Dear Mr. Matt I invite you to a live Discussion

Dear Mr. Matt, thank you for your public comments at 20:00 in your video here. I invite you, in response to your invitation to a frank and open collaboration against the real problem, to a public live discussion on the Church Crisis. — I do not have your email, so I must make my appeal public. I can do skype or Whatapps.



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10 thoughts on “Dear Mr. Matt I invite you to a live Discussion”

  1. MM has chosen to not pursue legal canonical grounds to remove Francis because he thinks it will not work and what he means by a strategy that he apparently believes will “work” is one he believes will preserve the Church without its much needed and very long over due split from top to bottom. MM does not realize that this split (i.e. a Divine pruning!) is absolutely going to come regardless of our method of approach to this crisis. But not confronting the main threat (which is that a flaming apostate violating 11 canon laws is being accepted as our Peter even by conservatives and Trads!!!) will only prolong the agony and spread of this deadly cancer in the Body (that an apostate could be pope will be destroying the certainty of Catholic faith in millions) and force the separation to come under even far worse circumstances, then seeing very person of the Anti-Christ himself occupying the Holy Place in Rome (Matt.24:15; 2 Thess 2:4)! That will certainly involve a much greater loss of faith and souls because what the modernists in the Church begun will be finished off by so many who perpetuated the lie of Satan that an apostate Francis could actually be the true pope over the Catholic Church!!
    Further, MM, perhaps like most of us Catholics, denies any responsibility for this tragic absence of Benedict’s administrating function. That he and most who call themselves Catholic show little interest in protecting Benedict’s papacy tells me Heaven has allowed (if not ordered*) this abdication precisely because so few Catholics really any longer deserve the reign of their true pope. If you do not care to know who your Peter is, let alone openly support him, how can you say you deserve Peter’s Church???

    *Early on I had read that Benedict himself indicated this act of his was at Heaven’s direction.

  2. Mr. Matt has to be a complete looney to think that everyone should just shut up about the invalid resignation of Benedict XVI, and focus on restoring tradition and obeying his sham newspaper on that question (on a post that never settled the question and caused even more confusion on the subject).

    No, Mr. Matt, your sham newspaper and your little incensaries, bells and whistles in the liturgy are not more important than Canon Law and the Papacy!!

  3. Okay, so Mr. Matt takes credit for being one of the first to question Pope Benedict’s faux resignation, but decided to just drop it because apparently it doesn’t matter enough to know the truth about who the pope is, as if this is not an essential part of what we as Catholics must believe in order to submit to the Roman pontiff.
    I’m tired of his unite the clans “shtick” because he tries to mix together two opposing forces – the true Church and Her followers and those who have accepted the counterfeit conciliar church as being the true Church. This is Mr. Matt’s reality, as he proclaims to be a “traditionalist” but attends a diocesan indult Mass offered by a Novus Ordo priest. No wonder he is confused about where the true Church is! He’s a living contradiction.
    He can laugh at us all he wants and pretend that he is a heroic Vendean, but actions speak louder than words, and his actions are one big compromise with the false church.
    Mr. Matt, please don’t disrespect the late great Archbishop Lefebvre’s name by using it to further your faux traditional cause. Msgr. Lefebvre would have nothing to do with your cowardly compromise, in fact he’d consider you an enemy of Tradition.

  4. David Webster, love your blog. The truth will win. God bless you and all like minded. Glory be to God. Shirley Peaston.

  5. TLP, but can’t you see that he is part of the problem? He clings to the conciliar church and calls it the Catholic Church. His compromise has weakened his resolve. He needs to truly know what he’s fighting for before he can join the battle against the enemy. Mr. Matt needs to join Our Lady’s army, as this is a spiritual battle, not some invented human force concocted in his imagination.

  6. MMat has not realized the importance of the matter , whether B16 is , or not the Real Pope, and thus what is Bergoglio.
    Nevertheless , NOW, at the same time , he is showing that he is not sure who is the Pope.
    That is NEW, and this is good news because a lot of Catholics follow the Remnant.
    Not so clear , but the same happened with Roberto de Mattei.

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