It is a grave duty, to denounce Bergoglio for all his heresies and blasphemies

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

In the Catholic Faith there is only One Master, One Savior, One Teacher: Jesus Christ.

For that reason, no one can be a member of the Church who dares question or fault or criticize or correct Jesus Christ.

Hence, it is a grave duty arising from the essence of what it means to be a Catholic that we defend the Honor and Majesty of Jesus Christ.

Let no one tell you the contrary. Do not listen to those who tell you to be silent. The time has come to shout it out. Shame the clergy who claim that this man is without question a member of the Church. Those who say this are shameful hypocrites and godless traitors.

Canon 1364 says that heretics are ipso facto excommunicated. It is impossible that such persons be allowed to hold or to appear to hold any office in the Church. Those who claim we should “Recognize and resist” are saying you should ignore Canon 1364 and yet condemn Bergoglio for meriting to be punished by it.

Such a mentality is psychotic — that is, divorced from reality.

There is only 1 Catholic position: insist on a Synod of Bishops to condemn him for his heresies and errors and declare him no longer a member of the Church. Such an action does not attack the papacy or anything in the Church, because no heretic is judged as a member of the Church, nor for holding an office. For this reason the Code of Canon law makes no provision to exempt anyone, even the man who is the Roman Pontiff, from the penalties of canon 1364. — Not withstanding the fact that Benedict XVI is the pope, not Bergoglio.

Thus, it is merely a trick to keep him power, to ignore Canon Law and insist Benedict is not the pope, because they want an excuse not to make any move to condemn Bergoglio. Those who play these tricks of the mind, have no love for truth nor for you.

The time has come to condemn, and to convene an imperfect Synod.

To remain silent anymore is to consent.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is of a poster placed on placards here at Rome, protesting the tyrannical rule of Bergoglio. It is in the public domain.

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4 thoughts on “It is a grave duty, to denounce Bergoglio for all his heresies and blasphemies”

  1. The bottom line in all of this appears to be the non-belief of our prelature in the Godhead of Jesus Christ. They, & their leader, want us to believe that He was really only a holy man that lived amongst us for awhile & that His teachings can now be taken with a grain of salt. It becomes impossible for them to pass on the True Faith when they themselves haven’t got it. They are all compromised in some way or another & cannot bear the spotlight being focused on them. If it were otherwise, the necessary action of a council being called would have happened two years ago when first suggested by Cardinal Burke who, at that time, said it wasn’t about numbers only Truth. We are now awaiting the imminent arrival of ++Tagle to take over the reins from PF which will mean another decade at least of hell on earth. Are we, the laity, going to sit back & allow this to happen, or are we going to don our armour & FIGHT?

    1. Dear Ana,

      I believe your analysis is correct. As Saint Paul, who foreknew and foresaw the Antichrist, warned us, Not all men have faith. And especially in our own days, the number of pretenders is enormous. I think that the Aggiornamento was chiefly for this, to put pretenders into power, so that the Apostasy planned of old might succede. If men like Matt, Ferrara, Skojec and de Mattei won’t act on the truth of the Faith, Catholics are justified in no longer recognizing them as members of the Catholic Church. The choice is theirs, money and acceptance by this world, or God and eternal praise of the true Church.

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