Trad Inc. is hiding something Monstrous

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The petition to President Trump is something every human being can agree with, whether Catholic or not. All you have to agree with is a basic concept of patient’s rights and care for all the elderly, even if they be Pope Benedict XVI.

If you have not yet signed, please do! — Here is the link:

So far 791 have signed. Share it on Social Media with everyone. Do not wait or hesitate. The very life of Pope Benedict might be at risk! This is obvious.

But Trad Inc., which has been informed about this petition 10 days ago, does not agree. They have censored the news of its existence to prevent Catholics from signing it.

There is only one sane conclusion: Trad Inc. is hiding something monstrous about their motivation to insist Bergoglio is the pope and that Pope Benedict is Joseph Ratzinger.

I say, “monstrous” because such a motivation must be very very evil, if it leads you to work to prevent Catholics from expressing their faith on the most basic question of human rights and charity for the elderly and needy.

Maybe, this monstrous thing, is that they are not operating on Catholic principles anymore, but have accepted some sort of political ideology, which allies with Bergoglio and refuses to give any assistance to his enemies?

In recent days, we have seen 2 major attacks on Pope Benedict XVI from Trad Inc.. There seems to be a pattern here. Does it have to do with big money coming out of Eastern Switzerland or Argentina?

I know my history of the Second World War, as I read William Shirer’s, The Rise and Fall of the Third Reich, when I was 16. And I recall that Munich was the capital and origin of the Nazi party. Coincidences are fascinating. Just saying.

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10 thoughts on “Trad Inc. is hiding something Monstrous”

  1. I find it so ridiculous that FSSP parishes (at least 2 in the United States and 1 in Mexico that I have friends in) prohibit parishioners from “gossiping” about the Pope. Pewsitters have been indoctrinated from the pulpit to remain quiet about Francis or Benedict and especially to avoid the thought that Benedict might be the true pope. One very popular FSSP priest in town told my friend that such ideas were demonic and typical of the schismatics. Opus Dei has done the same thing for about the last 4 or 5 years (since Bergoglio began scandalizing the Church to greater extents). In Opus Dei (in my area), a couple I used to be close to until they severed ties with me for bringing up Bergoglio too often, told me they were strictly discouraged to even mention the Pope and said the supernumeraries and families that they are involved with circle, even policed one another. The reason for them doing so is two fold: first because conversations about the pope have nothing to do with salvation (which is false) and second, to avoid committing a “sin of gossip”.

    I call B.S. of FSSP & Opus Dei, in fact, I think they need to come forward a refute the evidence that Benedict is till Pope, and stop being a bunch of silly cowards. The damage they are causing to the laity will be irreversible. They will eventually all lose the faith or despair. This superficial top-down tyranny coming from these Trad group clergy needs to be toppled.

    1. Dear Em S,

      I have seen the same behavior with all my contacts whom I know are Opus Dei and follow the SSPX. They now all avoid me like the plague. But Bergoglians still are willing to talk to me. Talk about flipping the categories of reality and mind control. That is why I say, there is something monstrous about it, if you promote Schism with Catholics who simply say what Canon Law says. I mean really, do these groups deny that Pope John Paul II was the Pope? who wrote Canon Law? Do they not celebrate his feast day as a Saint? The inconsistency is a anomaly which points to the true reality.

  2. Every time I see this photo of Pope Benedict, I seethe with righteous anger😡. So much so that I could fight my way past the Swiss Guards, and level every cleric and prelate who would dare to get in my way. Fortunately, I am too far away to do such a thing. I pray everyday with my family during the Rosary that the Blessed Virgin Mary protect Papa Benedict from all harm.

  3. The Trad, Inc. reaction is nothing new. Most of them support Vatican II which is the foundation of the Bergoglio phenomenon. He is the apotheosis of this heresy.

    Also, the maniacal resistance to Bergoglio’s true status as an anti-pope should be expected and even celebrated. It indicates an unwillingness to explore the subject and a sure indication of the fear of the truth.

    What this means is that God is winning. Let us remain on God’s side and continue the good fight. That’s how we will be judged and so will those who fail to do due diligence to discover the truth. And let us pray for those whose minds are closed on this subject.

    1. Dear David,

      Trad Inc. is the term for all those social media, websites and publications, paper and electronic, which present themselves as Traditional Catholic, and which are primarily run to raise money for the laymen or organizations which operate them. They have some sort of mutual agreement to support Bergoglio’s claim to the papacy, even if he be a heretic, and blacklist all Catholic Voices which disagree with them.

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