News that Benedict XVI is the true pope Spreads to the whole world!

Rome, January 22, 2020 A.D.: In the last month, FromRome.Info has seen a dramatic spread of its readers to nearly every nation on Earth. Catholics from every land are at last coming to know that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope and never resigned the office of the Papacy in accord with the norm of law.

Evidence for this is visible in the statistics gathered on our website:

Screenshot_2020-01-22 Stats and Insights ‹ FromRome Info — WordPress com

This marks the most significant demographic shift in the PPBXVI Movement since FromRome.Info joined the cause in November 2018.

While the predominate number of readers remains in the U.S.A., on account of the fact that FromRome.Info is nearly entirely an English language publication, and because Catholics in the United States generally enjoy better connectivity to the internet and a greater cultural and political experience of individual liberty, it is the spread of interest in information regarding Pope Benedict and his ineffective resignation to other nations which is the most remarkable. The nations in which English is rarely or never spoken are no less registering visitors as those of the former British Empire.

This is another sign, that the Holy Spirit, the Lord of Truth, is stirring up the entire Church to return in allegiance to His Vicar on Earth Pope Benedict XVI! — Praise be to Him, now and forever more!

For more information, on the PPBXVI Movement, see, where you can find the Canonical Arguments, Videos, and detailed analysis in at least 8 languages.

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2 thoughts on “News that Benedict XVI is the true pope Spreads to the whole world!”

  1. Include Brazil on the map. We from the web TV Nossa Senhora de Fátima have made several videos showing that the real Pope is Benedict XVI.
    We even made a video showing the coup that overthrew him.
    Many Brazilians – more and more – say that the real Pope is Benedict XVI.
    The link of our webtv is

    1. Peço-lhe, como um favor aos nossos leitores, que dê um link para cada um dos seus vídeos que defendem o Papa Bento XVI como verdadeiro papa. Tenho certeza que os leitores de FromRome.Info ficariam muito felizes em vê-los. Eu também gostaria de perguntar se você pode fazer uma reportagem sobre nosso vídeo sobre o Papa Bento XVI: aqui está o link para a versão em português

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