Grex Vocum — The Catholic Event, Feb 11 Piazza San Pietro, Vatican

Next Tuesday, from 11:30 to 11:58 A.M., for the 7th Anniversary of the reading by Pope Benedict of his Declaratio of Feb. 11, 2013, the Committee “Grex Vocum” — Latin for, A Flock of Voices — has called on Catholics to come to the Piazza at the Vatican, in front of Saint Peter’s Basilica and express for 28 minutes, out loud, their disapproval of the course taken by Church leadership in the last 7 years.

FromRome.Info reported briefly about this event previously, here.

This is an initiative of Catholics at Rome — Roman Catholics in the truest sense — and appears to be the ideological and real opposite of the Acies Ordinata event at Munich, for the following reasons:

  • It is open to all — it is NOT an invitation only event
  • It is about exercising your Canonical rights — it is not a Media stunt
  • It is directed as those at fault — it does not pretend the problem is the Cardinals
  • It recognizes that false claims that the Declaratio was a Renunciation is the cause of the problem — it does not pander to “Pope Francis is definitely the Pope”
  • It is at Rome — it is not in the country of Martin Luther
  • It is calling for the return of Pope Benedict — It does not play religious games

Don Minutella

Quite unexpectedly, Don Alessandro Minutella, the pastor of San Don Bosco’s Parish at Palermo, Italy, has called on the Catholic Faithful of all Italy to attend the invitational by Grex Vocum, in a stunning video (See above) in Italian, where he eloquently refutes from Scripture and Dogma, the Cardinals for their silence, Trad Inc. for their pretense, and the clergy who offer the Mass in communion with Bergoglio, the Antipope.

 FromRome.Info is attempting to obtain the transcript of the entire talk so as to present an English translation of one of the most solidly Catholic refutations of the do-nothing think-nothing mentality in the entire Church.

Highlights of which will feature Don Minutella’s explanation why Trad Inc. does not have the Holy Spirit and is proceeding in a manner contrary to the Gospel. That Catholics must now imitate Saint Paul the Apostle who had the courage to confront those in error to their faces (as Veri Catholici has insisted upon for 6 years) etc..

The transcript will show that Don Minutella is truly the most Catholic priest in the world right now and that all the faithful should be listening to what he is saying about the Crisis in the Church.

FromRome.Info Video will be at the event and attempt recording some of the testimonies given, weather permitting.

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11 thoughts on “Grex Vocum — The Catholic Event, Feb 11 Piazza San Pietro, Vatican”

  1. This is wonderful! I ask my guardian angel to be there since I cannot.

    In regard to Father Minutella, even though it is very difficult for sinful men to manage anger, every time I see and hear Fr. Minutella get fired up like he does in the video, there is no doubt it is Christ’s own righteous anger and wrath toward his cowardly, mute, indifferent, lukewarm, and complicit priests, who remain calm and inmutable as they are robbed of their souls, the priesthood, sacraments, Tradition, even their celibacy, by Bergoglio. Most importantly, they are robbed of souls for apostasy, sin and hell. Would God not move them like Minutella!!??

  2. Feast of Our Lady of Lourdes–an auspicious day for the “depose the antipope” demonstration, and the “Long Live the True Pope” proclamation.

    Hey Ho Bergoglio!
    Take Your Stang and Away You Go!

    Viva il Papa! Viva, Benedetto!

  3. unfortunately i’m 70 year old pensioner, but even so, if i had the resources, i’d fly all the way from melbourne, australia to publicly protest this lavender mafia faux pope bergoglio, and demand the release from imprisonment of Pope Benedict XVI and his re-installation on St Peter’s Throne !!!
    … even though i can’t get there, i’ll be cheering you all on !!!


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