prophecy only did it because they were commanded by their spiritual director or superior, since if you make so much as the addition of one word, you can be damned for all eternity.

      So I hope you now realize that you have no proof as to your assertion, but rather than the principles of discernment conclude decisively that this book should not be read, it is of the devil.

  5. Like l wrote the last time my three detailed responses on this issue have not been published. I have painfully retyped them and these have not reached you.

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