40 Days of prayer against the Church of Darkness — Day 12

This Night is the Vigil
of the Feast Day of Bl. Anna-Katerina

FromRome.Info Video, recorded tonight at Santa Maria Maggiore.



In the year of Our Lord 1820, God revealed to Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich that the Church of Rome would one day be attacked from within. That there would be two popes: one false and dark, who strove to found a new Religion which would be the home of every heretic and apostate: one true and aged, who would be paralyzed by inaction and silence.

To drive the Church of Darkness out of the Church of Rome, it was revealed to her that Our Lady asked the faithful to gather at Midnight in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, here at Rome, and pray with arms outstretched, in the form of the Cross, for the space of at least 3 Our Fathers.

Prayers being said Tonight at Rome

In nomine Patri et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

Pater noster qui es in coelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum;
adveniat regnum tuum, fiat voluntas tua, sicut in coelo et in terra.
Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie,
et dimitte nobis debita nostra, sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.
et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

Padre nostro che sei nei cieli, sia santificato il tuo nome;
venga il tuo regno; sia fatta la tua volontà, come in cielo così in terra.
Dacci oggi il nostro pane quotidiano,
e rimetti a noi i nostri debiti come noi li rimettiamo ai nostri debitori,
e non ci indurre in tentazione, ma liberaci dal male». Amen. (3 volte)

Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name,
Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our Daily Bread,
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us,
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen. (3 times)

Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto,
Sicut erat in principio, et nunc et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

NOTE: Since, Bl. Anna-Katerina Emmerich had this vision in 1820, before the invention of time zones, midnight here should be understood in solar time, which at Rome makes midnight occur at 12:22 AM, presently, and thus the hour of midnight would be 11:52 AM to 12:52 AM. Try to say your prayers in that hour.

This Novena is explained and announced here in English, and here in Italian, in each place the citations from Bl. Emmerich about these prayers are given.

See the article published yesterday at FromRome.Info, The Church of Light vs. the Church of Darkness for more about this Novena of Prayer.

PLEASE NOTE: That until From Rome Info Video Channel at Youtube gets 1000 subscribers, it will NOT be able to broadcast the Nightly Prayers Live. So let all who are devoted to Jesus Christ, Our Lady and Bl. Ann Catherine Emmerich know that they need to urge subscriptions to this channel, so that we can promote the fulfillment of Our Lady’s Request for Her Heavenly-Approved prayer solution to the present Crisis in the Church.

To put a Newspaper ad calling Catholics at Rome to this pray vigil, will cost 2000 euros. Help us spread the word by a generous contribution here below. Our Lady promised victory, let us mobilize everyone to the battle!

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Ordo Militaris — To defend and protect persecuted Christians

Dear Readers of FromRome.Info,

In addition to my work here, I am president of a United States Private Military Corporation dedicated to the security and defense of persecuted Christians. Many do not know of the existence of the Ordo Militaris Catholicis, an international religious association of Catholics dedicated to the defense of persecuted Christians where that defense requires security services and humanitarian aid. We are not a big organization, but nevertheless we have big hearts and give all we can to help persecuted Christians. We would have done much more in our first 3 years of existence, but were systematically ignored and attacked by those on both the Marxist left and the Masonic faux-Right, who saw our goals and organization as a threat to the control they seek to maintain on Catholics of all kinds.

One of our members, Mr. Andrew J. Baalman, has produced a simply video to spread the message of what we do and how you can help. So I wanted to feature it here, for your information.

Mr. Baalman blogs at Ordo Miltiaris Radio at wordpress, where, being that he is a physical descendant of Charlemagne and a relative to nearly all the nobility of Europe, he often speaks from the heart about issues relative to the downfall of Christendom and how to reverse course.

I invite each of you to consider becoming a member of our Order and share in our little work of great love for the most needy. I have 300 military men who would serve with us in the field, but I need the capital investment and funding to put them to use in a true Catholic venture. For more information, see our website ordo-militaris.us.


Br. Alexis Bugnolo


Ordo Iuris: Help us prevent EU from becoming an Ideological Gulag

The following is a google translation of the Circular letter of Ordo Iuris, a legal defense group from Poland composed of devout and active legal scholars and lawyers defending Christian civilization in Poland.

To whom it may concern,

although this may the Lord give unimaginable, soon it may not be possible to say aloud that marriage is a union between a woman and a man, or that same-sex couples should not adopt children.

Radical activists for years trying to use the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg to exert pressure on individual states and their citizens. In January, the judges found that any criticism of LGBT political demands, which will adversely affect the “psychological well-being” of people running homosexual lifestyle, should be punished with the office as a “homophobic hate speech”. Moreover, the Court considers that the understanding of the family as a community based on the relationship of man and woman is a “stereotype” that could lead to discrimination based on sexual orientation.

At the same time flow of Strasbourg judgments forcing the state to register the recognition of homosexual cohabitation, and those that were registered abroad. All this is possible because the Court has developed the concept according to which the European Convention on Human Rights is “a living instrument”. Therefore, the provisions created 70 years ago can interpret other content than those who saw them as authors.

It is only a matter of time when the decision to undermine the basis of family law will be taken in relation to the Polish. Therefore, we must firmly oppose the blatant limiting freedom of speech and attempts to impose legal solutions contrary to the Polish Constitution.

All this is possible because of years of Strasbourg judges are subject to pressure only from the extreme left organizations. Only few organizations defending life and the family present their argument on its board. That’s why we decided to increase our involvement in the work of the Court – in the last year allowed us to participate in the proceedings and we submitted 30 applications to join 12 consecutive.

Thanks to our common commitment Strasbourg Court can recover its true function. And that is the most important defense of human rights, rather than forcing the ideological postulates of the radical left. Only in this way our motherland before uchronimy international pressure and the realization of the objectives of radical LGBT activists.

Coming punishment for “homophobic hate speech”

A large concern is the recent judgment in the case of two activists of the Lithuanian LGBT organization Lietuvos Lyga gay, who posted on Facebook a provocative image. At the entry discussion started, which fell many harsh words. Although activists filed a notice of suspicion of committing a crime, the Lithuanian prosecutor’s office refused to initiate an investigation without noticing the entries incitement to violence and hatred. This decision upheld another Lithuanian courts. The case went to the European Court of Human Rights.

Strasbourg Court did not share the Lithuanian justice. Instead, it will be limited to the assessment of the most aggressive entries, international judges used the case as an excuse to very dangerous move – consolidating and extending the concept of “homophobic hate speech”.

The judges in Strasbourg decided that punishable “hate speech” is not only a clear incitement to physical aggression, but also every statement, which is “an attack on the mental integrity” homosexual persons. Nobody questions the fact that the incitement to violence or murder and should be banned regardless of the sexual practices of the victims of this act. However, I do not have to convince the Lord, how dangerous the idea to punish mere spoil someone’s well-being!

We immediately reacted

Our response and firm criticism of the judgment were necessary. If the extreme thesis Court entrenched, it’s not only in Lithuania, where matters went to the Court, but also in Poland and throughout Europe the right to criticize LGBT activists will be crushed criminal sanctions.

Therefore immediately published an analysis of the judgment, in which we have shown that homosexual activists entitled to the same protection as all citizens, and not because that – as is clear from the judgment – suffered their “psychological well-being” associated with running the homosexual lifestyle.

We have emphasized that banning debates on important social issues that inherently involve distortion of well-being part of the adversaries, is a violation of freedom of expression protected under Article. 10 of the European Convention on Human Rights. Meanwhile, the January ruling of the Court is also contrary to the golden rule expressed in the judgment of the ECtHR in the famous Handyside case, according to which freedom of expression includes the right to speak that offend, shock or disturb the social.

The attack on the Ordo Juris

The latest judgment of the Court no doubt will be quickly used by LGBT activists across Europe to kneblowania mouth all those who do not agree with forsowanymi their political demands.

This tactic also apply remembering the Polish LGBT activists. Evidence of this attack on the director of our Center for International Law Karolina Pawlowska, the author analyzes the controversial judgment of the Court in Strasbourg.

Shortly after he published a critical opinion on the ruling, Center for Monitoring racist and xenophobic behavior full of manipulation and falsification commentary suggested that our lawyer is the author of obscene words, which actually appeared in the photo Lithuanian activists. Moreover, contrary to the actual content analysis, commentary Ordo Juris pomawiał the defense of provocation to aggression and violence. These defamatory entries were duplicated hundreds of times in social media and traditional.

Institute defamatory content will not remain without our strong legal response. I will not go unpunished slander the reputation and the good name of our experts convinced of the inviolability of his left-wing activists. Fortunately recent failure of Facebook revealed that, contrary to the court testimony of the head of the Konrad OMZRiK Dulkowskiego he personally he published numerous entries on the pages of this organization. This will be helpful in our legal response to the slander. I write about them, but the Lord above all to visualize, what strategy chosen ideologues of the extreme left, to intimidate all those who rightly criticize the controversial judgment of the Court.

Revolution may enter Poland

Attempts to use the Court of Human Rights to impose a particular Poland, the privileged protection of LGBT activists could not remain without our decisive response. I have no doubt that on the basis of those judgments, the Council of Europe may put pressure on the authorities of our country to tighten the law on hate speech and punish criticism of the homosexual lifestyle.

Although Polish law protects people with homosexual preferences as any other citizen, punishing threats against them and allowing them to defend the good name of civil law. LGBT ideologists, however, are demanding the creation of separate criminal provisions in the Criminal Code that will protect not only the person, what lifestyle.

Therefore, LGBT activists “document” alleged acts of “homophobic hate speech” in Poland, which are to justify the creation of separate regulations. Many of these examples is a so curious, it’s hard to believe that the authors of the report are serious readers. For example, in the report of the Campaign Against Homophobia on this as a sign of “homophobic hate speech” it was … a survey saying that the overwhelming majority of Poles oppose the adoption of children by same-sex cohabiting. According to the Ombudsman Adam Bodnar “homophobic hate speech” is a statement curator Barbara Nowak, who criticized the adoption by the Warsaw City Hall dangerous Declaration of LGBT +.

Court imposes privileges for same-sex cohabitation

The situation is all the more dangerous because along with restrictions on freedom of speech under the dictation of LGBT activists are going judicial pressure on the institutionalization of homosexual cohabitation. In this spirit, we have already started to develop an entire line Court and another case waiting to publish. Among them are the applications of four same-sex couples living in Poland, which accuse the Polish state “a violation of their right to privacy and family life” because of inability to conclude single-sex relationship.

We proceeded to all these proceedings and we give them legal opinions. In subsequent cases of this kind we submitted the formal application to join the proceedings. Today, no key issue will no longer be able to take place without a clear and strong voice in defense of the Ordo Juris family, marriage, life and freedom.

Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs to invite strong reaction

In addition to starting the proceedings, we prepared for the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs analysis showing proper defense strategy constitutional values against radical concepts of the revolutionary left.

We have no doubt that the only effective way to protect against the imposition of Poland solutions contrary to our constitution is to express an internationally unequivocal opposition to the new case-law of the Court. We urge the ministry to clearly express opposition to these decisions. Strong opposition to the line of rulings by the Court of a guarantee that Poland – as so. “Protesting the state” is not in the near future linked to a new form of customary law.

What is needed is the widest possible involvement

International law is designed so that the judgments of the Strasbourg Court, have a significant impact on the most important and daily affairs in Poland, such as freedom of mine and of the Lord, or freedom of social organizations and the Church to proclaim their beliefs, and even the freedom of scientists to publish research results striking the rules of political correctness.

Therefore, all the time keep an eye on and – often the only – intervene in all matters that threaten civil liberties, hit the Polish constitution or restrict the sovereignty of our country.

Our involvement in the proceedings before the Strasbourg Court goes beyond issues related to LGBT attempts to impose an ideology. We also take an active part in matters concerning Norway, which for years violates international treaties for the protection of family life and allows you to receive child unjustified. At the same time Norwegian model Authority. Children are trying to export to other countries, including Polish, where its implementation was financed from the so-called. Norwegian grants.

We defend the religious freedom of Christians joining the proceedings on the shocking desecration, which took place in Spain. The man introduced himself as an “artist” presented photos on which he lay naked on the background of the word “pederasty” laid the Holy Communion, which was personally of the Catholic churches.

We spare no efforts and resources to finally restore international institutions – such as the Court in Strasbourg – their true function, which is to protect fundamental human rights. However, to be able to intervene in all these matters, it is necessary to help our Donors, so much I count on the support of our Lord’s actions. Total obrońmy legal order in Poland and civilizational foundations of Europe!

Yours faithfully


PS We all need to be aware that even disregarding the judgment of one maturing in Strasbourg could have fatal consequences for the legal system in Poland. LGBT activists make no secret that they want to use every opportunity to push their demands. Well shown printer is a matter of Lodz – then forgotten there used provision of the Code offenses is a relic of communism. I have no doubt that the ideologues favorable for LGBT judgment of the Court of Strasbourg will be used to restrict freedom of expression and formalization impose homosexual cohabitation. Therefore, it is important to our rapid and determined response to the international level.

Bl. Emmerich, Heavenly Patron of all in the discernment of the true Pope

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

The Rev. Walter Covens has translated this article into French, here.

Tomorrow is the Feast of Bl. Anna-Katerina Emmerick, established by Pope John Paul II in the year of Our Lord 2003. In English, we spell her name, Ann Catherine Emmerich.

Origins, Childhood and the call of Grace

Anna-Katerina was born into a poor family of farmers in Germany, on the Feast of the Nativity of Our Lady, in the year of 1774, at Flamschen, at Coesfeld, a small farming town in Westphalia, in the Diocese of Münster.

As a child she worked in the fields helping her parents and 9 brothers and sisters. As she grew, she went to work for a three year stint at a larger farm to earn money for her family. She then became a seamstress, for the same reasons. She had very little education, but from childhood was devoted to prayer.

Sensing the call to dedicate herself to Christ as one of His faithful virgins, she sought admission to several convents. In those years, Convents required that the prospective vocations bring with them the basic necessities of life and sometimes even money. This was called the convent dowry. Being poor she could not afford this, then, so she took a job with a nearby family, to earn the money necessary. And her charity was so great, that seeing the poverty of that family she helped them rather than saved money, and so delayed some years outside of the Convent.

Eventually, at the age of 28, along with one of the daughters of the same family, she was admitted to the Augustinian Nuns at Agnetenburg in Dülmen, in the same Diocese of Münster. Soon she would show, as many late vocations who persevered through many trials to arrive, exceptional virtue.

Virginity and Devotion, path to Sainthood

After a year of formation, she took her vows. — Back then, perpetual vows were made after only a year. It was a good practice for the sincere since it enabled them to have more certainly for their vocation and protected them from many doubts that turn many vocations away in the current system of 3 to 5 years of formation.

She was known for her strict observance of the Rule of the Convent, a thing which characterizes every Saint of the Church who was a monk or nun or friar. And soon, in reward for her true devotion to her duties as Christ’s virgin bride, she was graced with an exalted mystical life and frequent ecstasies. Her extreme penances and fasts also caused her to have poor health. And both circumstances made her the object of much misunderstanding from her fellow nuns.

In 1812, the godless Jerome Bonaparte, now King of the French puppet state of Westphalia dissolved the monasteries and seized the property of her convent. She was forced to take refuge with a local widow. To the left, you can see a picture of the house where she would live for nearly the next 12 years.

In 1815, the Lord Jesus gave her His stigmata — mystically produced wounds which replicated some of those which He endured for our salvation.  Her wounds bled and remained on her body until 1818. Their miraculous nature and inexplicable duration was the cause of must astonishment among the doctors and scientists of the region, and remained a source of much controversy. She was written off by one local priest as a self-induced madwoman, because the shape of one of her wounds was that of the Cross in a local Church! At one point the hysteria about her wounds was such, that the Local Authorities detained her for 3 weeks under constant guard, and seeing that the wounds had no natural cause nor closed, let her go.

Mystical Life

Bl. Anna Katerina, in her sick bed.

In the Catholic Church, mysticism refers to the personal encounters of the soul with God and the Saints in extraordinary visible, audible or physical events. From her writings we know that Bl. Emmerich had visions of Jesus as a little girl and spoke with the souls in Purgatory. She was given the tremendous and very rare grace to behold the Most Holy Trinity under the form of an Angelic-iconic form, of 3 Circles, concentric about one another.

Of her visions, she best tried to describe them to Clemens Brentano as she could, so it is not surprising that some of her descriptions are very child-like or take from local lore and legend in an attempt to explain what she saw.

What most Catholics do not know, is that when Saints have visions they are nearly always things imaginary, audible or even physical produced by the Holy Angels who are sent to the Saints to help them understand divine things in a simple childlike manner. Not all saints understand what they see, because that is a separate grace and requires also some natural intelligence. And this is why Holy Mother Church is very cautious in proposing any credence to be given to visions of any kind, because they are very difficult to interpret, being caused by Angelic intelligences far beyond our own, intelligences which have a perfect knowledge of symbology and Scripture, which few of even the most learned theologians have an inkling of.

But her character and personal holiness demonstrated her credibility and soon she had acquired among her friends Father Clemens von Droest, future Archbishop of Cologne, and Johan Saller, Bishop of Ratisbon. Among her noble supporters were the Prince Archbishop, Karl Theodor Anton Maria von Dalberg of Regensburg, the Arch-Chancellor and Elector of the Holy Roman Empire.


Sketch of Anna Katerina as a Religious Sister.

Bl. Emmerick on account of her poor education was inspired by God to ask Clemens Brentano to write her visions down, when he visited her, after many years, in 1818. Attacked and vilified by all the enemies of the Blessed, Brentano fulfilled the task so faithfully that he has become ever since the object of scorn by all who wish to de-legitimize Anna-Katerina and the graces she was given by Jesus.

After 10 years of taking dictation and re-editing the material, he published in 1833, Bl. Emmerich’s monumental Life of Christ, entitled, The Dolorous Passion of Our Lord Jesus Christ According to the Meditations of Anne Catherine Emmerich. He then began her second book, but died before it could be completed. It was published ten years after his death in 1852, under the title, The Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary from the Visions of Anna Catherine Emmerich.

Tomorrow will be the 1996th anniversary of the passing of Blessed Anna-Katerina to eternal glory, as she died on Feb. 9, 1824 in Dülmen, where her Convent had stood.

True Prophecies

Though the works of Bretano has been severely criticized and its authenticity attacked and discarded by many, the information related by Bl. Emmerich is without doubt prophetic.

The first such confirmation came in 1881, when Father Julien Gouyet, a French priest, believing in her visions, as transcribed by Brentano, rediscovered the House of Our Lady at Ephesus, using information related by Anna-Katerina. This ancient structure, which was venerated by Greek Christians in the earliest centuries, as the residence of Our Lady, when Saint John the Apostle preached at Ephesus, had been lost and forgotten for hundreds of years, with no trace of its exact location being know to scholars of that age.

Enemies Attack & are defeated

A reconstruction of what Anna-Katerina’s room looked like at the time of her death.

Her cause for beatification was begun in 1892, but was stopped in 1925 by the Vatican on account of the criticisms of Brentano’s work, which was believed to be more of his own production, than that of the Blessed. Subsequently, however, the Vatican laid aside his writings and began her process again, in 1973, based solely on her personal virtues and example.

The Congregation for the Saints approved the recognition of a miracle attributed to her intercession in July of 2003. She was beatified by Pope John Paul II on the vigil of Saint Francis of Assisi, in 2004, 16 years to the date of the abominable idolatrous rituals in the Vatican, which she foresaw in part. — This seems to be an indication that the Pope had read her writings and put profound faith in what she had said about the coming war between the Church of Light and the Church of Darkness.

Her writings inspired Mel Gibson in his depiction of the Passion of the Christ, the movie.

God rewards Faith, Hope and Charity with prophecy

The great lesson of Bl. Anna-Katerina’s life is that God rewards his faithful servants with knowledge of divine and future things. He does this to console us, lead us to Heaven and help us know of troubles ahead here on Earth so that we can recognize them as such when they arrive. We are blessed if we accept them with the same simple faith that Bl. Emmerich had in receiving them.

It is in this childlike trust in her prophecies regarding Saint Mary Major’s, that Veri Catholici, the international Association of Catholics opposed to the St. Gallen Mafia, has sponsored the 40 Days of Prayer against the Church of Darkness, which FromRome.Info Video features every night at 11:52 PM Rome Time, on its video channel and with a post here at FromRome.Info.


CREDITS: The image of the widow’s house is used in accord with a GNU Free license, and is take from this source. The Featured Image is used in accord with a Creative Commons Share-Alike 4.0 license and is taken from this source. — The sketch of the Blessed is by Thomas Jessen, used with permission granted, as stated here in this source. — The photo of the reconstruction of her room is in the public domain and is by Rabanus Flavus.

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The Canon 15 §2 Strawman trotted out by LifeSite’s anonymous Canon Lawyer

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Just as every criminal, for the sake of public safety, should receive a response from the police, so every error merits a refutation by those who love the truth. This is even more true in proportion to the danger posed by the criminal, or by the error.


Nearly a year ago, on February 14, 2019, in an attempt to quell the growing realization among many Catholics that Benedict is still the Pope, LifeSite News, a pro-life website founded by a Canandian Political action committee and a converted Atheist, published an article containing a whole string of falsifications of legal principles and straw men arguments, entitled, “Did Benedict really resign? Gänswein, Burke and Brandmüller weigh in.”  The article was authored by Diana Montagna, and it was one of the first to actually mention the controversy over Benedict’s resignation.

I refuted the major points of her article, in my response, published on the same day, entitled, Gänswein, Brandmüller & Burke: Please read Canon 17!

As I look back today at that article, it does not surprise me that it was published at LifeSite News. My experience in apologetics — the one on one discussions with non Catholics to convince them the Catholic Faith is the true Faith or to answer their questions in that regard — for over 24 years has given me plenty of opportunities to speak with atheists of all kinds, and the one difficulty they all have is the inability to believe that words have meaning, and that meaning can carry us to the infinite or eternal. This is one of the great doubts in modern time which is propagated by the secular media and culture, and it is one of the most fundamental attacks Lucifer uses against souls. And as most of us cradle Catholics, who never doubted or left the faith have also experienced, just because a Convert has converted, does not yet mean he has left behind all his faults, errors or phobias.

I say this, because I cannot imagine why any good Catholic would publish an article such as Montagna’s which is so full of lies, and trash the reputation of his 15 year apostolate so profoundly in a single act. Pro-abortionists love to deny the meaning of words, because that is the only way you can kill children in the womb or as they come out of it. Denying Canon Law and legal principles kills souls, and that is a worse crime and sin in the sight of God and faithful Christians.

The Canon 15 §2 Strawman

First, let me thank Fred Martinez over at Catholic Monitor Blog, for drawing my attention again, a year later, to Montagna’s article. Mr. Martinez is doing a superb job at finding and pointing out the logical or textual self-contradictions of the “Bergoglio is certainly the Pope” crowd, and many of his articles show where he catches them saying the exact opposite after 2016 what they said before 2016. — My profound gratitude also to the Most Rev. Rene Henry Gracida, Bishop Emeritus of Corpus Christi, Texas, for reposting his and many of my articles, at his own blog, abyssum.org, to help the wider audience of the faithful know of the pertinent issues in the present Church crisis.

In Montagna’s article, see here, there is trotted out the argument from Canon 15 §2. She quotes the anonymous theologian, thus:

The theologian acknowledged that it is possible that Pope Benedict thought there might be a real distinction between munus and ministerium but was unsure. In that case, he said, Benedict’s abdication would be invalid only if he had in his mind the thought: “I only want to resign the ministerium if it is in fact distinct from the munus.”

But he said it would be equally possible that, being unsure whether there was a distinction, Benedict could have had in mind the thought: “I want to resign the ministerium whether or not it is distinct from the munus.” In that case, the theologian said he believes the resignation would have been valid.

“In any case,” he said, “I don’t think there is convincing evidence that Benedict thought there was a real distinction between the two things.”

“Again,” the theologian continued, “since according to Canon 15.2, error is not presumed about a law, the presumption must be that he validly renounced the papacy.”

Let’s take a look at the actual Canon and see if the anonymous theologian — who appears not to have a degree in Canon Law, because if he did, he should be termed a canonist — actually quoted the Canon correctly and/or represented its authentic meaning:

Canon 15 §2, in the Intratext edition:

Can. 15 – § 1. Ignorantia vel error circa leges irritantes vel inhabilitantes earundem effectum non impediunt, nisi aliud expresse statuatur.

§ 2. Ignorantia vel error circa legem aut poenam aut circa factum proprium aut circa factum alienum notorium non praesumitur; circa factum alienum non notorium praesumitur, donec contrarium probetur.

Which in good English, means:

Canon 15. – § 1. Ignorance and/or error about irritating and/or inabilitating laws* does not impede their effect, unless something else has been expressly established.

§ 2. Ignorance and/or error about a law or punishment or about one’s own deed or about the notorious deed of another is not presumed; it is presumed about the non-notorious fact of another, until the contrary is proven.

But the theologian said Canon 15 §2 says “error is not presumed about a law, the presumption must be that he validly renounced the papacy.” — It is not clear, what the theologian is intending to speak about, because he is quoted to have introduced his statement with, “Again”, which implies reference to a second matter or the use of another kind of argument, or a double reason for the same argument. In charity, I assume he is referring to his straw man argument about the interior state of mind of Pope Benedict.

But it is certain what the canon says regards a person’s ignorance or error regarding a law. That can be seen from the entire context of the Canon, which speaks about a person’s apprehension of facts and of law. But it is proven by the Latin word, circa, which does not mean in, but regarding the matter of.

Thus, if we read the theologian as referring to Benedict’s knowledge of Canon 332 §2, which is the context of Montagna’s article, read in the best possible light, then we can see that the theologian is doing a bate-and-switch, because if we are not to presume that Benedict was ignorant or in error regarding Canon 332 §2, when we must presume that when he renounced ministerium, he did NOT intend to renounce the munus. Because if you think he intended to renounce the munus, then you have presumed he erred in saying ministerium.

As you can see, the anonymous theologian made a gross misrepresentation of the law. If he were a Canonist, I would have to presume in accord with Canon 15 §2 that he was a liar and intentionally misrepresented the canon. But since he is only an anonymous theologian, who  may have never studied Canon Law or may not know how to read Latin, in charity we should presume that he is simply ignorant or incompetent to give his opinion on it. — But, as I demonstrated in my rebuttal 51 weeks ago, everyone quoted in the article shows serious deficiencies in the knowledge of Canon Law or legal principles, except Cardinal Burke who seems to simply mistake the kind of legal matter he is dealing with, just as the great Saint Alphonsus dei Liguori did on the occasion of his conversion to his vocation.

The interpretative principle used by the anonymous theologian seems more adapted to the psycho-analysis of sociopaths, in that a clinical psychologist presumes the context of his patient’s statements in the best possible light but without reference to any objective custom or law of verbal expression, because, after all, he is a patient with problems.

The theologian, therefore, is adopting a presumption and a very uncharitable one toward the reigning Pontiff and towards a man who has read thousands of books. Not to mention, a presumption contrary to fact, because in the previous sentences of the Declaratio, Pope Benedict XVI uses the Latin word “munus” twice!

The correct reading of Canon 15, is that in accord with Canon 15 §1, even if Benedict were ignorant, Canons 38 and 188 and 332 would still nullify his act. So if he did not realize that by renouncing the ministry rather than the munus, he would transgress the essential obligations of Canon 332 §2 in his renunciation as regards the specific act required, the liberty required and the manifestation required, his act would nevertheless BE INVALID!

So Canon 15 destroys entirely the argument of everyone cited in Montagna’s article, because on the one hand if Pope Benedict was ignorant that would not save the act from being nullified by the Law, and if on the other hand we are to presume he was not ignorant, we must understand his act as a renunciation of ministerium, not of munus, and therefore it is also invalid by the same Canons 38, 188 and 332.

Words have meaning: this terrifies atheists and sociopaths, because it demands of each of us that we conform our verbal expression to an objective standard and admit that meaning transcends the categories of human speech, points us towards objective and eternal rules of behavior and implies that there is a God who is Sovereign of this Universe and Who will judge us eternally for what we do and say. — That words have meaning, is also the nemesis of every criminal, because it is through words that he is caught, prosecuted and sentenced.

Thus, we cannot be faithful or upright Catholics if we listen to men or women who attempt to undermine the truth that words have meaning, and if we do not admit that it is not within our power to change their meaning, neither in themselves nor in them when others use them. Those who do such things are practicing the same method of persuasion used by the Serpent in the Garden of Eden, and we all know who that was and what it led to.



* An irritating law is a law which declares a juridical act to have no value in law on account of not having followed the due requirement of the law for the said act. An inabilitating law is a law which deprives the act of the ability to have an effect.  Canon 38 is an inabilitating law, Canon 188 is an irritating law, and Canon 332 § 2 is an invalidating law. Canon 332 §2, is the matter for the application of Canons 38 and 188 in regard to error in a papal renunciation, because as regards the error of a reigning pontiff, the Code takes the position that the administrative act be presumed valid per se but not have the effect others thinks it has or which the pontiff thinks it may have, and thus in canons 38 and 188 and 332, it declares that it has the effect which the sacred canons say it has, and not any other effect. — This is why it is essential, and not simply an optional method of intepretation, that Canon Law be read and used carefully to understand the canonical effect, if any, in an administrative act of the Roman Pontiff.


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Frank Walker: Bergoglio’s ideologic method of twisting the faith of Christ


“He wants you to crush yourself so that he can use you.”

Frank helps everyone cut through the propaganda and connect the dots. And things are so far gone in the Church, that we have to start connecting the dots, because the wolves have deceived most of the flock into thinking that they are the true shepherds of the Church.

Frank Walker is editor of Canon212.com, the most reputable Catholic news aggregation site in the English speaking world.