40 Days of prayer against the Church of Darkness — Day 15

FromRome.Info Video, recorded tonight at Santa Maria Maggiore.



In the year of Our Lord 1820, God revealed to Bl. Anne Catherine Emmerich that the Church of Rome would one day be attacked from within. That there would be two popes: one false and dark, who strove to found a new Religion which would be the home of every heretic and apostate: one true and aged, who would be paralyzed by inaction and silence.

To drive the Church of Darkness out of the Church of Rome, it was revealed to her that Our Lady asked the faithful to gather at Midnight in front of the Basilica of Santa Maria Maggiore, here at Rome, and pray with arms outstretched, in the form of the Cross, for the space of at least 3 Our Fathers.

Prayers being said Tonight at Rome

In nomine Patri et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen.

Pater noster qui es in coelis, sanctificetur nomen tuum;
adveniat regnum tuum, fiat voluntas tua, sicut in coelo et in terra.
Panem nostrum quotidianum da nobis hodie,
et dimitte nobis debita nostra, sicut et nos dimittimus debitoribus nostris.
et ne nos inducas in tentationem, sed libera nos a malo. Amen.

Padre nostro che sei nei cieli, sia santificato il tuo nome;
venga il tuo regno; sia fatta la tua volontà, come in cielo così in terra.
Dacci oggi il nostro pane quotidiano,
e rimetti a noi i nostri debiti come noi li rimettiamo ai nostri debitori,
e non ci indurre in tentazione, ma liberaci dal male». Amen. (3 volte)

Our Father who art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy Name,
Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
Give us this day our Daily Bread,
And forgive us our trespasses, as we forgive those who trespass against us,
And lead us not into temptation, but deliver us from evil. Amen. (3 times)

Gloria Patri et Filio et Spiritui Sancto,
Sicut erat in principio, et nunc et semper, et in saecula saeculorum. Amen.

NOTE: Since, Bl. Anna-Katerina Emmerich had this vision in 1820, before the invention of time zones, midnight here should be understood in solar time, which at Rome makes midnight occur at 12:22 AM, presently, and thus the hour of midnight would be 11:52 AM to 12:52 AM. Try to say your prayers in that hour.

This Novena is explained and announced here in English, and here in Italian, in each place the citations from Bl. Emmerich about these prayers are given.

See the article published yesterday at FromRome.Info, The Church of Light vs. the Church of Darkness for more about this Novena of Prayer.

PLEASE NOTE: That until From Rome Info Video Channel at Youtube gets 1000 subscribers, it will NOT be able to broadcast the Nightly Prayers Live. So let all who are devoted to Jesus Christ, Our Lady and Bl. Ann Catherine Emmerich know that they need to urge subscriptions to this channel, so that we can promote the fulfillment of Our Lady’s Request for Her Heavenly-Approved prayer solution to the present Crisis in the Church.

To put a Newspaper ad calling Catholics at Rome to this pray vigil, will cost 2000 euros. Help us spread the word by a generous contribution here below. Our Lady promised victory, let us mobilize everyone to the battle!

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Archbishop Negri: Obama was behind the forced resignation of Pope Benedict

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

On thing that is not well reported in the English speaking world is that the doubts about the validity of Pope Benedict’s resignation did not emanate from conspiracy theorists working in their mothers’ basements, but were pronounced publicly by some of the highest members of the Catholic Hierarchy.

Having just republished our report on Archbishop Lenga, in which he expresses the same doubts — doubts which I did not take seriously in 2015 because I assumed the men in the Vatican could not be psychopathic liars — I want to feature here in English some of the things said by Archbishopi Negi, of Ferrara, Italy — now retired — on Benedict’s act of Feb. 11, 2013, from what has been reported in the Italian Press.

I also do this to let the Vatican Secretary of State know, that if you are going to ruff up Br. Bugnolo in the Piazza San Pietro, thinking you are going to discourage him, that he wants you to know that you have succeeded only in making him more of lion who will ever be on your heels.

Mons. Negri’s stunning admissions

His stunning comments were published in Rimini 2.0, an online Italian News Journal, on March 6, 2017, nearly 3 years ago.

In that interview, after being asked about his close friendship with Pope Benedict, the Franco Fregni asks him this question — which I here present first in the original Italian and then in my own English translation:

Visto questo rapporto, si è fatto un’opinione sul perché Benedetto abbia rinunciato al papato, un gesto clamoroso nella millenaria storia della Chiesa?

“Si è trattato di un gesto inaudito. Negli ultimi incontri l’ho visto infragilito fisicamente, ma lucidissimo nel pensiero. Ho poca conoscenza – per fortuna – dei fatti della Curia romana, ma sono certo che un giorno emergeranno gravi responsabilità dentro e fuori il Vaticano. Benedetto XVI ha subito pressioni enormi. Non è un caso che in America, anche sulla base di ciò che è stato pubblicato da Wikileaks, alcuni gruppi di cattolici abbiano chiesto al presidente Trump di aprire una commissione d’inchiesta per indagare se l’amministrazione di Barack Obama abbia esercitato pressioni su Benedetto. Resta per ora un mistero gravissimo, ma sono certo che le responsabilità verranno fuori. Si avvicina la mia personale “fine del mondo” e la prima domanda che rivolgerò a San Pietro sarà proprio su questa vicenda”.

My English translation:

In view of this friendship, have you formed an opinion on why Benedict renounced the papacy, a clamorous gesture in the millennial history of the Church?

Yes, it certainly was an unheard of gesture. In my last meetings with him, I saw him physically enfeebled, but most lucid in his thoughts.  I have little knowledge — thankfully — of the inner workings of the Roman Curia, but I am certain that one day grave faults will emerge both inside and outside the Vatican.  Benedict XVI suffered enormous pressures. It is not by chance that in America, even on the basis of what was published in Wikileaks, some groups of Catholics asked President Trump to open a commission of inquest to investigate if Barrack Obama’s administration exercised pressure on Benedict.  For now, it remains a most grave mystery, but I am certain that those responsible will be exposed.  My own “end of the world” is approaching and the first question that I will ask of Saint Peter will be precisely on this affair.

And Pope Benedict’s Mysterious Reply

To refute the testimony of the Archbishop, La Stampa, one of the major Marxist newspapers of Italy, quoted words attributed to Pope Benedict by the German Journalist, Peter Seewald, which make Benedict appear to be someone who was never manipulated by anyone and who was always in perfect control of the Curia prior to Feb. 2013. — Words which now have been discredited by multiple sources, including by Archbishop Viganò. But one phrase of Seewald’s words, attributed to Benedict does not settle so well on the side of those who claimed he resigned:

Se avessero provato a farlo non me ne sarei andato perché non bisogna lasciare quando si è sotto pressione

My English translation, according to the context of the whole passage:

If anyone had tried to (force me to resign), I would NOT have gone, because there is no need to leave, when one is under pressure.

Pope Benedict is a brilliant man. He knows how to spill the beans while convincing his enemies he is not doing anything of the kind.

Just like when, on Feb. 14, 2013, when speaking to the Clergy of the Diocese of Rome, he gave them the principles to see his renunciation was invalid, while appearing to praise Vatican II for an hour, for no purpose.

I won’t point out here, that by resigning ministry, and not munus, as Canon 332 §2 requires for a valid papal resignation, Benedict did in fact remain, against all apparent pressures. QED.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of the report from Rimini 2.0, used here in accord with fair use standards for editorial commentary.

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Archbishop Lenga: It is difficult to believe that Benedict freely resigned

The Intention of Freemasonry
is being Implemented in the Church

FromRome.Info reprints this incisive and prophetic testimony
of Mons Lenga, from 5 years ago.

Rome, February 10, 2015:  His Excellency Archbishop Jan Pawel Lenga, bishop emeritus of the Diocese of Karaganda, Kazakhstan, has issued a grave warning to all the Catholic Faithful.  We reprint his letter of January 1, 2015 A.D., from the version published in English at Rorate Caeli Blog, one of the premier news blogs for Catholics faithful to ecclesiastical tradition. Bishop Lenga resigned from his episcopal duties on February 5th.


Reflections on some current problems of the crisis of the Catholic Church

I had the experience of living with priests who were in Stalinist prisons and camps and who nevertheless remained faithful to the Church. During the time of persecution they fulfilled with love their priestly duty in preaching Catholic doctrine thereby leading a dignified life in the imitation of Christ, their heavenly Master.

I completed my priestly studies in an underground Seminary in the Soviet Union. I was ordained a priest secretly during the night by a pious bishop who himself suffered for the sake of the faith. In the first year of my priesthood I had the experience of being expelled from Tadzhikistan by the KGB.

Subsequently, during my thirty-year stay in Kazakhstan, I served 10 years as priest, caring for faithful people in 81 localities. Then I served 20 years as bishop, initially as bishop of five states in Central Asia with a total area of around four million square kilometers.

In my ministry as a bishop I had contact with Pope Saint John Paul II, with many bishops, priests and faithful in different countries and under different circumstances. I was member of some assemblies of the Synod of Bishops in the Vatican which covered themes such as “Asia” and “The Eucharist”.

This experience as well as others give me the basis to express my opinion on the current crisis of the Catholic Church. These are my convictions and they are dictated by my love of the Church and by the desire for her authentic renewal in Christ. I am forced to resort to this public means of expression because I fear that any other method would be greeted by a brick wall of silence and disregard.

I am aware of possible reactions to my open letter. But at the same time the voice of my conscience will not allow me to remain silent, while the work of God is being slandered. Jesus Christ founded the Catholic Church and showed us in word and deed how one should fulfill the will of God. The apostles to whom He bestowed authority in the Church, fulfilled with zeal the duty entrusted to them, suffering for the sake of the truth which had to be preached, since they “obeyed God rather than men”.

Unfortunately in our days it is increasingly evident that the Vatican through the Secretariat of State has taken the course of political correctness. Some Nuncios have become propagators of liberalism and modernism. They have acquired expertise in the principle “sub secreto Pontificio”, by which one manipulates and silences the mouths of the bishops. And that what the Nuncio tells them appears as it would be almost certainly the wish of the Pope. With such methods one separates the bishops from one another to the effect that the bishops of a country can no longer speak with one voice in the spirit of Christ and His Church in defending faith and morals. This means that, in order not to fall into disfavour with the Nuncio some bishops accept their recommendations, which are sometimes based on nothing other than on their own words. Instead of zealously spreading the faith, courageously preaching the doctrine of Christ, standing firm in the defense of truth and of morals, the meetings of the Bishops’ Conferences often deal with issues which are foreign to the nature of the duties of the successors of the apostles.

One can observe at all levels of the Church an obvious decrease of the “sacrum”. The “spirit of the world” feeds the shepherds. The sinners give the Church the instructions for how she has to serve them. In their embarrassment the Pastors are silent on the current problems and abandon the sheep while they are feeding themselves. The world is tempted by the devil and opposes the doctrine of Christ. Nevertheless the Pastors are obliged to teach the whole truth about God and men “in season and out”.

However, during the reign of the last holy Popes one could observe in the Church the greatest disorder concerning the purity of the doctrine and the sacredness of the liturgy, in which Jesus Christ is not paid the visible honour which he is due. In not a few Bishop’s Conferences the best bishops are “persona non grata”. Where are apologists of our days, who would announce to men in a clear and comprehensible manner the threat of the risk of loss of faith and salvation?

In our days the voice of the majority of the bishops rather resembles the silence of the lambs in the face of furious wolves, the faithful are left like defenseless sheep. Christ was recognized by men as one who spoke and worked, as one, who had power and this power He bestowed upon His apostles. In today’s world the bishops must liberate themselves from all worldly bonds and – after they have done penance – convert to Christ so that strengthened by the Holy Spirit they may announce Christ as the one and only Saviour. Ultimately one must give account to God for all that was done and for all what wasn’t done.

In my opinion the weak voice of many bishops is a consequence of the fact, that in the process of the appointment of new bishops the candidates are insufficiently examined with regard to their doubtless steadfastness and fearlessness in the defense of the faith, with regard to their fidelity to the centuries-old traditions of the Church and their personal piety. In the issue of the appointment of new bishops and even cardinals it is becoming increasingly apparent that sometimes preference is given to those who share a particular ideology or to some groupings which are alien to the Church and which have commissioned the appointment of a particular candidate. Furthermore it appears that sometimes consideration is given also to the favour of the mass media which usually makes a mockery of holy candidates painting a negative picture of them, whereas the candidates who in a lesser degree own the spirit of Christ are praised as open and modern. On the other side the candidates who excel in apostolic zeal, have courage in proclaiming the doctrine of Christ and show love for all that is holy and sacred, are deliberately eliminated.

A Nuncio once told me: “It’s a pity that the Pope [John Paul II] does not participate personally in the appointment of the bishops. The Pope tried to change something in the Roman Curia, however he has not succeeded. He becomes older and things resume their usual former course”.

At the beginning of the pontificate of Pope Benedict XVI, I wrote a letter to him in which I begged him to appoint holy bishops. I reported to him the story of a German layman who in the face of the degradation of the Church in his country after the Second Vatican Council, remained faithful to Christ and gathered young people for adoration and prayer. This man had been close to death and when he learned about the election of the new Pope he said: “When Pope Benedict will use his pontificate solely for the purpose to appoint worthy, good and faithful bishops, he will have fulfilled his task”.

Unfortunately, it is obvious that, Pope Benedict XVI has often not succeeded in this issue. It is difficult to believe that Pope Benedict XVI freely renounced his ministry as successor of Peter. Pope Benedict XVI was the head of the Church, his entourage however has barely translated his teachings into life, bypassed them often in silence or has rather obstructed his initiatives for an authentic reform of the Church, of the liturgy, of the manner to administer Holy Communion. In view of a great secrecy in the Vatican for many bishops it was realistically impossible to help the Pope in his duty as head and governor of the whole Church.

It will not be superfluous to remind my brothers in the episcopacy of an affirmation made by an Italian masonic lodge from the year 1820: “Our work is a work of a hundred years. Let us leave the elder people and let us go to the youth. The seminarians will become priests with our liberal ideas. We shall not flatter ourselves with false hopes. We will not make the Pope a Freemason. However liberal bishops, who will work in the entourage of the Pope, will propose to him in the task of governing the Church such thoughts and ideas which are advantageous for us and the Pope will implement them into life”. This intention of the Freemasons is being implemented more and more openly, not only thanks to the declared enemies of the Church but with the connivance of false witnesses who occupy some high hierarchical office in the Church. It is not without reason that Blessed Paul VI said: “The spirit of Satan penetrated through a crack inside the Church”. I think that this crack has become in our days quite wide and the devil uses all forces in order to subvert the Church of Christ. To avoid this, it is necessary to return to the precise and clear proclamation of the Gospel on all levels of ecclesiastical ministry, for the Church possesses all power and grace which Christ gave to her: “All power is given unto me in heaven and in earth. Go therefore, and teach all nations. Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you: and I am with you always unto the end of the world” (Mt 28, 18-20), “the truth will set you free” (John 8, 32) and “let your word be Yes, yes; No, no: for whatsoever is more than these comes of evil” (Mt 5, 37). The Church cannot adapt herself to the spirit of this world, but must transform the world to the spirit of Christ.

It is obvious that in the Vatican there is a tendency to give in more and more to the noise of the mass media. It is not infrequent that in the name of an incomprehensible quiet and calm the best sons and servants are sacrificed in order to appease the mass media. The enemies of the Church however don’t hand over their faithful servants even when their actions are evidently bad.

When we wish to remain faithful to Christ in word and deed, He Himself will find the means to transform the hearts and souls of men and the world as well will be changed at the appropriate time.

In times of the crisis of the Church God has often used for her true renewal the sacrifices, the tears and the prayers of those children and servants of the Church who in the eyes of the world and of the ecclesiastical bureaucracy were considered insignificant or were persecuted and marginalized because of their fidelity to Christ. I believe that in our difficult time this law of Christ is being realized and that the Church will renew herself thanks to the faithful inner renewal of each of us.

January 1st  2015, Solemnity of the Blessed Virgin Mary, Mother of God

+ Jan Pawel Lenga


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a screen shot of a YouTube Video with the Archbishop, used here according to fair use standards for editorial commentary.


Vatican attempts to expel Italian Citizen from Italy as an Illegal Immigrant!

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

Rome, Italy: Feb. 11, 2020: The title of this report is as incredible as it sounds. For almost seven years Jorge Mario Bergoglio has done everything he can to insist that Italy accept illegal immigrants from whatever nation they come and that they should not be expelled. He has strongly criticized the efforts of Matteo Salvini, in his former capacity as Minister of the Interior, for his efforts to stem or prevent illegal immigration.

But this morning, in the Vatican Territory, it appears that the Vatican Secretary of State requested the detention and arrest of my person. I was detained at 11:40 A.M., after having had my identification papers requested on Vatican soil, almost as soon as I entered the Piazza of San Pietro around 11 A.M..

I did happen to meet one of the Vatican Reporters for the Associated Press, who wanted to interview me, but on account of being taken away for questioning — they said — my interview never happened. The AP reporter admitted being told that her sources were of the belief that something big would happen on the 7th Anniversary of Pope Benedict XVI’s Declaration.  I wanted to be at the Piazza of St. Peter to meet with other Catholics who were concerned about the treatment of Pope Benedict, the invalidity of his renunciation, and his effective imprisonment.

For this reason I was not able to interview more than one Italian, Massimo Testarotta, who had come for the event, Grex Vocum. I interviewed him and the AP reporter co-recorded the responses. He had traveled all the way from Trieste, Italy.

Here is his interview, in Italian:

Following this interview, I feared I would be arrested since my passport was refused me. I was told that I was not being arrested or detained or questioned, but in American terms that is just was happened. I was threatened with worse if I refused.

I did not expect that the Vatican would attempt to have me dragged off physically. I was told that if I did not come willingly, a police car would be called and I would be taken away in hand cuffs.  I was never told my crime. I was told they only wanted to question me.

Not being an expert in Italian, the kind gentleman whom I just had interviewed for FromRome.Info Video agreed to be my translator. As I left, the AP reporter was totally shocked. Another reporter was also present. They could not believe it. I was brought to another location, which I cannot identify without being accused of the crime of defaming the police who took me into their company!

I was eventually released at about 1:48 PM, about two hours later.

The 2 hours was a grueling cross examination and series of accusations which they wanted to charge me with.

The first attempted charge was that I was an illegal alien without a visa to enter Italian Territory. How you can be arrested in Vatican Territory for violating Italian Law is something they did not explain. Though one officer told me that when the Pope is not in the Piazza S. Pietro, the Piazza is not Vatican Territory. — I told him he badly misunderstands the borders of the Vatican City State!

The penalty they wanted to impose upon me was 3 years of exclusion from Italy. They made this accusation even though they had MY ITALIAN PASSPORT verifying that I am an Italian Citizen ex iuris sanguinis, with the right to remain in Italy perpetually!

Only after insisting that the first charge was false, did they drop it.

The next charge to bring against me was that I was a vagabond, without residence. But they could not find any law to make that a crime. You see, if you are not the right kind of poor person, Bergoglio wants you arrested!

Then they began a long disquisition with me through my translator, accusing me of being a “Frate”. I asked them what they thought that word meant and they could not give me a coherent reply. So I wrote out 2 pages to explain what a Friar is and why some could say I am but other that I am not, since the term is not defined in Canon Law, and that some Franciscans use the term, but others do not and that some Franciscan communities do not want others to use the term and some do not. They seem consternated in my lengthy and legal reply and so would not accept my written statement — which I believe totally exonerated me from the trumped up charge.

And so they proceeded to another accusation.

The third charge was that I was attempting to defraud others by presenting myself in the clothing of a Catholic Priest. They explained to me what they thought was a catholic priest and what a catholic priest wears. They were so wrong, I had to laugh. They thought a priest was anyone who took vows, and that all Franciscans are priests, and that the Franciscan habit was a sign of being a priest and that all Franciscans are official representatives of the Catholic Church! What can I say! They thought my Franciscan habit was a priest’s cassock!

I asked if any had studied Church Law. They said no. I asked if anyone could bring me a copy of the legal code they were accusing me of violating. They refused. Mr. Testarotta used his cellphone and showed me. I asked for a lawyer to advise me at least 3 times, they refused to procure one for me. I told them I did not know how to respond to their accusations without legal advice.

I looked at the article in the Penal Code which I was being accused of violating, and it said nothing about how I dressed, nor did it define its terms. So I said to them, through my translator that they were accusing me of violating what they thought is the meaning of words in the Code which the Code itself does not define. So what they are accusing me of is violating what they think the law is. Their response I do not remember. I asked how I can reply to the accusation if they do not define for me what I am being accused of. Evidently that is my problem. I think they told me to tell it to the judge.

So they charged me with impersonating an official representative of the Catholic Church. They did not say to whom I made this impersonation or when. They evidently thought that if they think I am such a representative, that I am responsible for their mistaken thoughts and judgement. — This is a whole new category of thought crime, being responsible for the thoughts of the police!

I made a short statement about my consecrated life as a Franciscan brother observing the Rule of Saint Francis. They said the Court will not contact me about the matter, because I have no address, but that in 30 days I have to present my defense. The ultimate penalty would be a fine of up to nearly 900 Euros or a thousand dollars. I told them as a son of Saint Francis I have no money and can not pay a fine. One of them ridiculed me, implying I was a liar.

Finally, they complained at the end of having wasted so much time with me, and I said I hoped they were being well paid by the Vatican Secretary of State. I am convinced the Vatican Secretary of State was involved because during the questioning which was not questioning, I saw them with a page printed out some days ago, of the website of an organization they wanted to accuse me about for some reason, and which had nothing to do with my presence in the Piazza San Pietro. It seemed about a week old, printed on a low quality inkjet printer. I was folded 4 times to stick in a pocket and hide away.

This is the sad state of affairs at the Vatican. Police harassment of journalists to prevent them interviewing anyone who might criticize the Argentine! — Does anyone think any longer that Pope Benedict XVI is not at all a prisoner?

I personally ask everyone who has faulted Pope Benedict XVI for being silent for 7 years to apologize publicly. I hope you can see now what happens to you if you even want to hear someone criticize Bergoglio on Vatican soil. I also think that what happened to me today proves:

  1. That is highly probable that Pope Benedict XVI was forced to read the Declaratio 7 years ago.
  2. That Pope Benedict XVI cannot be presumed a priori to have consented to anything after February 10, 2013.
  3. That Pope Benedict XVI is most likely being threatened with physical violence and detained against his will.
  4. That Pope Benedict XVI is surrounded with jailors and no friends.

LET US PRAY FOR POPE BENEDICT. What I suffered today is not even a drop in the Sea of Sufferings which he has had to sail on for 7 long years!

I thank God for the opportunity to taste the suffering the true Pope is enduring, and I beg all to pray for the Pope’s liberation!

Please share this post with all clergy, bishops and Cardinals you may know. I believe that my treatment on the occasion of Grex Vocum — the mere desire of Catholics to express their rights in accord with Canon 212 — shows the Vatican is totally out of control and is NOT in communion with the Catholic Church, for to reject Canon Law is to rebel from the Church, and that breaks communion in the most grave way.


CREDITS: The Featured Image is a photo of Saint Peter’s Basilica taken by Br. Bugnolo this morning at the Vatican.

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Grex Vocum — FromRome.Info Video will be there!

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

IMG_20200211_065159FromRome.Info Video will attempt to cover the event, today, February 11, 2020, at the Vatican, in the Piazza San Pietro, on account of the massive international interest. Several Hundred Thousand viewers also have read the invitation to the event from Italy alone. But it remains to be seen whether the interest is merely curious, or real. — If you would like to me to interview you, please look for the Franciscan Friar who looks like myself (See photo). In the possible case that I am not allowed to interview anyone in the Piazza of Saint Peter’s in Vatican Territory, I will be doing interviews in front of the Castle San Angelo, at the Eastern End of the Via Conciliazione after 12:20 P.M. — FromRome.Info has reported about this event previously: here and here.


FromRome.Info Video cercherà di coprire l’evento, oggi al Vaticano, nella Piazza di San Pietro, a ragione dell’enorme interesse internazionale. Pure diverse centinaia di migliaia hanno letto l’invito all’evento solo dall’Italia. Ma resta da vedere se l’interesse è solo curioso, o reale. — Se volete che vi intervisti, cercate il frate francescano che mi somiglia (vedi foto). Nel caso in cui non mi sia permesso di intervistare nessuno nella Piazza di San Pietro in territorio vaticano, farò delle interviste davanti a Castel Sant’Angelo, all’estremità orientale di via Conciliazione alle 12:20. — FromRome.Info ha parlato di questo evento, Grex Vocum, qui et qui. L’annuncio originale, in Italiano, si trova a ChiesaRomana.Info.



To give or not to give? That is the Question.

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

As a Franciscan Hermit I am disposed to totally agree with this tweet:


But as someone who loves the Church and realizes that such institutions are giving a horrible example of craven self serving compliance to apostasy, I have to actually agree with this tweet:


Because, in truth, if we love God more than ourselves and more than appearances, we have to love the Church more than ourselves, and that means loving what is conducive here and now to solving Her worse and most urgent problem, which is, by far, what those in communion with Bergoglio won’t talk about: the removal of Bergoglio from the Vatican.

If Convents, Monasteries and Priestly societies feel the pinch because they prefer to remain silent while Holy Mother Church is raped and Jesus Christ is crucified by institutional reforms to promote sacrilegious communion, that is only justice! It is far less that what the Church is feeling!

I for one am most grateful for the support received for this apostolate, FromRome.Info. I hope it serves as an example to clergy and religious everywhere, that speaking the truth does not have to be the exclusive provenance of layman. God has blessed you if you can do this work without seeking help. Those of us who would be literally living on the sidewalk without it, however, are grateful.

Pope Benedict XVI Abdicated?

By Br. Alexis Bugnolo

It has been 7 long years of lies and fraud!
Seven years of darkness and deceit:
Woe! upon Woe! of infamy and villainy,
Seven years of pride and conceit!

It has been 7 long years of excuses to do nothing!
Seven years of lamentation:
Woe! upon Woe! of on-going commentary,
Seven years of vain protestation.

We have seen 7 long years of sacrilege and horror!
Seven long years of usurpation:
Woe! upon Woe! of pretense and propaganda,
Seven long years of consternation.

We have seen 7 long years of precious nothing!
Seven long years of heresy and excuse:
No! upon No! in response to complaint,
Seven long years of a papal recluse.

But at last the clouds are breaking,
And a new day is dawning,
For the Faithful are discerning,
The truth of what was done.

Poor Benedict never renounced the munus,
And retains it to this day,
And that means old Jorge Bergoglio,
Must now be put out of the way.

So the Cardinals better stop making excuses,
They have been exposed for what they are:
It is now time to call a Great Synod,
The time for convocation is not so afar!

Let us remember the deeds of the Saints,
Who did not sit around and watch:
The Church go to rot and ruin,
On account of a succession that was botch!

If you do not want to solve this problem,
Then you have no right to speak,
You are worse than a growth of cancer,
On a posterior cheek!

The Church our Holy Mother,
Is being raped and sacked each day!
We cannot be bystanders any longer!
If we fear that Great and Awesome Day.

So let us take up the arms of manliness,
And wield the swords of Truth:
The canons of Christ’s Holy Church,
And the words of severe reproof!

For if we want a solution to the Church’s problems,
Then Church History is our Teacher,
It is not sanity and prudence,
To be a contrary preacher!

May Almighty God bless the strong,
May the Holy Virgin shore up they who waiver,
Saint Michael lead-on the way!
And God’s Victory be the favor!


Frank Walker: Trad Inc. opposes what alone will work


As always, Frank says it as it is. Canon212.com. FromRome.Info gives Mr. Walker praise, not because he thinks that Pope Benedict XVI is still the pope — he candidly admits its possible but is not yet certain — but because he, nevertheless, accepted and advocates the proper canonical solution, which is to call a Synod to judge and resolve the problems in the Church, as the Church and the Saints have always done.