The Facade of the Aggiornamento has fallen!

By Br Alexis Bugnolo

For 50 years we have been preached to on a weekly basis that what the Church needs is the Aggiornamento: to get away from the rigorous idea that the Church should be run according to “medieval” ideas of discipline.

But, now that Bergoglio has openly declared his intentions to found a New Religion and dump Catholicism, the mask has fallen: if you disagree, you are fired. If you publicly deny he is the pope, you are excommunicated — in Don Minutella’s case a double excommunication.

Here at Rome one member of the faithful was declared excommunicated by his pastor, who claimed authority to do so on account of a phone call to the Secretary of State at the Vatican. — No you cannot make this up: excommunications by telephone. What’s next, an App for instant ex-communications?

What ever happened with the Holy Office? — Discipline was evil when it was directed against true heretics and schismatics and perverts, no?

But no more…   welcome to the False Church of Diabolic penalties. What is next, Auto da Haeresia’s?

We have to recognize that the entire Catholic World has been played for fools by all this talk of Aggiornamento. It appears now to have been simply a Marxist trick to break down the Church from within, in view of disposing us to accept the Apostasy which has come upon us.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is an 18th century sketch of an Auto da Fe, where a heretic is publicly burned alive, after refusing to recant his blasphemous heresies. Source: here. Auto da Fe, is a name used in reference to the 3 attempts given to the accused to self proclaim their Catholic Faith again. An Auto da Haeresia would be the opposite.

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4 thoughts on “The Facade of the Aggiornamento has fallen!”

  1. Truer words have never been spoken Br. Alexis. Vatican II has been a catastrophe for the Church. Bergoglio is its apotheosis. Vatican II cannot be fixed. It must be abrogated in its entirety. The intention of Vatican II was to Protestantize the Church. Now the mission appears to be to Paganize it. Each day the evidence mounts.

  2. Next thing you know, excommunications announced via the “holy father’s intentions” at every mass: “Lord, we ask you to help those in this month’s list of excommunicants: Br. Bugnolo, So and so.. So and so…let us pray to the Lord. Everyone: Lord Hear our Prayer…”

  3. As I see it, the very clear cut conditions for submission to those in authority in the Church have been stealthfully stripped away from the Catholic consciousness over many decades mostly by promoting abundant examples of the virtue among the saints while deliberately ignoring the significant examples of holy disobedience.
    St. Hermeneguild became a martyr for refusing to take communion from an Arian Bishop BECAUSE HE KNEW IT WOULD BE A VERY GRAVE SIN!
    St. Mary MacKillop defied her bishop, refusing to alter her vow (which was only to teach the poorest in Australia), to include teaching the children of Australian British royalty. She was removed from her teaching position and “excommunicated” for “disobedience.” When her bishop finally admitted his sin she was restored to her mission and classroom and became honored for her faithfulness to God over the illegitimate demands of her bishop. (The excom was thus not valid but Mary was forced to live in exile from the Church w/o the sacraments which she would never trade for the living presence of Christ which she never lost!)
    St. Joan of Ark also defied her bishop telling him to his face she would only submit to the Church if only Christ would be first served. She refused to respect an ILLEGITIMATE Church order that denied her divine mission which she defended with her very life.
    Even Children are instructed by St. Paul to obey their parents “in the Lord,” NOT OUTSIDE HIM.
    How many tens of thousands of Catholic children have been sexually misused in secret because Catholic parents have not taught their children these limits blindly thinking obedience was all they needed to teach them! Now we continue to have the vast majority of “conservative” Catholics so deep in this despotic satanic trance that they sit by in silence and even join in communion with all this evil, even honoring Fraudcis, the heretic of all heretics as their pope!
    Church to these people is primarily about themselves and feeling good not about Christ and His Holy Mother who with broken hearts are weeping over our horrible sorry condition.
    Blind obedience and submission to any man IS IDOLATRY, a mortal sin.

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