Defend Bergoglio, become Bergoglio

FIRST – the King of unctuous smears…

Translation: “Women should just shut up. Only self pontificating laymen like myself, who have no Church document to back them up, should be allowed to speak outside of Church. Because everyone knows that a deliberately misquoted late Scholastic theologian is sufficient excuse to reject Church teaching on any point.”

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Translation: “Your defense of the teaching of the Church and Canon law is a mental disease. We who sacrificed to ‘recognize and resist’ are the holy ones who give power to the beast.”



CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of a twitter timeline, used here according to Fair Use standards for editorial comment.  The Tweets above are cited as examples of the further descent of the “Bergoglio is certainly the Pope” Crowd into Bergoglian speech habits, whereby you throw out insults on a daily basis to keep from having to explain your irrational of self-contradictory positions.

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6 thoughts on “Defend Bergoglio, become Bergoglio”

  1. Anger, jealousy, calumny, lies and insults are all central facets of the diabolical. We are under attack from unseen forces from the pit. The temptation is high to follow their fallen-angelic lead.

    The fact that we are having this rage-filled insult bacchanal among (supposed) orthodox Catholics is proof something is seriously, seriously wrong at our core.

    Go to Jesus. Go to Him with His Mother. Keep it simple. Rely on Sacred Scripture and Tradition and the purest form of Holy Mass you can find. I will not be diverted from my Lord by suffering, confused, erroneous, angry Catholics.

    God bless suffering Steve Skojec. I am not angry at him any more. He is simply, but profoundly wrong. I see more than ever, how we must be one in Christ under the true Vicar and in all Truth. There is no other way. We must have the Pope *and* all the Popes who ever lived in union with him who will *all* (not just one charismatic fellow … *all of them*), with vigor and focus, lead us directly to Christ and His Mother. May we all find and be one in Christ through submission to His true Vicar while on earth.

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