Benedict Carter: I’ve been told that Trad Inc. is controlled by a ruling Council

Br. Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The news is explosive. The coalition of monetized Catholic media and news outlets which self declare themselves as Traditional, but fully support the canonical claim of Jorge Mario Bergoglio as the pope, has been exposed as being run by a Collectivist institution which controls the narrative each is allowed to publish.

The revelations were made to Benedict Carter, who goes by the nik on Twiter, as the Great Stalin, and were published on his Twitter Account, moments ago:

Click on either tweet to read his entire exposé.

Implications are Far Reaching

Many Catholics, including myself, have been shocked, surprised and increasingly dismayed by the near total silence and absolute agreement of the formerly reputable Catholic news outlets, since Feb. 11, 2013. There has been much speculation that they had some sort of Narrative Control Agreement, or were being directed from the Vatican or by some Cardinal to toe a line and not report anything which questioned the legitimacy of the revolution which swept Pope Benedict XVI from power in 2013.

Trad Inc. is the shorthand for speaking about this group without mentioning the members as a sort of diplomatic way on social media, of speaking about the problem without speaking about the members of this Media Collective.

These allegations reported by Carter seem to confirm much of the suspicion against Trad Inc… FromRome.Info urges all Catholics who know anything about this Council and its meetings to blow a whistle on this group.

POSTSCRIPT: FromRome.Info had identified Benedict Carter as such from our sources which say he used to publicly identify by that name. This does not mean that Benedict Carer is his real name, however. But he has a reputation for being an honest Catholic in good standing, in the Catholic Twitterverse. His nick was chosen so he can troll Bergoglians.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of Benedict Carter’s Twitter feed, and is used in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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9 thoughts on “Benedict Carter: I’ve been told that Trad Inc. is controlled by a ruling Council”

  1. This is most distressing. I am inclined to be patient with others because of the St. Vincent Ferrer case, viewing them with good will. If this allegation is true as posited, then we have fear in operation and a lack of humility. There is no catechism for our plight and we must forgive human error committed without malice. But if as reported, we are dealing with a monster in our midst.

  2. I think we need a lot more proof. Could this accusation be a way the Bergoglio team causes dissension among those opposing him? I have been disheartened by the hateful infighting among those who reject the Bergoglio church.

    1. Dear Christina,

      I can appreciate your suspicion, but now, that I have done my research, I believe it is much worse than reported. Trad Inc has willingly accepted a sort of control from above from individuals who do not want anyone to question Schneider or Burke, even though they have both back tracked from their public positions of several years ago, as Fred Martinez has documented at Catholic Monitor Blog

  3. If you keep following the nexuses among them and beyond, you’ll find they are tied down by even higher powers like big wig controlling donors, Opus Dei, and other Papal Orders and “Fraternities”.

    They are but a house of cards waiting to collapse in due time. Never was it known that those who colluded against the Rock of Saint Peter (Benedict XVI), hadn’t been absolutely crushed.

  4. Here is Frank Walker’s comment:

    “Hi Michael:

    That group’s been around for a year or so now. It doesn’t seem to be any more influential than the people in it. It’s the faithful media leaders with the biggest audience and a few others, just getting together and talking, etc. I don’t know that they strategize or agree on their content/positions any more there than they would otherwise.

    What was once a bunch of relatively independent people are now sort of a clique. If I were in the group I could comment more. But If I were in the group, I might not have anything too critical to say. 


  5. Whatever the motives might be for this silence it is most tragic. I dropped my subscription to Church Militant some time ago over that infamous apology Voris gave over his criticism of Francis, then resubscribed much later when he called for Francis to resign, thinking this meant he did not consider Francis as a valid pope. If that was a correct conclusion at the time it certainly does not fit with his continuing to call Frances the pope! Voris’ exposure of the apostasy and moral corruption of American Catholic prelates is certainly needed, but his continuing silence about this elephant in the living room is very distressing. It’s overlooking the only real solution to this crisis by failing to put the heat on our otherwise true to the faith cardinals, bishops and priests TO DO THEIR JOB TO FORTHRIGHTLY DEAL WITH THE DEMON AND THE CABAL THAT HAS STOLEN THE REINS OF POWER FROM OUR LORD’S VICAR AS SO WELL OUTLINED ON THIS SITE! Without this, the endless exposure of the moral corruption in the Church on the lower levels will likely lead to real despair and even an abandonment of the faith altogether by many. These exposures (with no perceived overall solution) could already be fueling false solutions such as a married priesthood and minimizing the disorder of homosexuality and acceptance of these marital unions! Continuing to give legitimacy to Francis as pope is playing right into the hands of the Bergoglian Destroyer in other ways as well.

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