Pope Benedict XVI needs our prayers

by Br. Alexis Bugnolo

I write to appeal to everyone reading this, to pray for Pope Benedict XVI. The state of health and nearly all news about him is being concealed by the Vatican, where he is effectively imprisoned — prevented from meeting with Bishops and unable to receive any mail which is not filtered — a thing demonstrated by the public letter by Archbishop Negri, Emeritus of Ferrara, the other day, asking for such an audience.

The Featured Image in this article, here above, is a screen shot from the Bavarian State TV documentary, filmed in October of 2019. You can watch the short clip for yourself at


which is the source of the screenshot.

From my experience helping my brothers care for my own mother in her last illness, I know that such a frail state is characteristic of the last months of life of aged persons, in many cases.

I therefore ask you to pray for pope Benedict. For his health and for his soul. And I encourage you to join the League of Prayer for Pope Benedict, as hundreds of Catholics already are doing.

And I ask you to share this appeal on Social Media with all of good heart.

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7 thoughts on “Pope Benedict XVI needs our prayers”

  1. St Francis di Paola
    Thursday of Passion Week MMXX A. D.

    During Easter we will have, God willing–two great fiestas, celebrations in which to join and partake.

    1. The earthly birthday of Pope Benedict precisely two weeks from today: 16th of April falling this year on Easter Thursday. Time to join the Holy Father in raising a good Bavarian beer in his honor, and to storm Heaven with prayers for his well being.

    2. Even more significantly, it will be the Fifteenth Anniversary of the Accession to the Papacy of Pope Benedict XVI.

    Celebrations are in order. Despite the exile of the man. Calls too for the return of the Pope. Prayers for his wellbeing. For while he breathes he is yet Pope, and in the mysterious designs of God, it would appear that Pope Benedict doubtless still has a role–and one of much suffering–to play, more especially in these evil times.

    He loves much. And our Blessed Mother will not abandon him, or us.

    “Rejoice, O Virgin Mary, for thou alone hast destroyed all heresies.”

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