The Dark Root of the St. Gallen Mafia

By Br.  Alexis Bugnolo

I know by divine faith that God and His Elect in Heaven do nothing without a purpose. And that means the Holy Mother of God, Queen of Heaven, also does nothing without purpose.

Cardinal Nuno da Cunha de Athaíde

So imagine my amazement when I discovered that the place of Her most stunning and memorable apparition, at Fatima, Portugal, is in the diocese of a 18th Century Bishop, whose episcopal lineage can be traced down to Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio.

I speak of Cardinal Nuno da Cunha de Athaíde, who was at one time Bishop of the region where Fatima is now found! A coincidence? — I had to investigate!

I stumbled upon this by examining Bergoglio’s episcopal lineage. Among his episcopal forebears is Alexander Cardinal Mattei, whose co-consecrator was Archbishop Marcantonio Conti, who was in turn consecrated principally by Francisco Cardinal de Saldanha da Gama, and thence to Cardinal da Cunha, thus:



Even more curious, is that Cardinal da Cunha de Athaide, was Cardinal priest of Sant’Anatasia, here at Rome: a Church which is nearly in the geographical center of the Eternal City. This got me to pay attention even more.

Cardinal Nuno de Cunha de Athaide is buried at Sant’Anatasia, a name which means in Greek, the Resurrection.  A rather obscure historical figure, but whose tomb appears on lists of important persons for tourists to visit at Rome.

He came from a military family which had close ties to the British Crown, at about the time of the founding of the Masonic Lodge in London in 1717. He was chief inquisitor of Portugal.

In our own time, it is perhaps not insignificant, which Cardinal held the same title of Saint’Anastasia, as Cardinal de Cunha did in the 18th century: Cardinal Godfried Danneels, the leader of “Team Bergoglio” and architect of the “election” of Jorge Mario Bergoglio! Cardinal Danneels was one of the first members of the St. Gallen Mafia made a Cardinal, by Pope John Paul II in 1983! He was, at it were, its senior member, and perhaps that is why it was his duty to organize the coup? He was Cardinal patron of Saint’Athanasia from 1983 until his death on March 14, 2019.

Even the successor of Cardinal Danneels as Carinal patron of Sant’Athanasia is an episcopal descendant of Cardinal de Cunha, through Cardinal Cassaroli and then through Cardinal Mattei: I speak of “Cardinal” Eugenio Dal Corso, who before becoming a Bishop, served as a Missionary from 1975 to 1986 at Buenos Aires, Argentina, and thus may be a personal acquaintance of Father Jorge Mario Bergoglio, S. J., from those years. Bergoglio presumed to name Dal Corso a cardinal on October 5, 2019, the day after the satanic rituals in the Vatican Gardens. Dal Corso presumed to take the titular see of Saint’Athanasia the very same day. Another coincidence.

Could this 18th Century Portuguese Cardinal, Nuno de Cunha de Athaide, have been the founder of the Satanic clique which we now call the St Gallen Mafia? or Team Bergoglio?

Coat of Arms of Cardinal de Cunha, with Cardinal’s Hat and Tassels.

The other strange thing about the Portuguese Cardinal is his coat of arms, which when you connect the escutcheons which surround it, it forms an inverted Pentagram. — And for those who pay attention to numerology, the number of the coins (25) and devices (9) equals 34 (symbolic of the AntiChrist), because it is the number which follows 33 (which is symbolical of Christ Jesus) on account of what Our Lord says in John 5:43, according to the Douay Rheims Bible:

I am come in the name of my Father, and you receive me not: if another shall come in his own name, him you will receive.

If these facts are not mere coincidences, then it may be that at the Church of Sant’Anatasia for at least 3 centuries, there has been a cultic center of a Satanic group of clergy at the highest levels. I say cultic, because they seem careful to guard it from outsiders.

Many scholars have already noted, that the apparitions of Our Lady at Fatima in 1917 marked the 200th anniversary of the founding of the Masonic Lodge. But now I think scholars have to start considering if the place of Her apparitions was also to indicate against which group of Masons She appeared to warn the world and provide a remedy. For where Her Immaculate foot descends, there the head of the serpent is crushed forever!


CREDITS: The image of the Cardinal is in the public domain. The sketch of his coat of arms is from Araldica Vaticana, without attribution of origin. The Featured Image is a detail of Miguel Cabrera’s, Virgin of the Apocalypse, showing the foot of the Immaculate Virgin crushing the head of the serpent.

UPDATED: June 25, 2020, with input from comments here below, which noted that I had confused Archbishop Orazio Mattei (who consecrated Scipione de Ricci, who called the Council of Pistoia) with Alexander Cardinal Mattei. So I eliminated the reference.



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24 thoughts on “The Dark Root of the St. Gallen Mafia”

  1. It is ironic that these personages who were at the origins of the ‘St. Gallen Mafia’ and what it stands for were political Jansenists who were fought against vigorously by the then Jesuits, who were suppressed under Pope Clement xiv, who was influenced by the very Gallican powers advocating diminution of papal authority.

    And now, we have a manifestly counterfeit Jesuit, Bergoglio, who is their willing agent.

    1. Actually it is not irony, but long term trans-generational strategy to attack from without, infiltrate from within, and cause institutional implosions. They are very wicked, and very patient and they know how to play people.

  2. Thank you Brother Bugnolo–

    Our beloved Lady of Fatima also chose to appear on the 400th Anniversary of Martin Luther patron saint of Bergoglio and founder of Protestantism–though nothing to celebrate (except for Bergoglio of course who flew to Sweden to do just that) but rather to defeat.

    Of further interest, masons around Fatima itself hotly opposed Fatima at the time–attempting to cut down the holm oak on and over which the Virgin Mary appeared (they chopped the wrong one–Burros!); destroy the chapel; and one of their number–the infamous mayor of neighboring Orem–went so far as to kidnap the three beautiful children on August 13, 1917.

    This had the effect of increasing the number of visits of the Blessed Mother–who appeared after a fashion to the faithful gathered at the Cova and six days later to the children after they regained their freedom.

    “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, alone thou hast destroyed all heresies!”

    P. S. I invite your attention to a very worthy Rosary endeavor, unlike Clueless in Munich very humble. Rosary to the For Candlemas. For our purification–who does not beed that? And, for the purification of the Church. Second Annual. Even though its founder James Larson, and you and I, may disagree at present on precisely who Francis is, nonetheless this is a very worthy Endeavor, and not inconsistent with our divergent beliefs on what is the most pressing question of the day.

  3. Our Holy Mother’s coming victory over the present hijacked Vatican (with its support of and use of the Muslim faith and its peoples to destroy authentic Christian faith and culture) I believe can be foreseen in Heaven’s choice to send the Holy Mother specifically to “Fatima” named after the most honored of the daughters of Muhammad. Would this not tell us that in the end what was meant to destroy the Church will instead become a major conquest for the Kingdom of God? Even now many Muslims are being awaken to the Christian faith which increasing conversions will certainly bring a most needed humility within those who will be finally brought to faith among the Israelites.

  4. Dear br Brugnolo, I follow your blog and I find myself most of the time in agreement with your analysis. This time, however, I went to check the list of titular cardinals of Santa Anastasia and I found also the name of blessed card. Ferrari. don’t you think it’s a good counterexample to your theory?
    thanks a lot for your good work,

    1. Luca,

      No, because I never said they had always controlled the Church. Who knows, maybe God sent the Blessed There to prevent evil in his days.

      Remember, a Cardinal can only chose a church as his Cardinalate position when that position becomes vacant, and only then with the approval of the pope and perhaps the Cardinal Dean — I do not know the process — so I imagine that this group could only get control of the Church again when they had influence with the Pope. And that means it might be that for long times they did not have it.

      Finally, if you go to the Index on Benedict’s renunciation, at the beginning you will find a link about Fact vs conjecture. This post here cites a lot of facts, but draws a conclusion along with several conjectures. We would have to find historical proof that de Cunha was a freemason or friends with freemasons. We would have to know something more about why Daneels chose the church, and all those who were
      Cardinals therer would have to have their episcopal lineages examined.

      In about 6 hours, I do this with the faction of Cardinal Re, to show you how much research is required.

  5. Where does one get a reliable historical summary of the Jesuits, where and how they went so wrong? I would love to see Br. Bugnolo do something on this! This would be a significant help to all of us.

    1. David, I am a franciscan. For me to do anything on the history of the Jesuits — seing that a Franciscan suppressed them — would be like throwing gasoline on a fire. I will let a Jesuit like Fr. Fessio touch that one, and you know, I am sure many a Jesuit has written about it. But the short of it is, that after Pope Clement suppresed them, the disobedient went to Russia and after they were restored, the disobedient came back and infected the new restoration. So the Modern Jesuits should not be regarded as the original institution, either canonically or morally.

  6. Brother Bugnolo,
    Grand Duke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in June of 1914. Evil diplomats machinated to bring about a war for profit while Pope Pius X desperately tried to intervene for peace with the Austro-Hungarian Emperor Franz Joseph, to no avail. It is my belief, without current evidence, that the Superior General of the Jesuits at the time,Fr. Xavier Wernz, a German by nationality, was also trying to stop the mad rush towards war over the summer of 1914. Before their efforts could bear fruit, Fr. Wernz and Pope Pius X died within 24 hours of each other, August 19th-20th,1914. Their symptoms at death resembled those of hemlock poisoning. The murderers of Franz Ferdinand were tubercular masons hired by The Black Hand. I believe it is likely Pius X and Fr. Wernz were murdered by the same group of masons.
    There are good solid historical reasons to believe Pope Benedict XV was chosen by masons and the conclave following Pius X’s death was invalid. I believe the Jesuits were similarly compromised and infiltrated by masons. Fr. Wernz was a very good Superior General. He worked closely with Pius X and attempted a major evangelistic outreach to Africa. You are correct Br. Bugnolo, history is important and so is getting our facts. Objective professional research of both the Jesuits and the 20th Century Catholic Church must be done to give historical background to the current crisis.

  7. Hello fra Alexis,
    do you have any proove that Arch. Mattei havo consacrated Arch. Scipione? I have found that Arch. Scipione was consacrated by Bishop Andrea Corsini.
    Where I can find that info?
    Thank you so much.
    In Domino

      1. Thank you Fra Alexis. Yes… Bishop Scipione de’ Ricci (not archbishop)… the one who has convocated the council of Pistoia … said that he was consacrated by …

        Principal Consecrator:
        Andrea Cardinal Corsini †
        Cardinal-Bishop of Sabina
        Principal Co-Consecrators:
        Archbishop Orazio Mattei †
        Titular Archbishop of Colossae
        Archbishop Girolamo Volpi †
        Titular Archbishop of Neocaesarea in Ponto

        So…. there is not Cardinal Alessandro Mattei ….

        Thank you fra Alexis.

      2. – In the article you said that Scipione de’Ricci was consacrated by Alessando Mattei.
        – But in is no written Alessandro Mattei: he doesn’t appear.
        – There is just Orazio Mattei.

        So… who is the bad guy? Alessandro Mattei o Orazio Mattei?

        If the bad buy is Alessandro Mattei, he has nothing to do with Scipione de’ Ricci, because he was consacrated by Orazio, not Alessandro (according to itself).

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