As of this morning, there are 280 human beings in the world

Social Media can be a very useful tool for gathering information and making connections with others who share the same ideas or different ideas than yourself. It is a sort of self publication medium used by many. And without it, most of us would not know what is going on in the world, since the Main Stream Media has long ago ceased reporting it.

But the saddest reality on social media is that it attracts a lot of persons who only care to self promote themselves. They do not care about anyone else. In fact, they have not a shred of humanity outside of serving their egos.

That’s idolatry.

Having helped my brothers care for my aged mom during the last few years of her life, which passed on All Souls Day in 2018 — please pray for her soul, her name was Doris — I had a poignant experience of the tragedy of human suffering for the elderly in today’s hedonistic world, when there is no one who really cares for them in the institutions which are supposed to care for them.

My mom was a wise woman. Before she lost her faculties from dementia, she made my brothers and I promise that we would not leave her alone in the end, not send her to a facility to be “cared for”, in short, that we would keep her at home.

So great was her trust in us and fear of the institutions of medical health, that she asked me one day in private, if it would be a sin to ask God for the grace to die at home. I told her it would certainly not be, that God loves us to ask Him for special favors, if they be pleasing to Him. And I told her several accounts I know of where others have done this and had their prayers answered. So I recommended that she say 3 Hail Mary’s every day, asking for that grace.

And Our Lady granted it. For she died at home, in my arms.

It is the only moment in my life, that I care never to forget.

So, when the Book Flap erupted last week at the Vatican and it became obvious to me that Pope Benedict XVI was being manipulated by those closest to them, you can imagine my anger that such an elderly man be abused. I am especially concerned that this is so, because I have a recording of the voice of Gänswein threatening me on the phone for having dared to ask Pope Benedict XVI if he intended to resign the petrine munus.

So I have no doubts that if he can threaten me over a burner phone, he can threaten others face to face.

For this reason, I find it INCOMPREHENSIBLE that anyone would not want Pope Benedict XVI protected. And thus I find it TOTALLY INHUMANE if there be anyone who does not care whether he be abused or not.

This is why I say, as of writing this post, I can be sure there are 280 human beings on the planet, because that is all who have, so far, signed the Petition to Donald Trump, to ask that he simply advocate for all the elderly, including Pope Benedict.

If you have not yet signed the petition, please do so. Here is the link:


POSTSCRIPT: The featured image is a real photo of Pope Benedict. It was claimed a year or two ago that he fell down and injured himself. Whatever be the cause, that would be sufficient grounds for any son to demand that his parent be moved to another facility, because a frail person should never be allowed to be unaccompanied or in a place he could fall down and be hurt. But a strange group of psychopathically inclined individuals are trying to gaslight Catholics into thinking that Benedict never suffered such an injury and that this photo is a fake, the only sin being the use of it to stir the Catholic Faithful to have pity upon Benedict. — It distracts from the Argentine, you know! — PATHETIC, that any social media platform should allow such gaslighting. And I am shocked that Gloria.TV is one of them.

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14 thoughts on “As of this morning, there are 280 human beings in the world”

  1. Where’s the Pro-life Movement when we need them? They’re all marching in Washington D.C. tomorrow (but kudos to them! I’m all for it!) – while Grandpa Benedict gets finger-fed by Gänswein and the unknown caretakers.

    We “The Body of Christ” need to petition for Benedict before it’s too late.

    We need to manifest that we are not comfortable having Grandpa Benedict left in the hands of these monsters!

    We don’t know when and how long until they no longer tolerate Benedict and give him the death pill or the drip ie. “palliative care”, “comfort care”, “hospice” and how soon until Gänswein or someone in the monastery poisons him or pulls the plug and precipitates his departure.

    Do we even know the names of Benedict’s mystery women caretakers from “Memores Domini”?

    Why do we suspect this can happen? The Pontifical Academy for Life in the Vatican is promoting palliative care and Cardinal Pietro Parolin is leading the charge with Soros people. (read all about it!

  2. There are some unknowns about this whole thing that might make people too cynical to sign.

    I wonder how Charlie Gard’s family got the media to publish his story, and how Trump was moved to offer to help any way he could.

    Anyway, couldn’t we who have signed the petition tag Trump on twitter and try to get his attention that way too?

  3. Admittedly, I am the last person to sign any petitions, but I was #152 in signing this one.

  4. Since the English language Catholic media is so out of touch, it would probably help if pleas to sign the petition, and translations of it, could be made so that the non-English speaking Catholic world could know. Is there already an Italian translation?

  5. Surely there must be someone, among The Swiss Guard, who recognizes Pope Benedict needs to be moved to a safe location, not only for the sake of Pope Benedict, but for the sake of Christ, His Church, all who will come to believe, and the multitude of prodigal sons and daughters, who, hopefully, will soon return to Christ’s One, Holy, Catholic, And Apostolic Church, outside of which, there is no Salvation due to The Unity Of The Holy Ghost. Perhaps this trust worthy member of The Swiss Guard could speak to our Holy Father about doing The Consecration Of Russia to Our Blessed Mother’s Immaculate Heart, along with all the Faithful Bishops, exactly as Our Blessed Mother requested, separating the counterfeit church, those who deny The Unity Of The Holy Ghost, and thus the fact that “It is not possible to have Sacramental Communion without Ecclesial Communion”, due to The Unity Of The Holy Ghost. What is needed is a Miracle; Every Miracle requires an Act Of Faith.

  6. I confess that I did not sign the petition when I noticed it. The site said “We the People, your voice in the White House” and since I’m not American I thought I wasn’t support to sign such a petition. But mostly, I didn’t think it had any chance at all of having any effect. But I know next to nothing, so I shouldn’t have made a decision on such reasoning. I have now signed it.

  7. My mother died from dementia in 2018 also. My siblings would not help. They talked my father into sending my mother away and she spent her last years 2 hours away from home where she died with no one in the room with her. I will sign the petition.

    1. Dear Laura,

      It breaks my heart to hear what happened to your mother. In fact, the worse thing that can happen to someone who has dementia is to be put in a place where they do not know anyone, as that increases depression. They cannot communicate correctly, but they still hear and understand everything said in their presence. It was a great temptation for my brothers and myself, but we learned instead how to communicate with her to avoid conflicts and then it became easy. It was not understanding what she was going through which made it difficult for a long while. I recommend to everyone to read up about dementia and the stages of its development.

      Be assured of my prayers for your sweet mom.

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