8 thoughts on “Donald Trump speaks in favor of the unborn: January 24, 2019”

  1. Trump, more Catholic than the entire USCCB & Bergoglio put together. American Catholics (lay, religious or clergy) have no excuse before God, Church and country to vote democrat any longer!

  2. Brother Bugnolo,
    I watched this live in Tampa Florida. It was an amazing speech and I am sure, a shot in the arm to the spirit of the pro-lifers in Washington DC.

    President Trump, although, he is not Catholic, sounds so much like a traditional Catholic. He is definitely a strong, charismatic voice who moved me to tears to see and hear, for the first time ever, the President of the United States, attend a March for Life rally and speak powerful words about the sanctity of human life and how we are all made in the image and likeness of God.

    This puts our corrupt, American bishops to shame. There is no doubt, that PDJT has been selected by God, to achieve His Will for the United States, by proclaiming the truth, that the sin of abortion is a crime against God, and a violation of his commandment.

    May PDJT remain an honest president, devoid of scandal, to set a good example for our divided nation, that killing the unborn, is a grievous sin against God.

    Art C

  3. Bear in mind that President Trump is a man in a state of grave mortal sin. (pray for him)…

    1. Dear Afonzarelli,

      How do you know he is in the state of mortal sin? The saints tell us that to judge that another is in the state of mortal sin would be a mortal sin, because only God knows the heart of a man. An objectively grave act is one thing, that it is imputed to the individual depends on him knowing that it is gravely mortal. In a man who has not growup in the Catholic Church it is very difficult to know the objective moral norms. We we are on very shaky grounds if we attempt to discern such things, even if it were not a mortal sin for us to judge another’s heart.

  4. In a man who has not growup in the Catholic Church it is very difficult to know the objective moral norms.

    Hello, brother, nice new website(!)

    One need not be catholic to have the requisite strong belief that a sin is serious. Anyone with an (uncompromised) intellect has a strong belief that sins of the flesh are serious sins. This in the same way that people have a strong belief that murder is a serious sin. It would be ludicrous to think that such inherently serious sins are not to be deemed mortal

    1. Afonzarelli, I supposed from your comment you have never lived in a non-Catholic society, where ignorance of the Gospel is abysmal. Protestants do not even know there is such a thing as a mortal sin or a state of grace. I cannot say anything specific about the religious knowledge of Trump, but I can say that in the Catholic religion to say that another person is in the state of mortal sin, is objectively a mortal sin, and you should not say such things about anyone. Christ forbade that kind of judgement. Of the external acts we can speak, but we know not the hearts of men or what they contain.

      As for sins of the flesh. Saint Alphonsus says that without the Faith many sins are not recognized as such. Which these are in regards to the 6th and 9th I would not know as I do not have specific training. I do know that most Catholics do not even think an act of lust is a mortal sin, so since one does not commit mortal sin when one does not know it is mortal, I would be very reluctant to speculate that a Protestant can be culpable of mortal sin more easily that a Catholic in this matter.

      Also you seem to be unaware, that the term, state of mortal sin, refers to culpability, not to to the state of grace. If a pagan commits a mortal sin, he does not like a good Catholic, lose the state of grace, because he never was in the state of grace.

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