An Invitation from the Editor


Dear Readers of FromRome.Info,

I am a firm believer that God created each of us for a reason, and gave us each of us by Baptism and Confirmation the graces to bear witness to the truth.

I am also aware that personal testimony has a powerful attraction for others who seek the truth.

As you know, Pope Benedict XVI is the true and only Pope of the Catholic Church. But many as of yet do not know this truth or are struggling with the facts of what happened in February 2013.

Therefore, I invite you to make a short 5 to 10 minute video, using your own cellphone, and the YouTube App, and tell your story about how you came to realize and discover that Benedict is the true pope. Then, on the Contact Page, here at FromRome.Info, share with me the URL of your video at Youtube, and I will post it at FromRome.Info with a short commentary.

I believe this will not only be interesting for fellow readers who visit and/or comment regularly, but will help those souls who are not yet certain what is true and are still searching for the truth.

In addition the comments on each Video will allow all of us to hone our arguments better, so that when next a confused soul seeks advice, we can all be better prepared, as Saint Peter the Apostle exhorts us, to give testimony to our faith in Christ Jesus!


The Editor



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4 thoughts on “An Invitation from the Editor”

  1. Does it have to be on youtube? I’ve never made a video to send to a website. Can it not be done without having a google account?

    1. Dear Fortitudo,

      I do not know, All I know about Youtube video publication is that if I press the share on Youtube app on a cellphone, the video gets published on Youtube. In this regard I am totally ignorant, and thats is why I suggested youtube, because even an idiot in such matters like myself can do it.

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