The Doom of the Priesthood

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The schismatics who chose to jettison Canon Law and the entire tradition of legal jurisprudence, Latin and theology regarding the Papal Office, are headed to doom the Priesthood itself with the approval — with faint opposition — of the abolition of the institution of the celibate priesthood in the Roman Rite. And since the Diocesan clergy control the Church, that means married Bishops are on the horizon.

And since the clergy are corrupted like a sewer — not my words, the words of Our Lady of La Salette — just over the horizon is married gay clergy, and popes!

Most of the readers of this blog are laypeople and many of you are married. So, I consider it necessary, as a virgin and hermit, to tell you that I think such a move — which in no way can be legitimate, as it comes from schismatics led by a Antipope — It will destroy the last vestige of respect for purity and virginity among the laity and the youth. Because it will be tantamout to saying that sex is a necessity, and that lust is natural, and rules all, even the priesthood of Jesus Christ.

I think all the clergy who approve of such a change will be damned for all eternity, because this grace and institution of the celibate priesthood is not an accident of history or mere human custom, it is a work of the Holy Ghost in the Church of Rome to make Her fruitful more than all the other Churches combined in the preaching of the Gospel and the Salvation of souls, in the transformation of cultures and in the foundation and development of civilizations. Strike that institution, and that power is destroyed. That gift is corrupted.

And he who attacks the gifts of the Holy Spirit, can only hope for one recompense … and it ain’t Heaven.

I for one will never receive the Sacraments of a married priest in the Latin rite — the Church of Rome made only one exception in this regard — which I accept — in the case of clergy converted from schism or heresy. I can understand the desire to save souls of these formerly errant men, and I am glad in their conversion. But I would not want to condone the idea that it is just as holy or just as normal or just as good as the celibate priesthood. Nor do such converts have to demand that they be accepted as the norm, or the new norm. Nor does their acceptance by the Church mean anything other than a personal exception. So if anyone argue otherwise, they are merely being dishonest.

Even in the Orthodox Churches and the Eastern Rites, the ordination of married men, which was conceded by the Councils of the ancient world, to prevent clerical fornication, has not solved the problem. There is a massive amount of child abuse, marital abuse, fornication, sodomy and adultery in the clergy of the East. Worse, from reports I have heard, than among the celibate clergy of the West.

So what these men who are proposing or planning to applaud, is nothing short of the Doom of the Priesthood.

I will have nothing to do with it. And may God strike down anyone who does, for they are defilers of the House of God!


CREDITS: The Featured Image is the Sacred Face of Lucca, by Antonio Pierozzi, the original of which is in the Los Angeles County of Art, Los Angeles, California.

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10 thoughts on “The Doom of the Priesthood”

  1. In terms of the Sacraments two Blessed and separate vocations are indicated: Matrimony and Holy Orders. Matrimony has its focus on producing and raising children with the necessity of working to support them. It is more than a full-time job. Holy Orders is focused on the Sacramental spiritual care of Catholic laity and bringing new members into the Church. It too is a full time job. Consequently, it makes no sense from either a spiritual or practical point of view to combine these two distinct vocations. It is impossible, to do both jobs well.if they are combined.

    1. The sacraments of a priest who is married are not by that fact made invalid.

      But no one has the duty to allow their need for the Mass be an occasion for him to support his wife and children. Saint Paul was celibate and worked, these men should do the same. If a man in the Latin right does not want celibacy, let him remain a Deacon. Goodness, how arrogant can some men be. The laymen who pontificate on Youtube as if they were pope are bad enough. Imagine if they were ordained!

  2. THE DESTROYER CONTINUES THE DESTRUCTION . The Word of the Lord came to Isaiah PROMOTING AND PREDICTING a celibate priesthood in His coming Church: “THUS SAITH THE LORD: keep the Law and do righteously for My Salvation is soon to come! . . . .And let not the eunuch say, Behold, I am a dry tree. . . . I will give to them in My House and within My walls A PLACE and a NAME BETTER THAN SONS AND DAUGHTERS!”
    Further, the great Messianic and Marian Psalm 44 [45] speaking of Christ, the King and His Queen (who as His creation is therefore His “daughter.”) declares: “After HER shall virgins be brought to the King.”

  3. I don’t believe for 1 minute that it will go so far as married bishops or popes. The salvation of souls is at stake. If we can believe the Church approved prophecies then the sacraments, Mass and ordination rites will change so much that it will be a clear break with apostolic tradition . Then it will no longer be the Catholic Church but just anew protestant church.

    So by the time the married bishops come around they will already be out of the church. Remember Revelation chapter 12 says Satan and his angels will be thrown out of the Church and there won’t be place for them in the Church anymore. Also if we can believe prophecies like our Lady of good Success that talks of the 20 th Century and Catherine Emmerich’s prophecy we have reason to believe that even if the false Church stays for 100 years that within 10 years or 20 years at most this false Church will find itself outside the true Church. It will then be clear to everyone that rhis Church of married priests and Bishos is a different Church.

  4. I am more concerned about active homosexuals being allowed to get married which, in my opinion, this is all about. In such circumstances, I would be unwilling to attend their Masses or receive HC from them. As seminaries would be practically empty of straight men it would leave the laity with only one option – either support gay marriage in the priesthood to have the sacraments or go without.

  5. Uncelibate (and homosexual) priesthood is the thousanth cut of the attack on Christ’s management team. It’s goal as Ana says is to make the priesthood a brotherhood of buggers. Thank you Brother for making clear the value and purpose of celibate priesthood and for standing in defense.

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