3 thoughts on “Father Gruner: Benedict did not resign the Papacy”

  1. I’ve been arguing against the Sedevacantist assumption for over 20 years even though in all that time I have also argued that just about all the popes in the last hundred years have been pawns of the Synagogue of Satan to a greater or lesser degree. Even Pius XII “stacked the deck” (wittingly or unwittingly) with the likes of Roncali (John XXIII) that paved the way for the disasterous Vatican Council II. However, I always maintained that Church history is littered with ambitious, avaritious popes who exceeded their jurisprudence for all sorts of specious reasons. The Petrine succession has always proceeded through them and maintained its integrity in spite of a variety of pretenders (antipopes) and scurrilous, hedonistic, megalomaniacs.

    Now, right from his election, I dubbed Benedict XVI an enemy because of his overt Modernism. He clearly subscribed to the notion that everything is in a process of “becoming” but he earned the title of being “conservative” because his notion of dialectical “progress” was much too slow for the fanatical “reformers” who would “make” a “god” that “developed” according to their convenience.

    Most importantly, however, is that we’re not now confronted with an inadequate, weak, deranged, mislead, ignorant or “dud” pope but now we’ve got a supposed two of them. That’s impossible!

    Thank God for order! Thank God for Canon Law! Peter was given the prerogative of binding and loosing. In the temporal sphere the act of binding is only by the proclamation of precepts and laws by a legitimate authority. Off-the-cuff blather or indefinite statements do not qualify as “binding”. (Unless you’ve got a clever lawyer, of course).

    Sure! I have no authority whatsoever to define or decree who is or isn’t pope, bishop, priest etc. but I have a moral obligation to form an opinion that I will have to own up to on Judgement Day. I would much rather the Judge said: “you were wrong for the right reasons” than He said: “You coward! You knew it was wrong but you went along because it was convenient.”

    David Marwick

  2. I agree with Fr. Gruner. I see no other way to interpret his words other than Benedict XVI remains the true Pope and Bergoglio is the anti-pope. Ann Barnhardt is right.

    The Big Question is: Why isn’t the MSM media on to this? And even more so the Catholic media. This is The Big Story of the 21st century.
    My guess is that God will inspire the story’s general release at the right time. But in the meantime we have foreknowledge due, first of all Our Lady of Fatima, and brave souls like Br. Alexis and Ann Barnhardt who we must thank and pray for.

  3. The media is not all over this because we’re under Masonic occupation in both the secular realm as well as the Church…two slippery wings of the same dragon.

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