Grex Vocum — Piazza San Pietro, Feb. 11 publishes an unauthorized translation of this announcement on account of its great interest to all the Church and to Catholics all over the world who may wish to attend. NOTA BENE: This is NOT a secret invitation only media stunt in silence!

The “Grex vocum” Committee

Announces that Tuesday, 11 February 2020

The Seventh anniversary
the Declaration of Pope Benedict XVI

Catholics will gather in St. Peter’s Square in the Vatican

from 11.30 am to 11.58 am

to express their disapproval

for the events of the last 7 years in the Church.

Because it was at that time, 7 years ago, that Pope Benedict XVI read the text which is supposed to be a renunciation of the papacy, but which after an examination of many years proves that it was nothing of the sort.

The hypocrisy of the cardinals is shameful, and the direction the Church is taking is contrary to the will of Jesus Christ. Therefore, in accordance with the right granted to all the faithful in Canon 212, the faithful are invited to express their disapproval by speaking in the Square at that time and making their point of view known. The commission suggests expressions such as

  • We want Pope Benedict!
  • Bring back Pope Benedict!
  • The way you have treated Pope Benedict is shameful!

And other such expressions, as you are inspired to do.

Let this be a true occasion for Catholic public expression, not like the silent protests and gimmicks of other occasions.

The committee asks everyone not to stand together but to stand wherever you like, so that your expression of faith is not understood as a political protest.


Grex Vocum, means flock of voices.

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  1. What a great idea! I can’t be there but I’ll pray the rosary at that time for Pope Benedict’s liberation, and all the participants’ intentions. God bless you.

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